Pride Mentality

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Pride is deceptive.  It seems that the proud one has it together because of his or her pride.  They rely on it to see them through the tough times.  What they dont know, or wont acknowledge is that they have already been duped by pride.  Pride is a thief, a trickster. Its selfish because it wont allow the proud one to have anything.  If the proud one needs help, pride says NO!  If the proud one needs counsel, pride says NO!  If the proud one needs instruction, pride says NO!  Pride seems to be jealous because itself  is the only thing it allows the proud one to have.  And the one with the pride mentality blindly acquiesces and makes him or herself content with only having pride.

But there are cracks in pride’s armour.  The proud one still has the intelligence that God gave him.  If the proud one can humble himself just a bit, then he would have to question himself and his pride.  He would then see that pride has robbed him of his basic humanity.  She would see that she’s unable to interact properly, she hasnt grown spiritually, she hasnt added to her understanding.  She should then get upset with pride and send it packing from his life.

God is always here for us when we humbly acknowledge our faults and mistakes.  He is the same–yesterday, today and forever!  He forgives the penitent and bathes the repentant with His love and mercy. He doesnt remember the sin, and doesnt recall it to the person’s memory.  God simply forgives, even those of us with prideful mentalities!

I speak from experience!


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  1. Anna, I really enjoyed this post! I learn a lot from all your posts. They are very informative. You are correct in that we should not allow pride to get in the way of our asking for help when we need it. This goes for the professional as well as the spiritual arenas. We can’t be experts in every subject or field so at times we all need to humble ourselves and find someone who is knowledgeable. I like to think of myself as an independent woman and a problem solver and to an extent I am but there are many areas where I fall short so I can to the expert.

    I believe there is a scripture, Pride goes before a fall, and a haughty spirit before destruction. I believe God means for us to treat the people around us right and not be snooty, haughty or just plain mean. Because when it comes time for promotion if you’re rude and nasty you won’t get promoted. One’s reputation sets a precedent. More folks need to practice being nice or at least tolerant at work, home, school, even at church! As a former Pastor of mine used to teach, “Attitude determines, approach and Approach determines success or failure.”

  2. Anna Renee says:

    Amen, my Sister! It’s a process for some of us, especially those of us who have a bit of “knowledge”, those of us who have done a bit of studying.

    For example: I’ve done so much studying concerning natural skin products such as jojoba oil, shea butter, coconut oils and the like. I learned that these products are superior to all the manufactured lotions and potions filled with chemicals. So when I acquired eczema, I used natural skin creams. None of them worked and my eczema got worse until the dry spots cracked open! It was horrible!
    Because I did so much study on these natural oils, I proudly refused to use any “manufactured” lotions. But when I finally relented, I bought a lotion especially for dry skin and I saw results–immediately! God knocked me off my high horse, and to this day I don’t know why the lotions with all the chemicals worked and the natural products didn’t. Maybe God made it that way for me only to teach me a lesson! I’m not condemning natural oils in anyway, shape or form though! BTW, everytime I try to use the natural oils, my skin dries out!!! Can’t understand it, but I accept it!!

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