What About Bobby Brown?

On September 14, and 15, Oprah Winfrey did an interview with Whitney Houston. It was revealing (somewhat) and I was gratified that Whitney was able to come to Oprah and speak about what her life has been these past 14 years.  It obviously was hard being “Whitney Houston, the Voice”  It’s interesting how we put so much pressure on our Hollywood stars to be perfect.  Although Whitney had the Voice, she still was just a person, subject to the failings and ups and downs as any other person.  But she did survive the trauma and hardship that was her married life with Bobby Brown. 

I love that she and her daughter Bobbi Kristina seemed to make a pact of love and support for each other.  Bobbi K. seems very well adjusted and articulate, even with the trauma of her life as the child of Bobby and Whitney. It seems that these two ladies can and will survive!  I pray that they do, and that Whitney’s fans continue to support her and even embrace Bobbi K. if she goes forward with becoming a singer herself.

On the other hand, I can’t help but think, What about Bobby Brown?  Do we just forget about him since Whitney and Bobbi K. are doing good?  I’m curious as to what difficulties drove Bobby Brown to this destruction and whether he can recover from it all.  Whitney didn’t come out and say so, but I believe that she was being physically abused by Bobby.  She admitted that he was emotionally abusive towards her.
What can be done for Bobby Brown?  Is he seeking any help and is there anyone who cares enough to intervene for him as they did for Whitney?  Obviously Bobby needs help just as Whitney did.  I believe that we tend to ignore the problems of the man in these abusive situations. I’ve done a fair share of research online and I don’t find much concerning helping the abuser to recover and find himself again.  I believe that the abuser should get just as much attention and love as the abused.   We in this society need to address the issues that cause a man to become an abuser. Maybe then we can  help to stop all the abuse that is being perpetrated out there. 

Is there any love for Bobby Brown and his recovery?


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  1. >Did you see his VH1 Behind the music special? I'm sure that it will answer some of your questions.

  2. Anna Renee says:

    >Thanks, I missed it, but maybe I can still find out some things.

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