Nappy Hair Damage

I haven’t really wanted to admit this to myself, but my hair is VERY damaged.  I wasn’t as careful with it as I should have been.  I have lamented about this before, but I haven’t done anything radical about it.  Such as a chop!  I have been growing my hair for about 2 1/2 years and started from 1/2 of hair length.  So I wanted to preserve every bit of length that I have which is about 6 inches average. 
My problem is dryness like I have never experienced in my life and I don’t know if it’s all environmental or not.  Is it because of the greenhouse effect or not. If it’s because of East Oakland weather patterns or not.  Or if it’s just because of OLD AGE  😦   Well, I have split ends and split slides if you know what I mean and it’s very hard to keep my hair as moist as it wanna be.  If the products don’t have cones, they have sulfates, if not sulfates, then waxes, if not waxes then dyes, etc etc, and my hair does not like any of them!!

Well, concerning the environmental impact on my hair, I must adjust somehow.  The one thing that has helped me has been my oil-water-essential oil blends.  In addition to the coconut oil.  It’s just that I have to spritz my hair twice a day!  It seems that it’s not happy unless it’s damp!  It’s something having to change the way one does things just because of age!  Hard to do mentally, but easy to just do! Snip, snip, regularly!

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  1. Kadiane says:

    How about the glycerin and water mix. Glycerin attracts humidity form the air. that way you don't have dampen the hair all the time. For more details you might want search glycerin in the thenaturalheaven blog.

  2. Anna Renee says:

    Welcome Kadiane! I've used glycerine in the past and after the first day or so, my hair turns crispy crunchy! I've read that if one lives in a dry environment, the glycerine turns on the hair itself and saps what little moisture your hair may have. I live in California and its dry most of the time.

  3. nappyme says:

    Hey I just wanted to say you've got some gorgeous hair. Classic cNapp. If you're having moisture problems, try one of the many curl products that are out there. They all contain glycerine, but they all also have other ingredients that act as emolients that can keep your hair soft and supple. Some products that come to mine is Right On clear gel activator. Long Aide clear gel activator is another one.If you can stand the smell, you might also try Sta Sof Fro. That's instant softness for ya, but some people cannot handle the fragrance. Any one of these should keep your hair moisturized for days.Good luck!~Nappyme

  4. Anna Renee says:

    Welcome Nappy Me!! I've tried Sta Soft Fro and World of Curls and my hair just doesn't like either of them after a day or so. I get the crispy crunchies. So I just do my essential oil-water-oil mixture along with coconut oil and just spritz regularly. (Hey everybody, this lady is my hair idol! 😀 )

  5. Tamstyles says:

    hey..thanks so much for the comment you left on my touched my lil ole heart…

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