More Fashion Finds

Well, I went out to my special place and found some more goodies!  I have to post these also. I love these simple classic style items because they don’t go out of style and that is the best way to remain fashionable for cheap!  Just take good care of your treasures and they will last you a very long time.  I went to the Cole Haan website to see if I could find these sandals, but I didn’t.  They are probably many moons old but as you can see, in perfect shape because Cole Haan has very good quality products.  I can’t afford to shop there directly, though so I will settle for this find!  ;-D.  I see myself becoming a classic fashion junkie or a Goodwill shopaholic!  Jacket: 7.99 unused (you can find unused items often); Sandals: 6.99. What can I say?  I’m having too much fun!  This is just like treasure hunting the way we did when we were kids.  These inexpensive fashion finds  are helping me to be a stylish dresser, and that’s all good!
PS: a tip for those who might try Goodwill shopping–go to one in a middle class, upper middle class neighborhood (no offense intended)
Happy Shopping!

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