Angry Black Women, period.

I’m thinking about this issue of black women anger. Specifically, an anger brought on by self rejection. I recently did a post about a sister who is very angry at black people in general and black women in particular. Even as I read some of her posts, I sensed an attitude of disgust in the black woman, as she is.  I assume that the sister is well educated and have had many negative encounters with black people.  (deleted information)
Now I’ve come across some angry women bloggers in my short time in the blogosphere.  Many of us are simply processing our negative emotions as a part of our healing experience and our maturing in this world which can be cruel just for cruelty’s sake.   Black women of every generation have questions about life and what we see as our difficulties, and we have frustrations that sometimes make us angry!  That’s understandable and reasonable.  But in asking the hard questions, we ought to be able to listen to the answers that wisdom bring. Should we be humble enough to listen?  Some of us will never get the answers we desperately are seeking, simply because of PRIDE!
What we ought never to do is to turn frustration back on ourselves. We ought not attack ourselves! We should never agree that we are inferior in any way shape or form! We cannot chase after others’ identities to replace our own that we refuse to accept.  We simply cannot deny ourselves and our souls! As black women, we have to be open to ourselves.  We can’t be self denying and expect to move forward in this world! We can’t deny our history or our experiences as women, neither good nor bad, and expect to “Make It” in this world.  Further, we must EMBRACE ourselves, our culture, our past, our joys and difficulties, and NURTURE the good stuff and WORK THROUGH the difficult stuff!
Black women, we have a beautiful outer and inner culture! We don’t need to be like some other women! We can be ourselves, and that’s beautiful!  When I go on a sister’s blog and “listen” to her words about herself, that’s beautiful! If she needs encouragement it’s beautiful if I can encourage her.  If she encourages me by her words, that’s beautiful to me. If she expresses her anger and I interject something that makes her say, OK, that’s beautiful. If she inspires me it’s all good! If I’m angry and she says something that calms me, good! All of our issues, all of our heartaches, all of our pain, all of our joy, all of our accomplishments, EVERYTHING that we are is beautiful in God’s sight and HE LOVES US!
I commented in a strong way on sister (deleted) blog.  I felt I was speaking the truth (as I see it) Either I was overstepping my bounds in “her house” or the truth hurts alot! So she believes she effectively put me in my place as the “ignorant black woman who doesnt move outside of a “black construct”–NOT! I’m from the “ghetto” of San Francisco, CA! I worked in the SF Public library for 15 years and in Stacey’s Bookstore for 10 years and met many people with differing opinions about our condition and I’ve met many races of people and have interacted with many nationalities and am confident and comfortable with them!!  But you couldn’t get me to deny my ghetto roots! Whenever I come accross a sister who speaks strongly, I speak just as strongly from my perspective, but not condescendingly (I believe). I always assume that people who dish it can take it, but that’s not true always, because she blocked and banned me from commenting or even accessing her blog!!
I don’t think that I will become that person who doesn’t speak out strongly about issues that affect me (putting down black women is one) so I may offend other folks in the future (not intentionally though).  I’m going to keep on speaking in the blogosphere and I look forward to continuing to “hear” all  of your voices! That’s why my Google reader is overstuffed! 🙂  Blessings   (end of rant)

2 Comments Add yours

  1. Rev. Mike says:

    >The blogging world seems to be a really large social mixer. Get along with the people you can, and don't worry about the people that you cannot get along with. Just remember that this is a huge party with a lot of opportunities. Peace and Love,Michael

  2. Anna Renee says:

    >I know you're right, Rev Mike! I'm a newbie to this world and certain things get my hackles up, but I'll get that under control! 😉 Blessings!

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