Healthy trimmed hair

It has been about 2 weeks since I trimmed the ends of my hair.  I was very hesitant about doing so because I had been having a hard time keeping my hair properly moisterized.  I felt why should I trim and then have my hair dry out on the ends again?  Then I tried using coconut oil to protect and moisterize my hair and have been having great success!  So I went ahead and trimmed about 3/4 of an inch off of the twists that I had been wearing.  I am happy about the results.  My hair looks and feels so much better than before.  My twists look so much healthier even though they are shorter, and my afro puff looks better as well.  I can comb my puff out more without having to pat it down so much just to shape it. 
The pictures below are of my hair after shampooing and conditioning with Trader Joe’s products, so it still slightly wet and uncombed and completely shrunken.  My hair shrinks about 100% of its length, maybe even more! I have classic CNapp hair! Then the other pictures are after putting my shea butter coconut oil blend in and double strand twisting. 

I actually took all these pictures in the same setting. Those pictures where my hair looks so red are the close ups that my camera didnt do an automatic flash, so the lighting is just from the bathroom light.
So all in all I’m very happy and satisfied with the results of the trim and how healthy my hair looks, and will make sure to trim my hair regularly.  What I need to do now is find another hairstyle to add to my repetoire!  Afro puff and those 15 twists is slightly tired!

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  1. Ruth says:

    I found some neat ideas over at CurlyNikki… and I'm wearing Terri's hairdo now in medium length hair (and my hair is not like hers incidentally). My hair shrinks like crazy though.

  2. Anna Renee says:

    Thanks Ruth, I'll check it out

  3. Tamstyles says:

    hey miss lady…well when your home sick, all there is to do is have a laptop in the bed and a remote…i hear you on the comment about bloggers. very true…glad you said it.

  4. Anna Renee says:

    I hope you get better very soon, sis! I love your dedication to us though!

  5. Aye Luah says:

    I have a hair twin!

  6. Anna Renee says:

    Yaay! Welcome hair twin Aye Luah! I love my CNapp hair and can't imagine not having it! It was a journey to this love place even though I've been natural most of my life.

  7. Glad you're happy with your results. My grandmother actually believed that one shouldn't cut the hair. Thus, I hadn't ever had my hair trimmed until I got 18. Now I'm almost pushing 30 and haven't had my hair trimmed in over years. I'm definitely going to do so though, after I finish typing up this comment. Have a blessed night.

  8. Anna Renee says:

    Hi GoddessDionna! I think you'll be pleased with the results of trimming your hair. You can start with about 1/8 – 1/4 inch, not much.

  9. Struggler says:

    I'm always really attracted to any products containing coconut oil – it's almost a bonus that it works, because it simply smells so good!

  10. Anna Renee says:

    Welcome Struggler! Love your blog!Coconut oil is best for me and I love it!

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