I Lost the Weight, Now What Should I Do!?!

I recently shared with all of you that I lost some weight. I felt really good about it because I have been slim all of my life and even skinny as a kid.  I had gotten up to 170 pounds which is a huge amount since I have weighed 115 in my twenties and was steady at 145 or so in my late thirties and early forties.  I must say that I have enjoyed eating good food and when I recently got remarried I added Nigerian food to my yum list. 
So I steadily climbed to this high weight of 170 and I was closely watching my scale saying to myself I cannot go over 170 pounds!  So I stopped eating as much as before and started walking a little bit and the weight just melted off!  Great, right?  Wrong!  My husband is not so happy!  I weighed myself this morning and I’m at 159 and as far as he’s concerned, looking like a stick figure!  He actually told me just yesterday that I have “dried off”  I said, “What are you talking about, dried off?”  He said, “There’s no fat on you anywhere anymore!”  “You’re getting smaller by the day!”  With a hint of dismay in his voice.
Ladies, I have only lost about 10 or so pounds!  What’s up with this, I wonder?  Should I put the weight back on with some Dreyers French Vanilla Ice Cream with the vanilla bean specks (which I love) or even Dulce de Leche Ice Cream (any brand). Or should I go back to Appleby’s especially now that they have the 2 for $20 meal deals?  I don’t want my husband to see me as a stick figure!  What in the world to do?  Help!   😉

This is beginning to look like some kind of conspiracy on his part!!

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  1. good day anna,i'm so glad to hear you acheive your goal.that's great!and no dont go back to the foods that you where eating if your eating healthy now.let me just say men are just insensitive some times accept an apology from me on be half of men everywhere.you look great!keep livin' and smilin' for god

  2. Congrats! You have to do what you are use to and what makes you heathy! I recently gained 15 lbs. My Dr said I don`t look it, but I feel it and my clothes are getting tight and that's a NO!, NO! Menopause is not nice! I weight 175. My goal is 155. I `am exercising and watching my calories. ( I eat healthy. There is a time when I get carried away!)I dated Nigerians and Ghanaian. They do like their women thick. I guess I was skinny compared to what they were accustom to. My Boy friend is American and I `am his smallest. He likes his women built like amazons. I tell him don`t get it twisted! I will never be over a size 12!Blessings to you and congrats again!

  3. Anna Renee says:

    Thanks, @Glamulosity Diva and @NubianLockedPrincess!! I'm going to do my best to maintain my weight around 155-160. I still eat my fav foods, I just dont pig out. I dont even have the big appetite anymore. I know my hubby will get used to me at this weight because he wants me healthy. But he loves to see me eating! Waahll!

  4. Judaye says:

    I am glad that your are taking good care of yourself for yourself. Your husband will eventually come around when sees that you have more energy and feel better. He may even try to take advantange of that!

  5. Adrianna says:

    You should buy a new outfit to go with your new figure and show it off to your husband. Congrats on getting healthier!

  6. Anna Renee says:

    Welcome Adrianna! Good point!

  7. I Love hearing about weight loss success stories. Congratulations!!! Am still yo-yoing b/w 146 and 144 pounds. I think my bathrooms scales were planted in my house by aliens intent on making me crazy so I have stopped looking at them! Stick to it Anna Renee! Your mighty good man will come around…..

  8. Anna Renee says:

    Thanks and welcome Desparate Naija Woman! LOL, girl by my standards, you're a stick figure! You stay away from those scales and remain sane because I love your blogs!!

  9. DNW says:

    You do?????Awwgh thanks Ana Renee. You just brought tears to a grown woman's eyes! Am staying away from my alien scales! Lol. Be at Peace Ana Renee. Be at peace!

  10. DNW says:

    Awwwgh you just brought tears to a grown woman's eyes. Thanks Ana ReneeI am not looking at my alien scales any more! lol! But honest. I am at a place where you words of encouragement are like soothing oils. Indeed, I clicked on your site for a time such as this…..Be at peace!

  11. DNW says:

    Ana Renee you words bring tears to a grown woman's eyes! Thank you. Yes, I shall stay away from my alien scales. They need deliverance. lol!Be at peace Ana Renee!

  12. DNW says:

    Thanks Ana Renee! Your words of encouragement bring tears to a grown wowman's eyes. Mwaah!. Be at Peace Ana Renee. Be at Peace. We are all fearfully and wonderfully made in the eyes of God. As long as He can see it. everyone else can catch up later!

  13. Anna Renee says:

    Yes my dear sister, we are fearfully and wonderfully made!!Even if some never catch up! Each woman is a gift of God to whoever He gave her to! And yes, men need to see that! And with prayer they will!

  14. udee says:

    All I can say is you need to do what's right for YOU!! You'll have to work on your man respecting the fact that added weight means added health concerns. And you for us Black women, it can be real complicated real soon when it comes to health.YUP! Naija food will def do that to you…add the pounds before you know it. But CONGRATS on the discipline! Werk!!

  15. Anna Renee says:

    Welcome Udee! Yup, yup! I gonna still eat my food! Ya heard? But Im gonna eat smaller portions, and get some smaller sized clothes and then I wont look emaciated! I've been wearing those oversized clothes! 😉 I'm not trying to go over size 12 again either!

  16. MichaelEdits says:

    I was called skinny after I dumped some very stubborn weight, but I knew better. I’m not done yet. Be proud of what you’ve achieved, and give his perception a little time to catch up with reality.

  17. Sister Anna, I’m trying to lose now and I must say there is a history of yo-yo dieting & weight loss especially after I had my third and last child. During my youth and pre-childbearing years–I was a curvacious 140 but looked 120. I just want to be 160 now –appearance wise that would be 140 but mainly I want to be healthy with more energy. You look wonderful and I’m not mad at you for your weight loss. Your husband will adjust to the new package and be thankful that he has a healthy gorgeous woman at his side!
    Peace and blessings to you both.

    1. Anna Renee says:

      Girl, that post is a year and a half old!!! I done put all that weight back on, and then some!!! 😀

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