Where to begin!?! Tania Maria! Singer, Pianist, Composer, Bandleader! So I start at my beginning. I had a small sample of this genius back in 1985 or so and loved her, and now listening to her music again tells me I had no idea!  I didn’t truly appreciate her genius–hey I was young! Tania Maria was born in Sao Luis, Northern Brazil in May 1948.  She started playing the piano at the age of seven years, and by the time she was thirteen years old, she was the leader of a band her father organized!  She obviously was a child prodigy and her talent has made her a highly popular the world over!
But it seems that people are totally asleep concerning Tania Maria in this time! I havent heard anything about her in more than 20 years. But thank God, as I was trying to remember some of the good musicians that I was exposed to in the past, I was reminded of the fantastic Tania Maria!  Even her name is gold!  So as I remembered her, I quickly went to Youtube to see what I could find, and thankfully, there was quite a bit.
This sister is a MUSICAL GENIUS!!  She’s the best gumbo you EVER had! Muito legal! Dig the scatting! My God!  Enjoy!


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