Of Cookies and Sweet Talk




Last week I was shopping at my Grocery Outlet, just doing my discount food thing.  I got my chicken for 59 cents a pound, got my frozen veggies, my bread and other staples.  I was doing very good!  Bypassed a lot of junk.  Didn’t even have a desire for anything bad.  Got up the the line and was preparing to unload my food on the conveyor belt when I saw them.    They hadn’t even unpacked them from their pallet properly.  That’s how it is in the ghetto Grocery outlet.  This pallet of cookies were just sitting there, with a 6 pack of bars of soap sitting on top.  Someone else had pulled a couple boxes of the cookies off the cookie pile before me.  So there  the box was and of course he saw me and started calling to me.  I tried to ignore him.  But in that deep sultry Barry White voice, he told me, “you know you want me”!  I had to admit that I did want him. Very much.  So I took one box, then another, just in case.  I went ahead and purchased all of my items.
Needless to say, I sorta gorged myself on these cookies!  I could not…stop….eating them! 😦   They tasted so very good, I think.  When I got up in the morning, I ate a few before breakfast.  When it was lunch time I ate a few with my lunch.  At work for my dinner time, I packed them with my dinner and ate them.
The whole thing was bad because I started feeling those things in my stomach after the first few.  Probably the chemicals that they use now days.  They were not quite as luscious as I remember. Well I did the deed until the entire two boxes were gone! Sigh.  Oh boy.  That was a BIG mistake!  What’s so bad is that I knew before hand that it was a mistake. 
What I realize now is that I simply cannot eat the junk that I once did when I was younger.  Even a few years ago, I could have gotten away with this kind of stupidity!  Now that I’ll be 49 in about 3 days, I CANNOT eat junk without feeling it in a very bad way!
So 48 hours after starting the cookie binge, I got this throbbing headache that would not go away.  It wasn’t so so bad, but bad enough.  That headache lasted for nearly 48 hours!  I also had other problems which I will not get into because of those cookies!  The very worse part of all is that he WASN’T EVEN THAT GOOD! 
The moral to this story is don’t listen to sweet talk!

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  1. Anna Renee, I love pepperidge farm cookies. The large chunky chocolate chip with pecans (Chesapeake) One cookie is 140 cal. I cannot eat just one! As a result, my tummy is starting to suffer for it! :(I `am preparing for my yearly weight reduction plan Jan 1. I start my detox and cleansing the weekend after Christmas. Two yrs ago, I kept the weight off for 2yrs. I never let my self go more than 15 lbs. In 4mo. I will be 49. I will be losing 25lbs. My ideal weight is 150- 155 lbs. I weight 175 😦 I will be Cheering you on! Keep focus and praying!

  2. Ruth says:

    LOL! Oh boy…sweet talk! LOL! I can related sister… I can relate.I hope you're feeling much better now though.Blessings

  3. Anna Renee says:

    @NubianLockedPrincess: Good luck on the News Years Resolution!@Ruth: Why must they always seduce us?

  4. Niecy says:


  5. Anna Renee says:

    Thanks!!! 😀 I'm old now, for real real!

  6. Jara says:

    Hey Anna Renee!So this is your new spot? Nice. :)Yep, age + sweets + sweet talk do not mix. I used to be able to eat candy for lunch as a child and have so much energy. Now candy just puts me to sleep.Have you ever tried Nilla wafers with peanut butter and bananas? Yum!Thanks for visiting my blog.

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