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  1. >Anna Renee, Wishing all the best to you and your family in 2010 have a HAPPY NEW YEAR but stay safe. Many blessings to you…Deann

  2. jjbrock says:

    >Happy New Year Anna!! I pray that our Lord give you a double blessing in 2010.

  3. olaoluwatomi says:

    >Happy new year!

  4. >Hey Anna Renee… Happy New Year, and thank you for your prayers. I pray God suprises you, beyond your wildest dreams this year. 2010 is sure going to be awesome for those who wait in expectation, hope and faith in God.. so be ready.. Just be willing and obedient and God will bring you into your very own Goshen.. looking forward to a new year of writing about Him 🙂 ps… thanks for supporting the 31 days thanksgiving… God bless you Much Love x

  5. Rev. Mike says:

    >Hi Anna,Happy New Year and thanks for checking up on me. Peace and Love,Michael

  6. Anna Renee says:

    >Yaay! I missed those hands!!!

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