It’s 2010 and I’m a year older, are you?

I have made my New Year’s Resolution!! But I haven’t made it a declaration before anyone.  I don’t want it to be a big deal that anyone can hold over my head if I don’t accomplish it in a big way.  I have decided to take better care of my physical appearance. I’m a year older and that’s supposed to mean I’m more mature, right?  I’m already taking care of my hair and it’s thriving.  But as I alluded to in a previous post, while I was testing and trying out a number of products for moisture, I ruined my complexion. 
When I was a teen, I didn’t have acne problems, just an occasional breakout here and there.  When I reached my twenties and married my first husband, I did start breaking out.  As I remember, I did start using products on my face.  At the time it never occurred to me to stop using all products.  Instead I went to the next product that promised to clear up my face.  So over the years I used quite a few of the products that you can find in your local drugstore.  My favorite drugstores were Woolworth (back in the day) and Walgreen.
I was able to maintain a reasonably not so bad complexion with all the mixing of products I was doing. Summertime and wintertime extremes were my bad times, though.  My favorite products were St. Ives, Queen Helene, Palmers, Ambi and Artra. 
Fast forward to 2009.  I made the decision to start making a strong effort to grow my natural hair as long as possible.  I had problems with dryness, so I started experimenting with different hair moisturizers.  I became a lite-weight product junky! (I know I wasn’t as bad as some of y’all, though ;-D )  Anyway, all these products sliding down the slide of my face again and again with all of their artificial creaminess was murder!  I started breaking out along my jawline which never happened to me before.  But believe it or not, I didn’t put two and two together!  I was really simply absent concerning myself as I see it today.  But it’s 2010 and I need to be more present in my life and health. I have decided to stop using all the unnatural products because I see that my face cannot take it, just as my hair couldn’t.  I’m working on some natural blends for my face and will report back to you all when I find what works for me.
So this new decade when resolutions are being tossed up like confetti at the stroke of 12, I’ve asked the Lord to continue to be present with me, even as I improve my physical appearance!  Amen

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  1. Not too hard of a goal, so I am pulling for your success.My daughters hair is so dry and breaks off so easy. It use to be so long but it has broken off to shoulder length, so I will have to start studying about her hair to improve it.May

  2. Anna Renee says:

    Hi Nikia! I think I remember reading that you flat iron your daughters hair? It's possible that the heat from flat ironing may be damaging her hair. There are lots of ladies who have decided to allow their hair to go to its natural texture so as not to damage it with heating appliances or with perms. You're on the right track to do some studying! Stay tuned!

  3. Nicole says:

    Hi! I am so glad that you gave me the new page address. I was so concerned as I missed reading your entries. Off to a new start are you? I know that you will find the right products for your skin. Look at what we've found on the world wide web so far!!!! Happy New Year!

  4. Thandi says:

    That happened to me a few years ago and I also never made the connection!It started when I was in high school and my mom embarrassed me so much, taking me from one cosmetics counter to the the girl offers a free facial, my mo would say Hey,what would you do about her skin?" I thought it was puberty but didn't stop.Only now have I realised what the cause was.All the best with your health goals!

  5. Niecy says:

    Hey Sis,Try oil washing. I have been doing so far for the past 4 months and my skin feels so much better. What it is mixing castor oil and EVOO and washing your face. More castor oil if you face is oily or more EVOO if your face is dry. Mix together and rub on face, wet a wash cloth with hot water and put the cloth on your face for the steam to seep in your pores and wipe off. That's it.

  6. Anna Renee says:

    @Thandi, hi sweatheart! I love your new picture! Looking more sophisticated 😉 We are so indoctrinated to use those advertised products that we don't even consider that our skin may not want the mess!@Niecy, Hi Sister! For some reason I thought I'd be clogging my pores, but the truth is it's very moisterizing when steamed and wiped off! Right as I read your post, the light bulb goes off in my mind!! Duh! Especially for me in my T-Zone which is DRY! I'm doing this immediately!!! Thanks!

  7. G says:

    I'm having the same problem with my skin, but I'm thinking mine is hormonal. Like the look and feel of your new blog. Thanks for the heads up!

  8. Anna Renee we must be kindred spirits! I too began my exercise and diet routine. I got on the scale and almost fell off. I could not believe what I saw! My face looked tired, dull and worn out!I had not exercised for over three months because of a gym injury that healed over two months ago. Call it getting lazy. LOL! What I saw on the scale sent me into a panic. I went to the store to purchase some healthy food for my 1200 cal diet. Yes, 1200 calories! I have been counting and measuring everything since Jan 1 st. Do you know I lost 3.5 lbs of water alone in 4 days.Girl we can`t go out like that! My goal is to loose 20 lbs by my birthday in April. 1200 cal + exercise will allow me to loose 2lbs a week! I plan to keep it off!Keep us updated. I will keep you updated with my weight loss and getting back in shape!P.S. The Lord is always with you!

  9. Anna Renee says:

    Yes Sis, we can't go out like that!Time to get things right for the new decade! Girl if you can stick to 1200 calories a day, you WILL lose 20lbs before your birthday! Yay for all the ladies!Sistah Girl Power!

  10. Many blessings to you in the new year!

  11. Divalocity says:

    Hey There! Thanks for stopping by my Blog and I'm now a follower of your fantastic Blog. 2010 is going to be a another exciting year for both of us. I'm thankful to still be here! Life is too short to be worrying about nothing so I desided to live my life to the fullest!

  12. Anna Renee says:

    You sure got it right!

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