>Pray for Haiti!


>Everyone with the love of God in their hearts, and those with compassion, please stop what you’re doing and pray diligently for the people of Haiti–that many relief people will go to help, that people will be saved, that huge amounts of donations of all kinds will be made, that many churches and secular organizations will mobilize to help in whatever way they can!  Pray! Donate!

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  1. Judaye says:

    >Anna Renee, I am so devastated I can hardly write. I am praying and crying and just can hardly stand this horror that has happened to the Haitian people. They need our help in so many ways.Judaye

  2. Anna Renee says:

    >I was crying earlier as I read the blogs this morning! It's so devastating! Continue to pray for all Haitian people!! The Haitian people are sending up prayers and so should we!

  3. Judaye says:

    >I just feel that I should be doing something. I have some new clothing that I can send. Unfortunately I don't have much money to give. I just feel so powerless and it hurts to know that it happened to Haiti, that is already in so much economic trouble and have so much struggle, and now this. They have to figure out how to make a way of what seems no way.Judaye

  4. Anna Renee says:

    >Judaye, there is something you CAN do, and it's free! Just speak to Jesus about your feelings for the people of Haiti. Tell Him all your feelings of powerlessness, and how you are hurting so much for the people of Haiti! Tell Him to please help the people by sending money, workers, supplies, doctors, heavy moving equipment, and miracles for the people that you feel so much pain for. Our prayers are powerful and Jesus hears us! Your prayers are so necessary for the Haitian people. Those who can are praying and lets bombard Heaven with our cries for the people! This is something that's very important! Then you can link to my other blog, A Scar a blessing a promotion–I have a link in this blog. Then from there I have many other blog links who are listing places to donate. You can send whatever you can, $5, $10! If a million people sent $5, that's a big help, so every $5 donation is important! We're the hands, and mouth, and feet, and heart of God for the people! Let the Lord also comfort you too! Just talk to Him!

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