Do You Think Your Own Thoughts?

Do you know what your thoughts are?  Can you tell the difference between your own original thoughts and thoughts that have been fed to you by the media?  If you haven’t noticed, the American  media is conveying and not so subtly I might add  some of the most wicked ideologies, ideals, ideas that we’ve seen in a while. It seems hell bent on stirring up hatred and bigotry and misunderstandings.  For example: Did  you find yourself agreeing with Pat Robertson’s Haiti statement? Did you wonder if there could be something to it? Or do you tend to believe that all whites are racists?  Or do you feel that all blacks are reactionaries? Or do you feel that all liberals just can’t get it right, or that all conservatives are self-righteous religious bigots?  Do you think that most blacks speak in a “dialect” and whites dont? Do you wonder why you seldom see any reporting on the rest of the races of people?  Do you watch any of the major cable news networks on a regular basis?  Then very possibly you may be an unknowing victim of the Media machine, which is slapping your emotions, flipping your emotions and rubbing you the wrong way as well as pulling your emotional strings!  It’s a very high level of manipulation, people!
Ever since Obama’s election, the Media has been in overdrive and is at a fever pitch concerning all the of the STUFF it’s reporting!  Are you allowing yourself to be drawn into the sensationalism, even at your own expense?  Are your opinions about people and situations being shifted? Do you feel depressed and out of sorts after watching your favorite cable news station?  Well people, you can just say NO and not turn on the madness!  I have been on a cable news diet for the past 7 or 8 months, and believe me, my stress levels have plummeted, my blood pressure has dropped, and my emotions have mellowed.  I haven’t missed out on anything since I stopped consuming all that mess!
I won’t say I know all about the machinations of the Media, or that there aren’t important stories being told there, but I know that when I look at cable news, the MAJORITY of the time I’m left feeling abused emotionally! I wanted to be able to think my own thoughts, come to my own conclusions about the issues that affect me without the aid of the overly sensational cable news media.  So I decided to just say NO!

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  1. Toya says:

    I see completely the point of your post. While I try my utmost to not be influenced by the media and I don't consider myself the least bit a connoisseur of the news, as a writer I have come to see though that most news is a matter of opinion. Many newscasters and journalists alike now have a lot of leeway on how they can perceive and present the news to the public. Virtually every form of media whether domestic or foreign ultimately has a agenda whether it's positive or negative. I think the key to not changing our viewpoints on subjects is doing the research ourselves and forming our own opinions because media reports tend to trend from one day to the next so knowing where we stand is really necessary.Very thought provoking post and lovely image.

  2. Anna Renee says:

    Thank you Toya for weighing in the this media matter!

  3. Da_Kween says:

    I have definitely found that the media has stepped up it's assault on our culture. I was disturbed by the way Wyclef's foundation was attacked and he had to publicly defend himself. This entire country's BEING is established upon theft and misappropriation, yet it is the "little man" whose values and sincerity is questioned in such an ordeal.I do believe that it takes for a person to unplug from the media and be in "research" mode. There are days where my TV doesn't come on, well into the evening…AFTER the news. And I'm normally plugged into something that is less abrasive to my spirit. This is a very poignant post.

  4. Anna Renee says:

    Welcome Da_Kween! The media keeps the little man in perpetual self defense and they continue to go on a rampage in the culture! And this is news?

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