Oprah’s Nappy Roots

Not too long ago Oprah invited Chris Rock onto her show to talk about his movie, Good Hair.  We watched with interest just to hear what Chris Rock would say about black womens’ hair.  We sista ladies were looking onto Chris Rock from all of our political and emotional positions.  And we all were waiting  (with side-eyes ready) for some affirmation of our black beauty. Some of us were waiting for condemnation.
I have long ago left the place where I need outside affirmation for my nappy hair.  Not from mainstream America, or even from the brothas or the sistas.  I have finally affirmed my nappy happy hair for my nappy self.  But for those of us who still think we need someone else’s thumbs up on our hair, Chris was not so affirming, from what I have read. 

Cover of "Good Hair"
Cover of Good Hair

It’s already been a while since his movie Good Hair has come and gone.  I don’t think many people are still talking about the movie anymore.  I do wonder, though, if the movie helped Chris’ wife to come to terms with her own daughter’s hair issues, which Chris stated was his reason for creating the film.  Maybe bccause of the film,  Mrs. Rock will decide to become natural so she can instill some self-love into her beautiful daughters.  Mom’s nappy hair example would be so powerful for her girls, who were so enamored of their white friends’ “good” hair.  We black mothers have to get our emotional selves together for the sakes of our daughters who will surely ask that question about their “unpretty” hair one day.

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As for Oprah, we gotta love her!  I loved how she exalted in all her glorious long, swinging, REAL Rapunzelesque hair.  Oprah was so hilarious to me!  She had Chris rubbing all up and down on her scalp, once and for all proving that there were no weave tracks!  Put that rumor to bed for good!  That was priceless to me. I didn’t read many blogs comments about that display.  Not sure why.

Didn’t she tossed her hair to and fro?  Somehow and for some reason, I did thoroughly enjoy her in it all!  The unabashed boldness!  I can’t help but wonder how Oprah saw herself on that episode of her show?

(Backstage with Chris Rock and Oprah, click here) 

Did she feel priviledged?  Or did she feel a connection her white women audience?  Did she see herself as lucky?  A black sistah without all the political hair hangup? Or did she simply see herself as having it going on in the hair department?  I would love to have been a fly on the walls of her mind for this one.  

She did say the politically correct thing and told us she has all her hair because she has had a stylist for the past 25 years.  I was and still am interested in just how does Oprah view herself in this highly charged issue of black women who generally see themselves as losers as it pertains to their hair. I’m thinking she saw herself on the winning side.  I’m not hating on you Oprah, but simply congratulating!    😛

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  1. I have to admit, Oprah has been my hero for years! I. LOVE. OPRAH. Since high school, I have loved Oprah through every change she has gone through in discovering her true self. I do hope she and Chris Rock helped some women be real about their hair issues and coming from a culture that really has NO shame (I'm Samoan), I don't care what someone's hair looks like. I remember when in my youth, I first saw a beautifully bald set of girls, the musical duo Zhane and I thought, WOW! Now that is true beauty and there is no way I could pull off that look with my fat dome. Hair or no hair, I hope what Oprah and Chris Rock accomplished was to open up honest dialouge about inner beauty and how much it is worth. I too being from LA have spent tons of money on managing my mane, but the older I am getting, I am really appreciating my hair and all the styles I can do because of it's thickness.May

  2. Anna Renee says:

    I love Oprah too, especially when she works at empowering people, and educating people and being generous to people. I especially loved when she helped with the building of the houses for those chosen families who were victims of Hurricane Katrina. I wonder how they're doing?

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