Mara Brock Akil and The Game – Recognize game!

Black folks have been lamenting the scarcity of good black television programs these days.  We are sad because our heyday of the 1990s, when we had it going on with Living Single, For your Love, Moesha, Steve Harvey, and many many more sitcoms seems to have waned.  Seems like it over now.  We still have some shows, but it’s not the same.  Most of what’s left is little more than fluff.  So I reluctantly accepted it as so and stopped watching TV mostly.  But while I was sleeping, there was a show that had that old fire–good writing, good storylines, great actors! And I missed it! The series called The Game premiered on the UPN network in October 2006, and was produced by sister Mara Brock Akil.  I was left out of the loop early on, and am only seeing the show because my son told me about the BET reruns, but better late than never.   I found out that there was even a controversy about trying to keep the show alive since it’s highly acclaimed, yet it was inexplicably cancelled.  But they screwed up when they made the decision to cancel because black folks have been up in arms about it!  We just ain’t having it this time!  Plus we got the internet to complain about it and pray and hope with each other that they bring it back! 

Our sister, Producer, Writer, Creator Mara Brock Akil was born in Los Angeles in 1970 and grew up in Kansas City.  She graduated from Northwestern University and earned a degree in journalism. Her career began when she started writing for the critically acclaimed but short lived show South Central back in 1994. which featured J-Lo. She also wrote for Moesha for four seasons.  She was a supervising producer and writer for the Jamie Foxx show and produced along with Kelsey Grammer the show Girlfriends.  She then created and executive produced The Game, a spin off from Girlfriends.  The Game is a story about a young woman medical student who declines a scholarship at Johns Hopkins to follow her Pro football playing boyfriend to San Diego where he plays with the fictional team the San Diego Sabers. This show played for three seasons on the CW network.  A time came when the CW  wanted to put an end to all its half-hour shows, which The Game was one.  In order to stay on the network, Mara Brock Akil tried to get the CW to change the format of The Game to a one-camera, hour long show.  But these networks being what they are, using the black sitcoms as a jumpoff point to their popularity, then kicking the black shows to the curb,  the CW didn’t want to work with Sister Mara.   Instead they simply cancelled The Game.  Hmmpt!  

The show was well written and timely and fresh and interesting,  and  there was a near cult following of folks who totally loved the show.  So when folks found out about the network’s plan  to cancel it (as they are apt to do to the GOOD black shows) there was a public outcry!  Then lo and behold,  BET went to work trying to acquire the show to keep it going for the fourth season.

Unfortunately, there were a lot of disappointments involved and the negotiations fell through. Fans were left in the lurch about their beloved show and started blogging about their disappointment with its cancellation.  But all may not be lost! I was reading the comment section of the above link and one commenter added a link dated in March 2010 saying that finally BET along with Paramount will be producing The Game after all!  The negotiations between the networks are all ironed out,  and all that’s left is to get the actors under contract again because their contracts laspsed in the interim.  So maybe this time there will be a happy ending for The Game and BET will be our shining black superhero and will look like winners for a change!  Keep your fingers crossed!


Update!!!  Update!!!!    THE GAME IS BACK ON TV!!!   


Y’all happy, ain’t y’all?   Well I’m happy too!!  But I missed the first episode because I work nights and don’t have TIVO or anything like that.   I hope I can go online and watch repeats of the episodes!!!   I don’t want to miss the show AGAIN!!   Finally we gets some TV love!! 

Everybody looking good, even Kelly! 

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