The Color of Our Skin–Towards a New Definition of Black Women and Beauty


I’ve been blogging for about nine months now.  My experience has been very interesting, fun, informative, and empowering!  I’ve enjoyed reading all the triumphant stories of black women embracing our beauty!  We’ve been busy setting ourselves free from the tyranny of trying to conform to a beauty standard that doesn’t fit us.  Thanks to the websites like Nappturality, Black Girl With Long Hair, and Curly Nikki, and Nappturology 101, as well as all the other marvelous sister bloggers out there, we have been on a wonderful journey of self discovery and  have been learning so much about our hair and how to maintain it!  Black women all over the globe have been very diligently working at creating our own beauty standard. We are now truly beginning to see ourselves clearly.  Somewhat.


The revolution we’ve been experiencing has been mostly about our natural hair texture.  There’s so much more to our unique beauty.  Are we working to redefine our standards of beauty based on skin color as well?   We black women have such a dazzling array of beautiful skin tones and facial features, and we ought to celebrate each and every one of them!  We also have a different body type from the “norm”, which I’ll bring up in a later post.  Black women, our labor of self empowerment is a labor of self-love! 

I believe that though talking about skin color may not be politically correct, its important for black women to discuss the issues that concerns us, without fear and in a spirit of love.  We’ve all experienced some pain concerning both hair texture and skin color, and we all have stories that we can share.

I remember being at the beauty supply store one day, and there was a young girl there, who looked to be about 20 years old, hiding her hair under the hood of her jacket.  She looked broken and deeply embarassed about her hair.  I was able to see that her hairline was badly perm damaged. She looked so uncomfortable and was being helped by the shop owner.  The korean man could see her distress and told her with an air of amusement, not to worry because everybody in the store had hair problems like her and she didn’t need to hide or act so ashamed.  The girl continued to hold tight to the hood of her jacket while the korean man looked at her, smiling at her attitude of shame.  I imaged that those shop owners certainly got the first and last laugh at the girl’s expense, even though it’s that kind of shame that keeps their beauty supply businesses booming. 

I mention the above story to say that we no longer have to feel shame about our beauty.  We no longer have to be dependant on others who are only exploiting our fear.  We can and are now changing our paradigm about beauty and we’re wrestling control of our self image away from those who simply want to exploit us for profit.  We now have the blogosphere to help each other overcome these oppressive self hating attitudes that we have held on to for so long.  We have seen the power of this media to effect change.  We sisters can now talk with each other and learn from each other and teach each other and encourage each other.  This is empowerment and it’s beautiful! To God Be the Glory For It


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  1. Divalocity says:

    *Loud and Thunderous Hand Clapping*Excellent post! The issues that many of us wrestle with run deep and are in some ways issues of control and self-definition. I refuse to spend my life just simply being a skin color or hair texture because I'm more than that. When people stop judging others solely based on the surface and start looking within only then will they see the beauty that humanity possess. We've got a long way to go before that happens because of the severity of the indoctrination of our people. But in the meantime I'm going to be me and I could care less what anyone else thinks.

  2. Anna Renee says:

    I love your confidence, Sister!!!By the time its all said and done, all of us will have your fierceness!

  3. Tiffany says:

    Nice post, black women just need to have more confidence within themselves .

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