Erykah Badu–Window Seat–Da Soulful Bomb


Erykah Badu is bold! Hey in more ways than one! Erykah is just doing her thang! Gotta love her boldness, or is it just pandering? After all sex sells damn near ever’thang, am I right about it?!?
Or should I say every damn thang?? Imma leave dat alone! I love the soulful beauty of the song though! Check out how the menz standing with they womenz are stock still as she strips down to nuffin!! Thatz funny as heyel!!
I have fallen off on my favorite singer, since I been so focused on my 1970s soul. This lady certainly knows how to rework that soulful groove and make it fresh and new, yet still soulful. I love her twangy voice as well. My all time fav is that bass line in On and On! and on and on–My cipher keep movin’ like a rollin’ stone!
PS: Erykah is definitely a sista girl with a sista girl’s beauty!!  Hey, just listen to the song! Enjoy!
Check this link!
Window Seat

Hey they got me!!  You can’t see the naked Badu here!! Sorry!   HA ha ha ha!

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