I don’t know.  I have been watching those Christians on television who claim to have the gift of healing.  I  find myself always doubting them and their claims. Yet I’m always watching them on TV.  There is one couple that I’m especially watching with the side-eye.  That couple that has the catchy tune “Miracles Do Happen” with the pan music playing in the background.  So very tropical island like! So very caribbean! I see these people doing their healings by just touching someone, and I can’t help but think they are putting on some farce.  Somehow, they are trying to pull the wool over my eyes, and I simply won’t let them.   They are touching one person after the next and the people fall out on their backs and come up healed! Or that’s what they want us to believe. Hmpt!  Not me, noooo!

This couple both claim the same “annointing”–how convenient!  So they film themselves having hands layed on them by Oral Roberts, no less.  I’m thinking, “exploitation”!   When I see others, like Benny Hinn, and anybody else who claims the ability to heal people, I question them as well.  So I have been in a great period of questioning the things I see, or the things that I tend to focus on in this time period.  But all  is not well with me in all of this. 
I have read in my Bible about healing.  I have read about how Jesus healed and how the apostles healed.  And I believe. I believe that I believe.  I think that I believe.  No, I do believe!  Because I trust the Lord and trust in His Word.  So I have a dilemma, I think.  There’s a disconnect in my thinking.  I have to ask myself, “Anna, do you think that healing is only for the Bible times, for those who lived 2,000 years ago?”  Because if that’s what I believe, then the healing I’m praying for in my own body may not take place.  I have been suffering from something that the dermatologists say there is no cure for.  But I have been praying for healing on a regular basis and have been visiting the site at the bottom of my blog, which I enjoy very much. 

So if I believe that healing is mine right now in 2010, then why do I distrust those on TV who claim to have the annointing of God to heal?  I know that I have a distrusting spirit sometimes and that may be a hinderance to me.  So what should I do about this disconnect?  What I can do is to pray to God about it and wait for His answer to me.  The Holy Spirit within me will remind me of the things that I have been taught.  So I need to start studying God’s Word concerning healing.  I can’t say that my mind will change about those so called healers on TV, but who knows? 

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  1. covnitkepr1 says:

    >I'm with you sister…They heal headaches, diabetes, heart mummers, ulser…things you can't see.Why are they not in our children's burn centers, nursing homes and places like these making people whole?I believe God heals today, but He doesn't need those "healers" flying around in million dollar jets, and owning 4 or 5 vacation homes to do it. I support this blog by being a "follower."

  2. Anna Renee says:

    >Welcome Covnitkepr1! I have such a big issue with false healers and false prophets! Sometimes I think I overdo it, but thank God I can go to His Word and study to show myself approved! He'll show me where I'm wrong!Thanks for following my blog–I just struggling along as my God would have me to do.Blessings!

  3. jjbrock says:

    >Anna Renee, great post and questions…I have doubt when it come to modern day healers and prophets also.Like you I believe God is still healing people…But when it come to today's prophet…I have a huge problem believing God is doing that must speaking.

  4. Anna Renee says:

    >Hi Ann! I'm just going back to my Word and study because it's all too much! I keep saying this, but Jesus warned us of this!

  5. Thandi says:

    >I'm with you on that one sister.Sadly in the last days the devil himself will (has) come performing miracles so I just cannot trust miracles that only serve to gain someone more power, money and 'hype' from the masses.And as one of your commentators asked, why don't they go into hospitals etc?

  6. CareyCarey says:

    >Well Hello Mrs. Lily pad :-).You have quite a lot going on over here. I just left one of your other blogs.See, you must be one of the lucky ones. I mean, there must not be any babies runnin' through your house, and you must have a very understanding Mr. Man. I mean, sometimes it takes hours just to do my one little blog. I don't know if you noticed but jjbrock @ the Old Black Church, gave you a stamp of approval(at my blog), so if you're alright with her, I guess I can stick and stay. šŸ™‚ I will be back.

  7. Anna Renee says:

    >Hi Mr. Carey! Yes, I'm really blog busy! My only baby is 28 years old now, and doesn't need me like that any more. My Mr Man is OK now with the blogging but I try not to do it until he's at work most of the time. I want to spend my time with him. We work different times he in the day, me at night! Thanks for visiting me and yes me and Ms JJ Brock go way back!! I pass a Creativ Blogger Award to her because I love her blog, too!

  8. Shanel says:

    >I totally agree with your post…. these television faith healers are a JOKE…. they are becoming billionaires…. and making a mockery of God…. at least that's how I feel… I don't know I could be wrong… but I like this post and I completely agree

  9. Lloyd says:

    >What an interesting and completely true account of the TV faith healers who takes advantage to people that are hurting and looking for a cure that can only be found through God. What really makes things worse is that everyone of these so called "men of God" are all millionaires with several homes, yachts, and all sort of worldly toys.Get printing these good posts and I'll be back. God bless, Lloyd

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