Sexual Sin – Addiction or Lust?

I’ve been reading a certain blog that says that internet porn is “like an addiction” and many pastors surveyed -50% -say they log on to porn. Some well known, powerful and on-fire preachers who obviously love the Lord have lost families because of their “addiction” to porn.

So what is going on? Is it an uncontrollable pull that brings so many to the porn pages? Are they unwittingly in the path of the huge avalache of a mudslide which is internet porn? Are they accidentally clicking into the porn pages? (I’m on the internet very often and I’ve not accidentally clicked into porn!) Or is it more the lust of the flesh, the lust of the eye and the pride of life? 1John 2:16.

I don’t believe that there is any “addiction” there. At least not initially. Those who navigate to the porn sites do so because they want to. Plain and simple. They want to just see it, they don’t want to miss it. They want a little part of the world. It seems so very delicious.
Now I can’t leave myself out of this. Im not condemning. When I see some french fries (which I love!!) and I know I had them yesterday and the day before yesterday, yet I see those fries in my mind’s eye, and I have a kitchen full of potatoes waiting to be peeled and cut into fries, I could say that Im addicted to fries. Then it’s no longer my fault.

It’s an addiction after all. But the truth of the matter is that I simply lust after french fries! Yes lust. My lust for them is stronger than my dislike of the weight I gain from them. I believe that those who navigate to the porn sites have made a conscious decision to do so. I believe there’s some pride involved as well, because there was a first time, when one could have resisted, because they wasn’t “addicted” then. 
But whether it’s an addiction or it’s weakness or pride or whatever, God is able to help us navigate our way away from the things of the world that would ensare us and destroy us.  If we humble ourselves and go before Him and diligently seek Him, He can and will save us and restore us.   So to those who have internet porn addictions, repent, go to your trusted pastor or find someone who you can trust who is willing to help you through and make yourself accountable so as to overcome the addiction.  Do whatever is necessary to free yourself from this demonic snare!!

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  1. Anna, I have accidently found myself on a porn page. Not only that, but they have this sort of programmed HTML that when you click to close the page, it reopens to the same or another page. Guess where I've found porn? Under "crochet granny square" searches on the net. Uh huh. They use innocent names and when you click, the browser goes crazy. And mankind always has a fascination for the forbidden. If we were like Joseph, who fleed from sin, instead of talking to himself about it, trying to convince himself that maybe he needs to "investigate what this is about so he can better counsel the flock" or whatever other excuse… I say, what voice are you listening to? Because Joseph was clearing hearing God's voice. If he had heard a friend's voice, or his own voice of his sinful nature, then he would not have been the great leader he was, just another fallen man mentioned in the Bible, from the Who Not to Follow List.And, Anna, don't forget female porn, the penny novels that are so addictive, too. I know because I was there. Even as a Christian, I couldn't stop myself from reading them. I had to make a promise to God, which, only thanks to Him, I have kept since, let me see, hmmm, it's been about 20 years, I think, or close to it. This is My Take: There is a recipe that Satan uses: Take the truth, and add a pinch of a lie, mix well. Feed.For subsequent doses, add more Lie, and less Truth until hooked.I hope I made sense here.

  2. Anna Renee says:

    Yes you have made a lot of sense. I never considered those romance novels as female porn, but essentially that's exactly what it is. I always hated those novels.That recipe of Satan's is so real!!

  3. Tammy says:

    Great thoughts! There were many things I was 'addicted' too, then I came to the understanding about my choices.I can either choose God's way or the world's (satan) way!

  4. Anna Renee says:

    Hi Tammy! Yes, it's our choice and we should always choose God's way!

  5. Anonymous says:

    All i can say is i am convicted.I struggle and i know God will get me through it. Young girl (not married) addicted to sex, yes i say addicted, becoz sometimes i feel as if i cant control myself and the urge will just be too overwhelming. I hate this about myself and i am very suicidal mostly coz i cannot overcome this "addiction". I wanna do it right, but i always fall into the trap over and over again. Even when i promise not to. I dont know what to do…

  6. Anna Renee says:

    Yes dear child, please continue to pray. Then you have to seek help from someone you can trust. Please know that God LOVES you and has forgiven you and wants you to LIVE for his glory! He wants to take away the shame you feel and He will wash you in the blood of Jesus that makes us ALL clean and renewed. Is there a pastor whom you can trust to help you? You need God's LOVE, which is unconditional. Sex is temporal and God's love is eternal. Satan gives us what will kill our spirits, but God gives us complete redemption and LOVE. God LOVES YOU!! He doesn't want you feeling used and abused, nor hurt or self hating! God created you because He Loves you!! And He can heal the hurt and pain that causes you to seek out sex in this way. He wants you to LIVE and declare His works!!Don't give up on yourself and try to find someone who you can trust and who can help you. You are very very very precious to the Lord! Even if you don't believe it, it's true!! Find help in the church, with a trustworthy pastor, search online for help, SEEK the LORD in prayer!! PRAY! PRAY! And don't condemn yourself, because there are many others who are struggling with this same issue. God can and will bring you out of this and you can and will hold your head up, and feel good about yourself once again. You are valuable to God, otherwise He never would have created you. Sometimes we have to go through trials and when we overcome, we are so much closer to the Lord! God Loves You! Dear child of God!

  7. Anna Renee, This is for Anonymous, if you deem it okay to post to her:Having gone through some things that no child should ever go through, I can understand you being a young woman and needing sex to feel loved. Please try to understand that part of you, that you are now in the habit of seeking love, affirmation, acceptance, in this manner.Sweetie, sex was created by God, so it's a good thing. And having created it, He says that the best way to understand and enjoy it is His way, through marriage.Anything else is going to bring guilt and misery, and you are testifying that. Anna already told you that God loves you, and sent His only Son, to die for this and all of our sins, yours included. There is forgiveness. You have it. Now you need help in seeing yourself as God sees you, a lovely loving woman, who has a lot to give, a young lady who can help others come out of addiction (this could be your future), a woman who needs to redefine herself:I am a woman of God.I was created in God's image.He wants the best for me.He KNOWS what's best for me.I need to start over again, but this time I need help. If you talk to a pastor, ask that his wife or a female leader be present or close by, just to help you stay on track, so you don't open any doors of temptation. Anna said to check out resources on the net. Here is a good one: have a phone that you can call for prayer, too. I am hoping and praying for you, that you will continue to become the woman God wants you to become. You are taking the first step to becoming whole, now you need to go beyond that, so that you don't stay in the Guilt Stage of your process.In my prayers, I'm going to call you "Judy"… 🙂

  8. Anna Renee says:

    Thank You so much, River Glorious!!!

  9. Anonymous says:

    Thank you all (anna renne & river glorious) for your loving kind words and promises of prayer. I (and my boyfriend) have spoken countless times to my pastor and his wife. I gave up telling them when i fall coz I would speak to them today and fall the very next day! Who does that? It feels like its become a pattern and it happens over and over and over again.I want so much and so does my boyfriend to keep me pure. We both struggle and we are each others temptation. And we have big fights all the time caused by sexual sin.I guess i will have to pray more and spend more time with God.Thanks for the love.

  10. "Judy":You have a spiritual problem. First and foremost, are you a Christian? Lots of people who go to church, or were brought up in church say yes to this question.Are you "bananas for Jesus"? Did you tell God, "Come into my heart!" or did you say, "Father God, I believe that Jesus is the Christ, the Savior, sent to die for my sin, sent so that I don't have to die. I believe that as the Creator, You are now my Father, and I'm asking that You take me as Your child, forevermore. I will now live the rest of my life as your daughter, and I will spend it learning all I can about You. Thank You for this gift!!"Do you see the difference? Some people ask Jesus into their hearts. That's okay. But if you want to be saved, you have to believe that He is the Son of God, sent in the form of a man, 100 percent man and 100 percent God, lived a perfect life, accused unjustly, spat upon, hit, ridiculed, beaten almost to death, and finally, what was left of His body, painfully nailed to a cross. At that moment, God the Father made ALL THE SINS OF MANKIND to go upon Him, and God turned His face from His own Son. Jesus died.And after Jesus died, He arose again on the 3rd day, on His own, with His own power.Now, He who arose has the power to make us rise, too. He has the power over death, and power over sin. He is the Savior. Do you believe in Him? Is He your Lord and Savior and do you belong to Him?If this Jesus, the Son of God, is Your Savior, if you belong to HIM, then He wants to present you, as part of His church, His bride, to the Father, clean, without stain. If you belong to Him, then you need to obey Him. You don't belong to anybody else, not even to yourself. More on this soon.If I tell a child, "Try to clean up your room," he will look around, move a few things, maybe straighten the sheets, kick something under the bed, and say to himself, "I tried."If, however, I tell him or her, "I want you to put away 20 toys, and you have 5 minutes to do this correctly" the child will probably do it, especially if she knows I am coming to inspect."Judy," the point is, that if you belong to Jesus, and He has given you to the Father, you belong to God. You don't belong to yourself. Now you have to decide what you are going to do. If you "try" to be pure, living with the habits you have, trying your best (MY best has never been enough, so I choose to do God's will), you will fail again tonight or tomorrow.You have to decide that, if you belong to God, then there are some things that you do, and some things that you don't do. That's it. And you can't do it alone, you need to read the Bible, BELIEVE the Bible, and live the Bible, and let the lordship of God's Son rule over your life. If He rules, then obey, no matter what the cost.I had to pay a price, Judy. It wasn't easy. But now I am married to a wonderful man, who calls me beautiful every single day of my life, even when I have rollers in my hair and cream on my face, who tells me every day that he loves me, who forgives me no matter how angry I've let myself become… I chose God, and He gave me a man who is also committed to the Lord Jesus Christ. You need to read your Bible, you need to obey your Savior, you need to spend time in prayer, and you need to make decisions, little ones, all day long. Little decisions that will keep you pointing toward the Lord Jesus Christ.Please read this over again, and think it over carefully. I feel compelled right now to stop writing, so I will.

  11. Thandi says:

    I agree 100% Anna Renee.

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