The R-Word, RACIST, the New N-Word


Black Man, say it!  RACIST!  Brown Woman, say it!  RACIST!  People of Color, say it! RACIST!  Marginalized people, spit it out! RACIST!  Oppressed people, shout it out! RACIST!
How does it feel when you speak the  R-Word?  What’s your frame of mind whenever you say the word?


As for me, I like the way the word rolls off my lips when I say it to describe some foolish, willfully ignorant talking head on TV. Stupid racist!  I like the way I release frustration when I say the R-Word to describe some hateful TeaParty protester.  They’re just dumb racists!  The R-Word shoots from my mouth like a bullet from a gun aimed at the Rush Limbaughs of the world. 

This word has a lot of pejorative power behind it.  It’s mostly said to belittle the person or people that it’s being said to.  These days, it’s not used to simply describe a situation.  That’s why I say that the word “racist” is the new “nigger”.  The word nigger was used and still is used to belittle those who are being called nigger. This N-word has wreaked havoc on the psyches of millions of black people in America over the decades.  The word is full of pejorative power.   There are those who have tried to blunt the force of the N-word by taking it and turning it around and using it as a sort of term of endearment.  But the word walks a very fine line.   It can only be used in certain ways, in certain situations, and only with the “a” ending rather than the “er” ending.  The word has a deep history and strict protocols on its use.

Now the R-word.  This word “racist” is young in its truly negative history.  It hasn’t yet come to the place where just its utterance is capable of causing heads to roll, jobs to be lost, and protests to be waged, but I predict that it will move in that direction.  The word has a deep affect on the one who is being called racist.  Usually a knee jerk “No I’m not” kind of reaction.  But also a deep feeling of not being able or willing to admit to something that the person themself may be afraid is true. At least in my opinion.
It can evoke rage in the one being called racist. The word is able to touch a part of the psyche in a similar way that the N-word is able to. No one wants to accept the R-word as a descriptor of themselves.  But the more the word is used, in the blogosphere and elsewhere, the more it becomes a dirty R-word.  And with all that’s going on the American politics right now, the use of the R-word is definitely on the upswing.  I believe that the word Racist is definitely on its way to becoming the new Nigger.

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