White Approval Addiction – You Got It!

You know you’re addicted.  Tell me you’re not, and I’ll tell you that you are.  You actually need a white person to approve of you as a black person in order to feel good about yourself.

That’s why you’re so mad that there are still racists out there.  It’s so upsetting to you because you want them to understand that you are a person too!  You won’t rest until white racists stop being racist.  Because the way they see things and the way they view you is very important to you.  You don’t feel too good about you when you know there are so many racists out there and that they hate you for no cause that you can figure out. This to you is unacceptable. You are starved for white racist love.  You desparately want it, and won’t rest until you get it.

Black man, how important is it to you to get a white woman’s approval–STILL?  When a white woman tells you, “I like you” do you feel vindicated, empowered, or validated?  Or if she says, “I’m sorry about racism”, does that make the racism more bearable?  Does it become OK that she still profits from that racism?   It’s like saying I’m sorry that I’m stealing from you, and you then you say “that’s OK”!

Black woman, is it still so important when a white man tells you that you’re beautiful?  Does it become more real when he tells you, is it more believable, and is it a bigger compliment coming from him?
Now black folks, don’t go off on a derailing tangent.  I have the right to look at this phenomenon of white approval addiction–to analyze it  from my own perspective, if I wont to.  So I’m wondering why after all this time, do we black folks need white approval?  Why do we struggle so hard to get it?  I’ve come to some conclusions about this thing.  I think that black folks need white approval only when they don’t truly know who they are as a people, when they don’t know anything about their history, beyond the lame statement “We come from Kings and Queens”, that generic statement that lacks any true power or knowledge of history, but that is thrown around in a weak attempt to show that one has an understanding of who he or she is as a black person, when one really doesn’t.  I have concluded that white approval addiction proliferates in the hearts of black folks who haven’t taken the time to learn about themselves.  Those black folks who may be afraid to look deep into their history as a people for fear of what they might NOT find.

I know that white approval addiction is catching in black people who deep down believe all the negative things that are reported in the media, maybe because it’s easier than learning the truth, maybe because it’s convenient, or maybe because the fight for liberation is too much work.  Since we don’t have the strength to find out all the hidden truths about ourselves, we weakly just accept not knowing.  Then we overreact to every stupid thing white racists say.  We allow ourselves to be manipulated by everyone, turned this way and that way, raging all the while.

Then a magic white person comes along and tells us simple shit like “you black people are really good” or “my white people are really bad” and we fall damn hard for that shit!! Yeah I said it!  Well I like what Peter Tosh said a long time ago.  “Everybody cries out for peace, but none cries out for justice”  “I need equal rights and justice”!!

I don’t need a white person to tell me that I’m good as a person, nor tell me that they are bad as people.  That’s just bullshit.  What I would respect more, is a white person who goes into his or her own neck of the woods and fight against racism from their own little place or big place depending on who they are.  Otherwise, I don’t need your approval of me.

4 Comments Add yours

  1. Asabagna says:

    Sister Anna… this is real powerful commentary… it's more than that actually… it's real powerful truth! Please consider sharing this post at AfroSpear.Blessings!

  2. I co-sign,keep up with the good work.

  3. Anna Renee says:

    Thanks Bigmac!

  4. Tarre Stanley says:

    One of the reasons for the need of white approval is economically based. Since they are the ones doing the hiring and have clenched the market on commerce(business owners/ employer) finance(bank ceo`s and lenders), College deans, etc, it makes sense to play by their rules- how unfair as it may be. This is the same reason I am a supporter of legislature supportive of affirmative action. Until this fact can be deftly dealt with there will always be the issue of white approval

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