Jesus’ Mercy Toward Sinners–All of Us

I love the merciful way Jesus dealt with those sinners in the Bible, the woman at the well, or the woman caught in adultery.  He usually showed up in their lives and spoke directly to them about who they were and simply told them to stop doing whatever wrong thing they were doing. He came to them in privacy and was discreet with them.  He didn’t drag them out in public to be shamed before the community just because they sinned.  We humans tend to want to shame people that we perceive as being sinful, as though we aren’t doing some other sin ourselves. 
Don’t we all want to be treated mercifully by others when we are doing wrong and know it?  None of us want to be condemned by others.  Mercy is a better way to treat each other.  It acknowledges that we understand that we are not without sin ourselves, and that we would want to be treated with mercy as well.  In fact, being merciful will help the sinner to move away from and repent from the sin.  He or she knows that they have your support in the form of mercy. 
This is Jesus’ example to us.  We don’t need to call out people who are in sin.  We can talk with them in privacy, and make sure they know we support them, and that we are praying for them.  Then we allow the Holy Spirit to work on the person’s heart and help the person to overcome the sin.  We keep praying for that person, as God helps them out of the sin.
If we tend to want to “expose” the sinner, we are being prideful, and making the situation about us, and not about the person’s healing. I think we are even placing an extra burden on the person.  He or she probably won’t look at the what we are doing as help, and will most likely rebell, frustrating our efforts to change them. After all, it should be about the person being healed and restored, not about our exalting ourselves at the person’s expense.  It takes alot of sensitivity and discretion to help someone.  We have to keep in mind that the Holy Spirit is doing the changing, not us.
I’m thankful to the Lord that He shows me what I’m doing wrong when I’m unable to perceive it on my own, and He deals with me in His goodness and mercy.  If I’m listening, I will obey and be blessed.  Otherwise, I will suffer the consequences of my actions until I listen and obey.  And God will be there waiting for me.

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  1. Thandi says:

    Exactly.What's the point in humiliating someone by doing it publicly?

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