Peace For a Revolutionary (From time to time at least)


I was blog surfing as usual , when I came across this post from my brother Nezua at The Unapologetic Mexican–El Machete blog!  (I really love that name, it speaks to me some kind of way!!)
Anyway, he made this post just for us fighters in the world, and online revolutionaries.  He wanted to remind us that even though there is so much going on in this world, so many battles to fight, so many wrongs to right, that we have to take care of our physical and mental selves.  Even as we fight the powers that be, and sometimes each other in terms of ideology, we need to take time for ourselves.

I know I’ve gotten into a few online fights, but I kinda like them.  (I know, I know).  That doesn’t mean that the fight won’t take a toll on you, if you allow it.  The fight is so huge that it can quickly become absolutely overwhelming.  This huge fight for freedom can make you feel inaffective in your little place of battle.  It can make you want to give up all hope for being able to change anything for the better.  It can make you wanna holler and throw up both your hands!!

Yet we know if we do that, then it’s over for freedom’s cause.  So what do we do, when we grow tired of doing what we do?  We simply chill out, and watch some TV or whatever works for each of us, short of drinking and smoking of course!  Take a listen as our wise brother teaches us how to chill……


News With Nezua | All These Walls Will Fall from nezua on Vimeo.

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