A Prosperity Preacher Repents and Renounces the Prosperity Gospel

Well we know about Jim Bakker and how his movement crumbled right in his greedy hands.  We’ve read about how his and Tammy Faye’s charisma built up the PTL ministries.  It was a huge giant thing.  In truth, I didn’t know anything about his ministry back at the time of it.  But I did hear about his hard fall from grace. Jim Bakker was arrested, did his time and was released.  He remarried and has started a new television ministry, which I haven’t watched.
I saw this video of Jim Bakker on Youtube while doing other research and thought it would be interesting to hear what he would say about the prosperity gospel. I watched him as he renounced the prosperity gospel, quite strongly I might add!  This is the that gospel which he was one of the architects of.  From  what I can tell, Jim Bakker has repented from the preaching of the prosperity gospel.  What do you think?

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  1. jjbrock says:

    I respect Jim Bakker for what he has done…renouncing greed and truly repenting!What a powerful and passionate message by Jim Bakker and very encouraging as well.

  2. Anna Renee says:

    Yes, he had a lot of guts to do it, especially since he said he could call one of his buddies from the old days, and have his bills paid in a week! But he also said he won't do that.

  3. Mark Cox says:

    It’s very very hard to forget that someone has a propensity for and history of excessive abuse of capitalizing on the generosity of well-meaning givers. I suspect that time itself has made Jim realize what we already knew; If you love the world and it’s stuff it’s a clear indication that your heart is not believing that our Heavenly father really intends on giving us the desires of our hearts…and that deciphered means that his heart (was) filled with unbelief, and we should steer clear of such people. But, I do believe in redemption…and Yes, I believe Jim has repented and is forgiven. But if the enemy knows you have a weakness for something he will destroy your testimony with it, Therefore Jim must be vigilant and modest in all his dealings to remain relevant in any smaller ministry (his glory days,like Swaggart are so gone).

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