The Beautiful Viola Davis DOES August Wilson!!

I just found another fantastic black blog called Make It Plain, thanks to the Afrospear!  Anyway as I was scrolling through some of the posts there, one in particular caught my eye:  Viva Viola!  What a fantastic actress!  I unfortunately have not seen everything she has done, but I intend to.  The post showcased an interview by Charlie Rose of both Actress Viola Davis and Director Kenny Leon as they conversed about the Broadway play “Fences” by the late great August Wilson.  If there is any black woman who embodies beauty, brains, heart, moxie, and unending talent,  then Viola Davis is that woman!!!  She’s Phenomenal, and it can’t be denied!

She talks about the beauty of the black woman, the beauty of the black marriage, the beauty of black relationships — father to child, mother to child, husband to wife, friends to friends!   She brings to life with Denzel, the strength, depth and triumph of a black relationship that survives and even thrives with the weight of racism on its back!  This woman is acting out my life!!!!   Watch at about the 15:30 or so, when Denzel’s character declares how much he “loves this woman”, and how Viola’s character soaks it up!  It’s priceless!

 This woman truly DOES August Wilson’s play.  Just the few snippets that are shown excites me!  I haven’t seen a play in 30 years–Annie was the first and last!   I would love to see Viola Davis on stage!  But for now I will be satisfied with renting her movies, and truly studying this beautiful black woman working her magic in her craft!  I’ll watch some Denzel movies too, by the way!

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  1. Lin says:

    Love this Sista. Deeply admire her art. For the longest time, they (Hollywood) had her playing so many rundown women & disaffected souls, until I thought they’d found her in the streets somewhere and just put her in the movies. That’s no dis to her, it’s just how REAL her characterizations have been. But the Sista’s got serious craft and acting chops behind her. Glad she won that Tony because she’s proven she can hold her own against Denzel, Meryl Streep, or whoever else. She definitely brings an emotional soulfulness to the game. Maybe she IS OUR Meryl, because in everything she does, she’s always on-point & mad authentic!

    If there were any real justice, SHE would be playing Nina Simone ( not hating on Mary J… but c’mon!) & Miss Davis would, no doubt, enact the role of one of our most enduring legends by bringing in her own artistic stank! Just saying.

    On the real: I think some people, no matter their profession, have Greatness running all up, thru & inside them, & Viola Davis appears to be one of those truly gifted people touched by greatness.


    1. Anna Renee says:

      I got the chills just listening to her explain her craft. She’s just phenomenal!! I soooo much appreciate her desire to break down and bury that “strong black woman” stereotype as well!! I love that! It’s a stereotype that too many of our sisters fall into–then they are surprised when brothers don’t feel they can fit into these sisters lives.
      We are strong, but not at the expense of vulnerability, not at the expense of sexiness, not at the expense of having shortcomings. To paraphrase Sister Viola.
      She brought a realness to those broken down characters. She talks about it. I just love her!

  2. Melzie says:

    I’ve been thinking about driving up to see the play. I really appreciate the class, depth and beauty she brings to every project she’s a part of.

    Thanks for the heads up on Make It Plain!

    1. Anna Renee says:

      If you do, tell me all about it!

  3. Ann Brock says:

    Anna I love this woman acting….I love her heartbreaking performance in the film Doubt…She was the mother of the only black child in a strict Catholic school in the sixties….In the movie her son was rumor to be gay and sleeping with the head master….That was the first time I witness her acting skills….It was a powerful performance.

    1. Anna Renee says:

      OK! I need to rent that movie! Thanks Ann!

  4. udee says:

    Found you! I think I got lost somewhere in all the blogs you had going.
    Ms Davis is truly great!

    1. Anna Renee says:

      Hi there Beudeeful!! Yeah, I’m still talking but here at WordPress and in one big blog!! Trying to do three was killing me!
      Viola is fantastic! Im her new girl crush!!

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