Black Man, Are You Strengthening Your Enemy?

OK.  Yet another obscure white media person has jumped on the N*&&er Bashing Wagon Train that’s been riding roughshod through the media landscape these days.  Everybody get on board the NBWT!  It’s the cure to what ails you!  Breathe strength into your unimportant life!  Bring power to your unimportant work!  Bash a N*&&er, today!

Doing this is all that’s required these days.  Just drop a Niggabomb in the middle of your space and watch a genie appear and grant you 15 minutes of infamy to work whichever way you think you can.   The genie makes no promises or demands.  You can be whatever race, creed, color or sex.

The Niggabomb can be anything racist against black people.  Some well used bombs are:  accusing a black person of ignorance, ugliness, reverse racism, hypersensitivity, inherent criminality, inherent inferiority, or if you’re really bold, just call him or her a N*&&er.   It’s a old tactic made new and shiny for the new millenium.  So, my brothers and my sisters, are we able to see what’s happening here?  The minute you use that old Jesse Jackson-Al Sharpton tactic of calling out the one who dropped the Niggabomb, you are strenghthen him,  which makes it easier for him to come against you with even greater force.  Now everyone is listening to her because you pointed her out.  You have given them your power to use against you.   Now, the most obscure low life can revive him or herself at our expense with this.  Laura Schlessinger? Really?

So what will we do about this?  Will we run to our old standbys?  Sadly,  it’s clear to see  that brothers Jesse and Al  are powerless if their tactic is to call out the racist in the media.  That old tactic of trying to shame the racist is moot.  There is no shame anymore.  The game has changed right before our eyes.  It’s a free for all now, and everyone is invited!  N*&&er Bashing is such good fun after all!!

If we’re honest with ourselves, we have to admit that this archaic tactic was weak at best.  It relied on the black people being satisfied with “a spokesperson” going on the enemy’s media and calling out random misbehaving racists.  In the past, we felt a false sense vindication whenever our leaders used their limited clout to access the Anderson Coopers to allow us to voice our collective hurt when the Rush Limbaughs spewed forth their hatred.  We felt better.  We were able to settle back down.  In these new times we  aren’t getting that same satisfaction.  Too many political careers have been built, too many talking head shows have been erected.  We see people blowing up in every outlet.  All on our backs.  We’re thinking Hmmm…

So again what do we do?  Let me completely flip the script.  More black people who don’t give a damn about what racists are saying about us need to sprout up like weeds all over the place.  Instead of wasting precious energy fighting a losing battle of controlling the thoughts of racists, we need to spend every waking hour controlling our own thoughts.  Planting seeds of beauty into our minds, and watering those seeds with the truth of who we are.  Learning about those wise women and men of our black experience.  Learning what they did.  Seeking out our culture, and finding out how we lived and are living.   We need to spend those precious hours each day learning more about ourselves.  If we knew that there was gold and diamonds in our own backyards, would we waste time digging in others’ backyards?  Would we start excavating our own backyards instead?

We ought to realize by now that we have absolutely zero power over what someone else calls us, or thinks of us.  ZERO POWER people.  Zero.  Negative zero.  And we show a certain weakness by trying to control what we have no power over.  If we black people can just come to grips with this truth–if we can wrap our minds around this profound truth–then we will have a chance to reconstruct and reshape ourselves in a way that actually benefits us, and empowers us in this racist society and world.

I don’t know precisely the point in our history when we became so utterly addicted to white approval.  I don’t know the instant when we were turned against ourselves.  I don’t know if it was Wille Lynch or Thomas Jefferson or whomever.  I don’t know and I don’t care.  What I do care about is that we turn it around.  That we stand up and look to our ancestors for guidance and strength.  How did Harriet Tubman think?  How did Marcus Garvey think?  How did Nat Turner think?  How does Nelson Mandela think?    If we can’t figure out a way for ourselves, then we should adopt one of our ancestors as a guide.

Let’s not despise our power because it looks different from our enemy’s.  Let’s learn about our power!  Let’s use our power and stop giving it away.

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  1. Ann Brock says:

    Hey Anna great article!””We ought to realize by now that we have absolutely zero power over what someone else calls us, or thinks of us””I total agree and Dr Laura is not naive…. She knew perfectly well what she was doing… Gays and Jews and other minorities use pejorative taboo words among each other that anyone who is minimally sensitive would never dare to utter because when they use them the words become offensive.

    1. Anna Renee says:

      You see how this works? She drop the N bomb and this black woman became flabbergasted that a woman of Dr. Laura’s caliber would dare allow anyone hear her say it? That the whole point, lady!!! It doesn’t work if no one hears it!
      It’s like back when you were a kid–someone calls out your Mama and all the kids go “ooooooooo, he talkin bout yo Mama!” Then you felt the need to fight! But we black folks should not be manipulated in this way any longer! It’s just plain stupid!! I’ll be glad when brother Al just stops defending black people in this regard, and stick to defending us when it really matters! It seems that our leaders, though they are necessary, no longer know anything of strategy as they did back in the Civil Rights Era.
      We should look at the way the Montgomery Bus Boycott was handled–pure strategy to break down the system—-and tactics of simply not riding that bus! Organizing to walk, carpool, but not riding that bus!!!! TACTICS, STRATEGY, DESTROYED BUS SYSTEM!!

  2. Melzie says:

    You’ve touched on all the important points, Anna Renee. Power is a funny thing that’s often more imagined than real. I think this incident is just an example of the way in which some truly view us. I didn’t even flinch when I heard about this due to a few reasons, specifically the one she mentioned about the prevalence of the word being commonplace in the media these days. Which is true, but doesn’t make it right. And, to claim confusion is weak, how about not using it period. I expect to see more of these supposed gaffes from now on…some people are upset…I’ll leave it at that.

    1. Anna Renee says:

      Hey CG! Yes, you best believe that a whole lot more obscure folks will come out of the woodwork and drop a few bombs–and VOILA! A resurrection of their careers. What would happen, if when another one of these fools come out that black folks say absolutely nothing? Just utter quiet?

  3. asabagna says:

    Excellent empowering commentary! Gives me lots to meditate about!


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