White Privilege Is a Bitch

I was at my friend Deacon Blue’s blog and found this interesting and funny video by comedian Louis CK.  I have never heard of Louis before, but he’s funny and got mad comedic timing.  He’s astute and that ALWAYS work with comedians.  This small clip of the guy reminds me of George Carlin.  The guy’s is that good.

Number one:  he’s going There.  The place most white people fear to tread.  He’s joking about how “good” it is to be white, and that he admits it and receives all those perks with open arms.  I like how he acknowledges that whites aren’t better than others, but BEING white is the shiznit.  “This shit is thoroughly good!”,  he jokes.   I totally and completely love it when people are really real like that.

But I have to wonder, though, if being white is for real-for real all that privileged.  We been blowing up their heads full of this “white privilege” mess for a while now.  For the wordsmith, White Privilege is the new Racist.  Personally, I don’t feel that white folks are privileged like that.   As I see it, they are some of the most miserable folks on planet Earth!

So when we people of color call white folks privileged, what are we talking about?  Are we saying that because they have first line access to the best jobs, access to material things,  more ability to travel the world–these are the reasons they are privileged?  Or is it that they have the ability to oppress people around the world, the ability to ignore human beings who are suffering accross the world,  the ability to hoard the resources of the world–is this what makes them privileged?   Why do we see them as being privileged?  Do we want what they appear to have?

Let’s be clear about what we are actually saying when we call white people privileged.  Let’s put on our thinking caps, and turn on our listening ears.   The ability to do the above stuff is not privilege!  I feel sorry and sad for any white people who do any of the above things.  None of it is privilege.

On the other hand, I, personally, am privileged beyond measure.  I don’t oppress other people.  Instead I try to uplift and encourage people.  I don’t have money to “travel”.  I don’t want to sit on somebody’s beach having people of the world bringing me drinks and towels.  Not feeling that one iota.  Especially knowing that they hate their ass-kissing  jobs, and me as well!   Instead, I do research about the people of the world and report it here!  I am so privileged to be able to do this and I love it!   I don’t have huge stores of food, and can’t afford to buy caviar and truffles.  Give me some fried chicken and rice,  some egusi soup and a five dollar burrito from the Mexican truck parked in my hood!  That’s good eating folks!  Give me a Chinese food combo for $5!  Give me a $5 veggie sandwich from Subway!

There are privileged white people, though.  It’s that man or woman who does work in his or her community to change racist ideas.  They use whatever means and gifts they have, like Louis CK as a comedian, or the late George Carlin to teach their white brothers and sisters how to divest themselves of this white underprivilege and rejoin the rest of the human race.

I like  the young couple  Matthew and Jessica Flannery   who started Kiva . They are a TRUE representation of white privilege!  They have had the privilege of starting their online microfinance website, lending money to entrepreneurs in the “developing world” by encouraging people in the “developed world” to make these loans–pick a featured entrepreneur and loan them small sums of money to start or maintain their small busineses.  The entrepreneur repays the loan over a period of time.  The loans range from about $100 to $1,000 or more.  These microloans can make the difference for the entrepreneur, lifting him or her out of poverty and into sustaining their family.  It lifts the people out of dependance of faceless benefactors and into the pride of self sufficiency.

This young couple  has put in real work developing this highly innovative business model.   In the clip they admit the high level of stress involved with pioneering Kiva.  I’m highly impressed by them.  I know there are even more untold stories of white folks who are connected to the rest of the world and are working to make it a better place.

So for those white people who are voluntarily stuck in ignorance–those who exploit and dehumanize, those who hate and dismiss others, who live lives of conspicuous consumption as though the world’s resources belong to them alone–these people are the wretched of the earth.  There is absolutely no privilege there.   And we people of color ought to stop calling this condition to oppress “white privilege“.

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  1. careycarey says:

    Well Well Well!

    You said you we’re going to be more “controversial” and yep, you’re a woman of your word.

    When I think of the word, it means they may be able to do what others my not. To me, it’s just that simple. However, as you illustrated, there’s a price to pay for their “freedom”. It can be good, or bad, or very ugly.

    And it’s true, many people of color emulate their less finer qualities. Heck, when you think about, much of the black man’s character defects are the direct result of learning from them, or being their victims, if only in a co-conspirator role. Take for instance the drug problem. Behind most brothas that go to jail for selling drugs, there’s a white guy. And check this, the system has even given “privilege” to whites in that arena. A person that has powder cocaine is sentenced differently than those that have rocks. Rocks are made from powder cocaine but since powder is handled on the distribution end, where the real evil lurks, and many blacks sell rocks, bingo, “privilege” strikes again.

    And you know what, I am like you. I never understood, or accepted the notion that going out to a nice meal meant paying 50 dollars for a 12 dollar steak. Come on now. I mean, is that like having the privilege to be somebodies special kind of fool.

    Yep, some of our finer negros have taken their privilege to act just like the white man. They want to live in “their” neighborhood, even though they don’t want them there. Skip Gates comes to mind. They want to vote republican although republicans mean them no good.

    See sister Anna, you done got me started 🙂

    And I love beans and rice. How do I get to Oakland? Wait, you probably have a jealous husband and you probably don’t cook. But hey, you said good food is right outside yo door. I can’t say that because there’s a lot of privileged white folks where I live, and I was born here. But they do make the best Ice Cream. I think I’m gonna get me some. Yep, right outside my dough.

    1. Anna Renee says:

      Hey Carey, I can cook! I love my community and its food too much to switch it up for truffles or caviar! I do like some good ice cream though!

      Yes, some folks can’t be satisfied with what they have, and want what somebody else has. But as for privilege, white folks are just people like everybody else. Either buying into the lie or not. I respect those who don’t.

  2. N3 says:

    We are letting the fingers type freely on this one.

    White privilege is like money, it has value if you want to give it value. We mean a car can be worth the amount of a house if a person wants it to be.

    Some factions of society believe what we are listing below:

    that so called whites or albinos (due to their melanin deficiency) or europeans are living in a large world where they are NOT a majority – we mean think about it. They are surrounded by color, by people of color, by nature of color AND they are the global minority.

    We the people of nature and the people of color i.e. huemans are the global majority – we are the world and we were the first huemans to traverse the planet.
    So whites are reaping the benefit of their 400 plus years of hatred and murderous campaigns and that is why they are soooo miserable, INSECURE and hateful – because they know that scientifically they can not live under the sun OUT in nature (vis a vis buildings with roofs) and they are surrounded by color and consistently bombarded with the vivid greens, browns, and other instances of life. Picture this the richest soil is black soil – the strongest skin color against the ultraviolet rays of the sun is that skin color which is darkest and possesses the most melanin ie us afrikans.

    They know it exists, that is why they have make up to give themselves color (all nature is round). That is why they tan. That is why they get plastic surgery to get shape. That is why they abhor nature because it is not of them. That is why they wear sunglasses because their blue, green, grey eyes lack melanin a prime feature in blocking the sun’s ultraviolet rays….they are not nature’s i.e. the orginal gods first choice – we are. They are better suited for cold, mountainous climates and they behave as such.


    1. Anna Renee says:

      Hello N3–I have to agree with you on some of your points. White privilege is like money—stolen money!

  3. James McCoy says:

    You said it better then I!

  4. lin says:

    Sup, My Sista from duh Westsiiiiiiiide!

    It’s kinda funny to me, but the ironic thing about priv is, those those who truly have it, often completely take it for granted to the point where they don’t seem to REALIZE they possess it, or else, they have become so smug & jaded by it , it’s doubtful that they truly invest in the enjoyment of it. It’s those of us that aspire to have it, who see it living, driving, eating, dancing before our eyes who are often corrupted by the idea of it.

    Most of those priv peeps don’t live w/ the realities, the problems, the dramas, the crisis, the trials and tribulations, nor the hardships we face daily in the real world. I’d venture to guess that those who’ve lived a life of priv couldn’t cope or survive without it, whereas, the rest of us, make do, get by, bitch & complain, yes… but somehow we survive, even when life throws lemons at our struggling azzes. We be the lemonade people, dammit!


    1. Anna Renee says:

      Hi Brother! They don’t live with the daily realities and dramas that the people of the world live with, but they live with an entirely different one:
      World wide hatred–that has to be hard!!

  5. asabagna says:

    Interesting perspective. Lots to digest here. I like where your going with this though… a new frame of reference fo’sho’…. hmmmm

  6. Reggie says:

    Ain’t it though?!?

    Interesting post!!!

  7. I love how you redefined white privilege. I do think that everyone has really pumped up the heads of white people. All humans are equal. One race is not better than another. Very interesting post. Speak you mind girl. That’s what gamechangers do.

    1. Anna Renee says:

      I’m trying to change the game! Yes Ma’am! Too often we go on and on about how white folks are so better off than we are. It aint true.

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