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The Electronic Village's Creative Rhino Guide

Woo Hoo!!!  Brother Villager at The Electronic Village is doing what he calls an Archive Meme.  It’s about us black bloggers getting to know each other better!   And it takes a Village to do that!   Now that’s what I’M talkin’ about!!  His Archive Meme is something that he has done in the past and is doing again.  And what do you know, he graciously tagged lil ole ME as one of his favorite blogs to read!  Cool!   I’m just cheesin’ right about now.   😀

So the rules of the meme are thus:   Create five links about:

  • 1.  Link one must be about Family;  
  •  2. Link two must be about Friends;
  • 3. Link three must be about myself–who I am, what I’m about;
  • 4. Link four must be about something I love;
  • 5. Link five can be about anything I choose!

Post your five links and then tag five other people. At least TWO of the people you tag must be newer acquaintences so that you get to know each other better…. and don’t forget to read the archive posts and leave comments!  So my five links are…..

  1. My son.  He’s a fantastic producer who’s just getting up the nerve to go public with his sounds.
  2. My friend Mychune.  We have reunited after 25 years of not seeing each other.  We have been friends for more than 40 years.  She just recently celebrated her 50th birthday and I will celebrate mine as well in December.   
  3. I am a woman on  a mission to educate black people in my blog.  I want to counteract the negativity that’s always being reported in the media about us by giving us unknown truths about ourselves.
  4. I love learning about my culture–by any means necessary!  Books, videos, music, art, plays, movies!
  5. Being in love with who we are as black people.  If I had a magic wand, I’d wave it over us and we black people would fall deeply in love with who we are!  We would never harm or hate each other.    🙂

So now, I will tag five of my favorite blogs.  I’m a bit hesitant because I have tons of favorite blogs.  I don’t want to hurt any feelwings, you know.  But the rules are the rules and I must choose five:

  1. As I See It  I met her about a week ago when she posted on “Those gangster, thuggish, ruggish, crip/blood GEESE!  You know, the ones who cross the street, blocking the intersection and daring you to say anything about it!   Yes, she did!  And I agreed. 
  2. Moanerplicities  This is my good brother from the Eastsiiide!!  The man is a REAL writer!  Very creative and beautiful!  His post on How I Can Just Kill a Fam had me worried about him, tho!                  
  3. Writing Saved Me From the Sin of Violence   She’s in my blogroll. This sister’s poems are like lasers and razors and stuff like that!  She hits the nail on the head every time.  Her poem she posted in Dec 2009 on When Barbie was Ignored should be required reading for every black woman in the world.
  4. Faith In Action  My new found brother’s blog is complete and effective and comes from an AFRIKAN perspective!  It’s about nation building, and he’s got his eye on those Afrikans that are DOING work!  He always leaves a ton of links, so you have no excuse not to know what’s up! Plus his name just flows off the tongue…. Heber Brown, III!  See what I mean?  Smooth…
  5. Headaches of A Holy HandMaiden  This Sister is so honest and  transparent about her life as a Christian after the betrayal and breakdown of her marriage.  I’m proud of her for not letting what happened to her destroy her walk with God!  Plus, she’s like sunshine through it all!

So these are my choices!  Now to those of you who I didn’t post, don’t get mad at me!  You KNOW I have mad love for you all!!  Smooches!  And I have mad love for The Villager for choosing my blog to highlight!  Thanks so much brother!

To those of you lucky ones that I did choose, nows the time to Pay It Forward, as our Mama Oprah would say!  I hope you all participate as well and let us know who you consider to be great bloggers!


6 Comments Add yours

  1. Lin says:

    Sista Westsiiiiiide:

    Wow! For real? I mean, for Really Real?

    What can I say? Out of so many other fine blogs in the blogging universe…. I’m honored. I’m humbled. I’m hyped. I’m hubris-free… & a few other H-words.

    Thank you so much for thinking of me & this lil blog ‘o mine.

    You’ve succeeded in making me smile… & trust… these days, that, my Sista, is no easy feat!

    Thank You, MUCHLY.



    1. Anna Renee says:

      Ummm hmmm, For REAL, For real!! 😀

  2. Thank you thank you thank you!! What an absolute honor to be mentioned. I do understand that there are 1million blogs to read and I and so honored that you have read my ramblings. I believe it to be such a humble thing that people actually take the time to read other peoples blogs. Thank you again and I’m off to participate in the meme…let me go read the rules again 🙂

    1. Anna Renee says:

      We encourage and help each other when we express our thoughts in our blogs. I think we bloggers are a special sort of people. Someone once disparagingly said that I liked the “sound” of my own voice when I answered one of her negative blog posts with my honest thoughts. In a way she’s right. Plus we like to share our voices and hope to bless others with the “sound” of our voices!
      I like the “sound” of your voice!

  3. Anna Renee, you are a true sista! Your blog has felt “right” since I found it. To have you recognize my blog as one of your “5 favorites” is a deep honor. Though we just met a few weeks ago, I feel that we’ve known each other for a good while….a testament to your literary gift! May the blessings of The Almighty envelope you and your family. And please continue inspiring our people to unapologetically love themselves and each other! Asante Sana, My Sista! You are a blessing!

  4. Anna Renee says:

    Thank you so much, Heber Brown, The Third!!

    I thank you for your powerful blog! You touch on those issues of empowerment for us Afrikan people and those situations where we are being threatened daily.
    And you manage to come across as not mentally drained and permanently angry! It’s the God in you that keeps you from going crazy with all that we as black people are up against!
    I loved your post on Anne Rice’s quitting the church! You were so insightful, and forgiving. I think I called Anne a couple of names in somebodies blog! Hee hee! Just being bad. But your report was thought provoking.

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