Preachers of the Prosperity Gospel–How they deceive and manipulate to get their way

 I have been meditating on this phenomenon for a while now.  And more stuff keeps coming to me.  This is another of those posts that I have been sitting on for a while.  Since June.  So I’ll publish it now.

God is rich, but He GAVE ALL in giving us his son, Jesus.  The prosperity preachers dont talk about giving ALL when we prosper.  Jesus asked the rich young ruler if he would give all, in exchange for great heavenly riches, and the rich young ruler sadly refused.

Was Mother Teresa prosperous?  Was Mahatma Gandhi prosperous? 

Would the PPs teach us NOT to be greedy?  No, because it would defeat their own greedy purposes.  They thrive and siphon money out of people by inflaming our greed.

Would the PPs teach us NOT to covet the things of the world, such as material wealth and what it buys, like rolexes, Rolls Royces, Mercedes, and such, things that eventually rot away?  No, because that’s what they base their sermons on!  They subtly place the desire for these things in the heart of their followers by dressing in their three piece suits, and wearing their huge rolex watches, and sporting their huge jets and Rolls Royce cars!  They present themselves as having arrived because they have those things.  This is supposedly evidence of God’s FAVOR in their lives, and as we know “Favor ain’t fair”–their rallying cry!  So these wicked shepherds mislead their sheep, leading them to the edge of cliffs, into ditches, towards wolves, lions, and other predators of sheep!   Who does Jesus hold more accountable, the shepherd or the sheep?

When the PP’s preach, some come straight out and say the Lord will bless with these strange material things, and others of the PP’s are more subtle, not needing to really come straight out and preach on receiving material things as blessings.  They infer it.  Either way, once the greed is manipulated and inflamed, we on our own can carry it to its logical conclusion.  Once we do that, they have the remedy for us to get those riches for ourselves–plant that “faith seed”!

I sometimes watch the TV ministry called  A Time of Refreshing,  lead by Pastor Napolean Kaufman .  I enjoy his preaching because he focuses on the Word of God.  He has a church in the city of Dublin California which is just outside of Oakland.  He has talked about the phenomenon of the Prosperity Gospel and has warned his flock against it emphatically.  Pastor Kaufman rightly tells his congregants that these PPs are deceived themselves, truly believing what they preach about the prosperity gospel.

God doesn’t want nor need us to pay Him a little bribe for a big payoff–which is the whole structure of the twisted “seed planting gospel” method that they use.   It’s wicked, and it’s demonic.  God has given us access to TRUE RICHES!  Jesus Christ our Lord has died on the cross for us to have ETERNAL LIFE with Him in the spiritual, heavenly realm.


 The “prosperity gospel” as it’s taught by most PPs is warped and is a deceiving gospel.  Deception is at its core.  They make a point of interpreting the Bible for those who follow them and they don’t stress the people doing independant study on their own.   The “Prosperity Gospel” never focuses on heavenly riches, and never teaches its followers about true spiritual riches.  What the PP’s do focus on is MANIPULATION!   They tell you what to think and how to think and criticize and call you out if you don’t fall in line.  They tell you you’re not in God’s will.   They don’t preach much about Paul’s ministry, nor do they preach about the New Testament much.  They don’t even teach or preach much about Jesus’ ministry.  Some don’t even preach from the Bible at all.

There is prosperity in God–He gives us what we need according to his riches.  Do we need to store up earthly riches, without storing up heavenly riches?  Why do we believe that having a Mercedes or Rolls Royce, or a mansion full of expensive trinkets, or a private jet and yacht or a huge bank account is riches?  Who has determined that these things are riches?  These are the things that Jesus told us robbers and thieves always manage to break in and steal, and not only that, but these things also eventually rot away as well!  We don’t even have true control over these so-called riches!  People ought to think more about heavenly riches, and let God take care of us right here on earth, not worrying about acquiring and heaping material goods.  Lets take care and share our goods with others and share love, and God will supply our NEEDS and we will truly be rich! 

It appears that the video is now private.  I’ve watched it numerous times so I will describe what happens.  There appears to be a special service going on.  Its at the point in the service where the people are called down to make their donations.  There is a band playing that fast happy music that makes you wanna dance before the Lord.

“When I think of His goodness and what he’s done for me,
I wanna dance, dance, dance, dance, dance, dance all night”
When I think of His goodness and how He’s set me free,
I wanna dance all night, all night, all night, all night!

With this playing, the people are worked up and are pouring into the aisles to rain their money on the pulpit.  They are rushing down, dancing down, running down, praising the Lord!!   Leroy is watching from the stage.  He goes to the side and calls Creflo from the back.   Creflo comes out reluctantly, as Leroy beckons him.  They both stand there and watch the people come by the hundreds to rain money.   They whisper some things to each other, but the look on their face is, WOW…   Creflo get bored and wants to go back behind the scenes.  Leroy beckons him to stay, but he goes anyway.  He comes back as he realizes the band has stopped playing.  Creflo vigorously beckons the band to keep the music going.
They start playing again and one woman catches the holy ghost as she comes to give her money.  There is a front row of folks in the audience, Vicky Winans and others gospel dignitaries standing and nodding in time with the music and just watching the whole thing.  Leroy stays and continues to watch from the stage.  A man comes and wants to hand his wallet to Leroy but Leroy ignores him.  The man continues and Leroy rudely asks him what? then snatches his wallet out of his hand.  The man goes away rejoicing, not realizing that he was disrespected by the mand of God.  And so it goes.

The prosperity gospel as it is preached by the likes of Creflo Dollar, Leroy Thompson, Kenneth Copeland and the rest of them is a demonic message meant to confuse people.  It manipulates our desire to see ourselves as better than we actually are, and better than others around us!  The PP’s already see themselves as superior to the people, as Leroy Thompson attitude in the last video at 3:10 attests EVEN when a man is handing him his entire wallet!  You can see the condescending attitude in his demeanor as he snatches the wallet from the man, who doesn’t even notice!  Then he and Creflo stand and watch as people pour down to the pulpit and give all their money!  One thing is for sure, these PP’s would never preach about what Jesus said to the young ruler about giving all his wealth away to the poor!  They would never preach about sharing one’s wealth by giving it away to those who are in need all around us and in exchange receiving heavenly wealth! 

These PP’s are only interested in the here and now, and are not interested in the eternal wealth of God’s Kingdom, nor are they interested in the things of God.  And you, children of God, are the very least of their concern past collecting all of your money! 


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  1. Anna, Once again you are timely and on-point with this message. I don’t agree with everything you say but in light of the current scandal with Bishop Eddie Long, you shine a light on what is true Christianity. I stopped watching the Word Network long before I got rid of my TVs this past January. The so-called Word Network is just a venue for Prosperity Gospel propaganda. I wish more Christians would turn away from these pimp preachers, read the Bible and learn to think for themselves. God is destroying institutional religion and exposing all the right wing zealots, nuts, extremists, and false prophets. Less truly is more and simplicity is the pathway to Christ. Smaller global footprint = happier life.

    1. Anna Renee says:

      Thanks Deborah! With the trash that’s on TV I doubt that you’re missing one thing by not having one.

      I think with the unmitigated greed that these PPs are showing, more and more people WILL turn from it! They are too greedy and too arrogant to even fool people anymore. They are just out there with it, not caring who sees through the game.

      God is destroying all kinds of madness, and right before our very eyes. There’s a scripture, Psalm 91:8 “Only a spectator shall you be (yourself inaccessible in the secret place of the Most High) as you witness the reward of the wicked.” amplified version.

      We’re watching it all right about now.

  2. Melzie says:

    You’ve hit the anail on the head again. There’s sooo much I could say but for the sake of blogging etiquette I’ll keep it to a minimum.

    I pray folks who are “caught up” in the razzle dazzle of what appears to be a surefire pathway to “riches” realize that spiritual wealth trumps all others. I knew that it was time for me to seek the Word and truth within it for myself when a very well known tv evangelist asked people to get in a $100, 50, 20 , etc. line following an event I attend a few years ago. I think, perhaps in a twisted human way of thinking, this was God’s way of showing me that those who shroud themselves in a way that manipulates the Word can lead anyone willing to remain naive down a path of spiritual emptiness and disillusionment.

    1. Anna Renee says:

      Thank God, that we eventually see the light and the truth. I was caught up for a minute myself in this game. Paula White, anyone? She got me with her “sister girl” stance! I hate to admit it. And TBN network got me as well. The Word Network was off the chain, not even pretending.

      Once they get you with their rhetoric, they know they got you for a few bucks before you fall away. I guess that’s cool for them because they simply go fishing for more marks.

      It’s a hard game.

  3. James McCoy says:

    Here a red flag,there a red flag,dang a red flag everywhere,when the focus is on how much money can you give.
    I want to go to church to be enriched inwardly,these “pulpit pimps” have no shame to their game!

  4. lin says:

    Greetings Sista:

    Vurrrr powerful entry up in hurr!

    In the genius words of Snoop: “I don’t knock nobody’s hustle.” HOWEVER… there’s at least one hustle that is a downright disgrace, and that’s when someone is bamboozling in the name of GOD. On the real: that’s just all kinds, types, varieties & varying degrees of WRONG!

    Not only does it rob good people of their hard-earned wages, & strip them of their faith, abuse their misplaced trust, cheapen & ridicule their spiritual investment, but it’s tantamount ot STEALING in the name of The Lord.

    It’s amazing to me that people in a place of religious power, who arguably have a better grasp on what God intends and expects of us, often seem to have absolutely no remorse in abusing that power and turning a blind eye to what The Creator desires of them.

    Yet, those very same people will stand tall before a pulpit and roll call the sins of others w/ such fire & brimstone, as if THEY are somehow excused, exempt, or forgiven for the straight-up EVIL that they do.

    I think it was Curtis Mayfield who once sang: “If There’s a Hell Below, We’re ALL Gonna Go!”

    Who knows if that’s true? But that HELL will most likely come equipped w/ a very special furnace for those false, deceitful, God-hollering pimps & so-called ‘prophets’ who, in the end, care only about their personal profits.


    1. Anna Renee says:

      Hey Brother! Yes that Hell go be hella hot up in thurr, up in THURR!!

      It’s scary to me how these pimps are able to do this! I’ve watched Leroy Thompson and Kenneth Copeland sit down together and go over scripture verse by verse! They both are very well aware of the scripture!!
      Yet they can stand in the face of God and pimp His sheep! That takes some kind of devil balls or sumptin!

      As Pastor Napoleon Kaufman says of these PPs: “They are deceived themselves” God says that he will darken the mind of those who do evil continuously, so much so that the person’s mind will be completely darkened.
      These PPs are mentally gone, lost.

  5. Anna Renee says:

    Thanks, everybody for bearing with me as I go through this Prosperity Gospel rant. I’ve got one more post to write about this subject, then hopefully Im gonna leave this alone for a minute. I know y’all tired of reading all this stuff!

  6. Tha L says:

    Hey sis, this post reminds me of one that was recently done by my boy Folk over at Black Folks Don’t Swim. It really pisses me off how these so-called Christians so blatantly take advantage of faithful followers (although it equally pisses me off how stupid people are for following such bullsh**).

    If these same faithful followers took their money and invested it into their community instead of handing it over to the PP’s, can you imagine the good that could be done?


    1. Anna Renee says:

      Thanks for the link! I went over and read that post! It was good.

      I CAN imagine the good that could be done! These folks have to be redirected one way or another, IMHO.

  7. EnSayn says:

    Anna Renee, Here is link on this subject.

    1. Anna Renee says:

      Thanks for that link, Brother! I’m closely looking at this site to see what its truly all about.

  8. tj says:

    I love your site, and just wanted to say that you are an inspiration. If there is anything we can do to support you please let us know.

    Together We WILL

    Church Folk Revolution

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