Craig Mack’s Old New Flava In Ya Ear


Craig Mack’s style definitely was some brand new flava in my ear back in the day!   When Craig arrived, I remember believing what he said about himself bringing new flava, but I don’t remember the context anymore.  What I do remember is feeling that his style was completely different and that it was tight! 

What sticks in my mind more so than Craig’s flow was the beat’s bassline. Even though I only have vague memories of it!  Do I sound crazy?  My memories are vague, but strong concerning this song’s flava!   I was (and still am) a bassline connoiseur.  I love me a heavy bassline–that thumpin, boomin, liver quivering bass sound, but I hate when it’s distorted!!!  It’s gotta be clear and deep!

Now the thing about it is that I never even bought Craig Mack’s CD/album, so the only time I got to hear this Flava was when I happened to catch it on the video shows.  And I can count on two hands how many times I actually heard the song.  Thus all the fuzziness and vagueness in my mind about it.  But the memory of that bassline is still in my brain, though it’s becoming fuzzy right about now as well!  I need to hear this song on a good stereo system before I forget it completely!!


Anyway, not too long ago, I did a post on comedian Maronzio Vance who was straight clowning  P. Diddy/Puff Daddy!  He joked that every artist that  Sean Combs got his hands on soon mysteriously disappeared from the music scene, never to be heard from again.  Hmmm…

Where’s Craig Mack at? 

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  1. Jason says:

    This song, along with Notorious B.I.G’s Juicy spearheaded the Bad Boy movement back in the day. Craig Mack’s flow was definitely different and that beat was on some straight futuristic b-boy ish.

    The comedian has a point about Bad Boy artists, they’ve all seemed to have a stroke of bad luck after their association with Bad Boy records and we all know what happened to Biggie. Where are:

    Mario Winans
    Black Rob
    Carl Thomas

    Atleast Faith Evans has a new album out. Diddy’s business practices do seem a bit unsavory. The music biz hasn’t been to kind to him in the last few years. It appears that his vampiric days as label CEO are over. However, he makes a ton of money in other endeavors though.

  2. Jason says:

    This song and Biggie’s Juicy spearheaded the Bad Boy movement back in the day. Craig Mack flow was definitely different and the beat was on some futuristic b-boy ish.

    The comedian has a point about the disapperance of artists that were once signed to Bad Boy. Industry tales paint Diddy as a vampiric label head that is to self absorbed and insecure to play the back . It seems the music business hasn’ t been to kind to him in the last few years. However, he makes a ton of money with other endeavors.

  3. lin says:

    This was & remains one of my favorite hip-hop tunes… especially the remix w/ all the cameos. Someone w/ Craig’s obvious skillz should still be making mega hits, one can only wonder why he isn’t.

    Methinks Puffy is a shark who continues to take notes & learns from the best of that species of business-person. He has fulfilled and then eaten the dreams of so many urban youth. There are others like him, or aiming to be like him, however he & the rest need to watch their backs… cuz the one thing you don’t do to black folk is mess with their money, their income, their livelihood, & then keep grinning & posing in their wake.

    Karma is a cold & ruthless bitch… with a very long memory.


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