Obama, Black America’s King Saul?

Obama is not looking none too good these days.  The media is doing its level best to crucify our first black president.  And it appears that his circle of advisors aren’t advising him properly, because they aren’t advising him to take African Americans seriously.   In his short time as the President of this US of A, his administration has thrown a number of his black supporters “under the bus”.  Starting with his former pastor, the Rev Dr. Jeremiah Wright.  Obama appears to be a turncoat, and a traitor to those who have supported him.  And an ass kisser of those who don’t.  Harsh, I know.  I could be wrong.

But what happened?  Things looked so good back in November 2008 and the months previous to that date, when he was campaigning.  He was so convincing.  So handsome, so winning and charismatic!  He was a fresh breeze that America needed.  We were so excited about what change he promised to bring.  Especially in Black America.  But it all appears to be a farce, and that breeze seemed to have turned to a blast of hot air.  The magic is already gone.  Is Obama our King Saul of the Bible?



King Saul was a man’s man.  Tall, a head and shoulders above the rest.  Good looking, there was none better looking in all of Israel.  He LOOKED like he should be the King, and the people of Israel wanted to have a king, just as the other nations that surrounded them had kings.  So they petitioned Samuel, and he annointed Saul King over the people of Israel.  But not too far down the line, Israel’s King Saul started showing weaknesses.  His integrity for one.  He would lie for expediency’s sake.  His quick temper for another.   His jealousy of another “man after God’s heart”.   (Ironically, Saul wasn’t too far off in his jealousy, because David was later annointed King of Israel.).   All of King Saul’s personality quirks started working their way out to expose themselves in public.  Because of King Saul’s lack of integrity and wisdom, he made a series of wrong choices as leader of Israel that lead to his downfall.  It all culminates in his committing suicide by falling on his own sword after he was injured in the midst of a battle. 

The people chose him based on his looks and his charisma, but because of his character, he was later rejected.


Now I’m not saying that President Obama is just like King Saul of the Bible, but we all were expecting a bit more from the man as black people.  We did vote him in there, not just because he’s good looking and charismatic.  We are hurting in this economic downturn and we want to be respected and paid attention to and we want our needs to at least be looked at with concern. 

We just had our midterm elections and they say that black voter turnout was low this time.  Was it because they didn’t put enough emphasis on getting out there and pressing flesh with black voters?  I’m just asking.  I could be wrong.  Look, no one was hyping President Obama up as much as I was back then.  I was DOWN for the brother, big time!!  I even likened him to Superman!!  Talk about ____- riding!

I’ve read too many bloggers who follow all of this much more closely than I do that are close to being disillusioned.  I understand that it’s only been two years.  But two years of unemployment, homelessness, and hunger is two years too long! 

There is a solution.  If Obama put the concerns of black people on the front burner, all will be quickly forgiven and forgotten.  And I’ll take down this post as well.

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  1. EnSayn says:

    Anna Renee, Its unfortunate that so many of us, in this day and age fell for the glitz and glamour of then candidate Obama. Many of us that tried to advise Black people to look beyond the shine were rebuffed and verbally smashed. Now, what many of us saw two years ago is coming to light in the minds of those same Blacks that smashed us.
    Let me be clear, the people that saw beyond the charisma of Obama were and are not the conservative negros that berate him like the white Tea Party types. We simply could see that when it came to candidate Obama all that glitters is not gold. I have not spoken a word on my site concerning the president for a few reasons but mainly not to add fuel to the fire of the negro conservatives or whites of bad mind.
    Black and Latino turnout for this past election went down to 11% vs 18% during the ’08 vote, according to the USA Today. That’s not too bad, but what appears to have happend is white independent disillusionment moved over to the Republican side as supposedly a vote against president Obama but not for the Republicans. This is insanity.
    We, in this country, need to begin to gain political insight and understand that glitz and glamour became a mainstay in politics since the Kennedy- Nixon debate of 1960. Used to befuddle the mind rather than create an educated electorate. Maybe this disillusionment that many in this country are suffering will be an eye opener for future elections.
    In that, maybe, just maybe, the people will begin to vote for who and what is right and not for glitz. These fools here in Georgia just voted in a man to be governor that will face a deep investigation as soon as he takes office. All because he harnessed the anti Obama sentiment, played the take our country back song and played on the same, but opposite, heart strings as candidate Obama and boom, he is not governor!



    1. Anna Renee says:

      Hi Brother! Thanks for visiting. Yes some fell for the glitz and the glamour and others saw it as voting “one of us” in the Big House, not thinking about what the political fallout would be.

      I have been sitting on this post for about 3 months as I thought about how I felt. In the beginning, I tried to defend him, but I started thinking that Obama wouldn’t be able to be anything different without causing a revolution in America and the world.

      Since black folks are the foundation, true uplifting of black folks in America would tear out the foundation of this America!

      But I was focused on what my other post says about it all. And I don’t want black folks who DID vote for him to feel shame for having done so. That’s why I wrote it. The truth is that most black folks that did vote for him were thinking not so much about politics as looking at having a picture of pride. Look at this, a black man is president of the USA!!! Especially our elders who have experienced such a damaging blow to their self respect, that has stuck with them their entire lives.

      But the more savvy of us, (thank God for them) were able to see past all of this from the beginning. Those who are well versed in politics saw the train wreck long before it hit.

      It’s a shame that America thrives on the ignorance of its people. But in order to GET UP AND STAND UP, we need to be able to forgive and accept each other for our faults and weaknesses. We need to unite, in spite of. If we simply bash each other based on our nationality without seeking to understand—if we simply look down on those who are not versed and get upset at them for not being versed and are dismissive of them, then GETTING UP AND STANDING UP will be something we’ll be forever WAITING IN VAIN for! ;D

      Im going back to railing againt the media that has overlord powers over our minds! Blacks and whites equally. They manipulate white’s racist fears and they manipulate black’s fears of racists!!

      1. Harvey says:

        It goes both ways…They manipulate black’s racist fears and they manipulate white’s fears of racists!! Like the ones who destroyed the Ferguson businesses.

    2. Anonymous says:

      He maybe King Saul. In fact he could be the Beast, Judas, and a lot of other names that i dnt have time to type out. Its called deception and we as a people were in fact decieved. He was chosen to lead us into the wrong direction. Now he is “change” but the change that he is bringing into play is not the change that we were hoping for. Thats why i voted for God (Yahweh) this time around! There is too much emphasis on man and not enough on God! Thats why Obama has failed because in his heart he once to be God. He is that idea that a lot of people in esoteric studies talk about. U know…the idea that man can become Gods!! The same idea that got Lucifer kicked out of heaven! This is nothing more than history repeating itself over and over again.

  2. Anna Renee says:

    As I think about this more comes to me. We have a tendency to put a higher value on their things, like their White House, their neighborhoods, their ideas.

    It’s this indoctrination that would cause us to want a black president so he can be in the white house anyway. So that he can be the HNIC! If only he COULD be the HNIC!!

    I remember the time I was doing research on Fela Kuti, my husband told me that he bought Mercedes Benz cars, just to use them to transport garbage, vegetables, and firewood!! What a political statement! I like that. We ought to be able to look at that way. Stop valuing their things above our own. Or start valuing our things above theirs.

  3. Val says:

    Like EnSayn says, there were quite a few Black people that noticed something wasn’t quite right with how Obama related to African Americans before the 2008 election. Rev. Jesse Jackson was one. He said that Obama was condescending toward Black people and was crucified in the media for saying so. But he was and is right.

    Obama has made the political calculation the he will get Black support no matter what. He thinks this because he’s Black and a Democrat. And Democrats in general take our votes for granted.

    I doubt that anything will change. The President is not afraid to address problems of other groups but ignores issues that affect African Americans.

    I expect his support among African Americans to dwindle over the next two years. And if that does happen then it’s likely that he won’t be re-elected.

    1. Anna Renee says:

      Yes, Val it was some of your posts that helped me to admit what I already knew.

      I hate to think I was snowed, because I see myself as quite the intelligent one! smile But I guess I wasn’t thinking past all the hoopla, myself, being more culture oriented than politics oriented.

      But one things for sure about me: when it’s time to admit defeat, then I like to admit it and move ahead so I can regain control of my life.

      Not that I was that into Obama, because I actually stopped listening to what people were saying about him on TV, and what he was saying himself on TV. Sigh!!

    2. Harvey says:

      No, it didn’t dwindle. Racial bias is a powerful thing.

  4. EnSayn says:

    You are correct on the valuing their things. This is a problem. As far as looking down on people for not seeing through that veil. Its really more at a feeling of sorrow rather than self exaltaion. I do appreciate the previous post on why you voted for him. I appreciate those that do just say they wanted to see a Black man in office and thats it. No problem. I must admit it took me a while to be able to accept that and understand that feeling.

    Peace Anna Renee!

    1. Anna Renee says:

      See that why I like you mi hermano! Te amo! We have to be able to forgive and relate and empathize with each other as black folks, even when we disappoint each other, confuse each other and all that kind of stuff.

      If we just start to give up and hate each other, then we are truly doomed.


  5. lin says:

    Never saw him or any man as my savior. I actually saw him as a man of vision: intelligent, without being militant. Progressive without being a crazy dreamer. That seemed to be the prescription, not only for America, but for the First Black Man to become electable & elected.

    Never saw him as a magician. Never believed he could take this country out of the swamp lands of an economic depression, out of hell’s heat of an undeclared war, out of our centuries long-held racial cold war; but I did see him as someone willing & ready & able to try. Huge Balls!

    Then, once he was elected, it all became politics as usual. And while I realize he is the President of The UNITED STATES, meaning of us ALL, no mattter our skin tone, or class, at times he seemed to go out of his way to appear unblack. At times, he seemed misdirected. At times, it seems his vision clouded.

    What we fail to realize is that he is not held to the same light or standards as any of the other Presidents before him. And we know why, don’t we? And then so many of us (black folks) treat him just like we do each other… w/out loyalty, without honor, without respect, without compassion, w/ our lips twisted in a whachu-go’n-do-for-me grimace.

    Maybe some of us feel that since we placed our own unrealistic expectations upon this man, & he proved to be human, flawed, & yes, misdirected, that we don’t owe him our loyalty. Sad.

    But, still I plan to stay a believer in him, because, I believe his heart remains in the right place. And his biggest war is not overseas. It’s with those many, many naysayers in Washington & in red states of the US who want to see him fail & fail miserably, who want to see his legacy smeared by incompetence, if only so they can say: See? A Black Man as President? What were you fools THINKING?

    I still see him as a man of intelligence & vision, who sometimes gets misdirected. I wish he were a man w/ a deeper sense of militancy, but that’s apparently NOT what comes w/ the Obama dinner. I still see his potential to bring change to this country because that remains his biggest mission… Only, I now see that his gig has been made all the more impossible for him to succeed… and that’s not only because of a tribe of pissed-off republicans.



    1. Anna Renee says:

      Lin, thanks for your honesty and your view. That’s why it was so hard for me to weigh in on this whole Obama as president thing. I guess the first black president would HAVE to polarize a racist country such as North America.

      A lot of black folks DID have expectations of him. We thought that he should have our interests, just like so many other groups felt that he should have their interests.
      But maybe we thought that because he is black that we would be up in the line. We have suffered so long and waited so long, we felt that we should get special attention. I understand that.
      I also used to defend him against those who felt he should get busy with black folks undeclared agenda. I railed that we blacks should be more patient and tolerant. But now I don’t feel like defending him anymore.
      I guess I’ve reached my fill with this entire political hoopla.

    2. Stephanie says:

      Well Said!!!

  6. Anna Renee – I feel you’ve hit the nail on the head when you mention the example of Fela.

    I wish Obama could have a bit of ‘Fela’ in him, and be a bit more bold and non-accommodating to being measured against old white male values.

    After all, many people supported him for his seemingly more ‘liberal’ politics.

    Also like you, I keep wondering where the hell are his advisors? Can someone please put some fire up his ass – he is seeming like a dormant puppet afraid to speak his mind!!

    1. Anna Renee says:

      At this point Ms Afropolitan, I’m afraid that if someone did put some fire up his a$$, his a$$ would just extinguish it.
      Pouf. Fire out.

  7. Anna, I understand where you are coming from. Maybe Americans in general and Black Americans in particular set our expectations too high. After all it took eight years of Bush & the Republicans to get us into this mess and it’s going to take more than two years to dig us out. President Obama had the cards stacked against him from the get-go. Not just record high unemployment and an unpopular war but since President Obama took office the media, Senate & Congress all work against him instead of with him. As we all learned from high school and college the three branches of government must work together in order to get laws and bills passed that benefit we the people and our economy. Now with the media holding incredible power than was not envisioned 200 years ago, media seems to be the fourth and perhaps the more powerful player in our government. Americans need to make their voices heard to our elected officials to back President Obama’s plans for our country and stop fighting his every move. Forces within our own government blocked his every move. The United States is not a dictatorship. President Obama must have cooperation from all the powers that be in order to right the economy and get us as a nation back on course. Big business and special interests need to be held accountable also, because they played a large factor in creating the mess we now have. President Franklin D. Roosevelt faced similar obstacles when he assumed the presidency from Hoover. Somehow with President Roosevelt’s leadership we made it through the Great Depression and WWII. I believe if all involved parties cooperation and Americans put on their thinking caps giving President Obama the support he needs America will once again be Number One! I’m still keeping the faith!

    1. Anna Renee says:

      Hi Deborah! We know that everyone is against Obama and are working hard to break him or something. But still one must put one’s cards on the table at some point.

      I think that he should have done more to garner his black support rather than fear (Im guessing) being for black people. Because this cold shoulder may have worked against him in the clinch of things.

      They always say that black voters are the swing vote or the deciding vote. He should have shown a whole lot more attention to us. Just as he did to everyone else, with the townhalls and stuff. Just shown us some real love. I believe he may have wanted to, but his administration probably feared how that would play out in the media.

      Well, it’s all wait and see now. We may have some very dark days ahead. I hope I’m wrong, though.

  8. Melzie says:

    It’s been mentioned in the comments a few times, but I also wanted to chime in to say anyone who expected the President to somehow change the lives of Blacks solely based on his race were disillusioned long before he was elected. These past 2 years have taught me a lot of things about Americans tendency to put value on cursory things and how many lack an understanding of the true nature of politics (myself included).

    I wonder if we’ll ever see the day people stop “celebratizing” folks in general. The thing that gets me is that he hasn’t been given the time and leeway afforded to past Presidents. I never expected a miracle, but you’re right, I wonder how many folks who were on the bandwagon expecting to wake up to a totally new country the day after the inauguration will turn on him the next time.

    1. Anna Renee says:

      Hi Melzie, and thanks for your imput. I agree with you that Americans are somewhat shallow and ignorant. (My twist on your words) I am ignorant of the deeper ways of American politics, but it seems to have taken a drastic change towards a lack of integrity these days, based on the manipulations of the media and simple greed.
      I think though that it’s not entirely American’s fault for their general ignorance, because we are trained to be ignorant. So that we can be more easily manipulated. IMHO. We are trained to “celebratize” people from day one when our moms first plop us in front of our TVs as babies.
      I feel that this country has long since been hijacked by a sinister foreboding evil–lurking to subvert anything good. But it’s a chickens coming home to roost kind of thing because the country was founded on slavery and thievery.
      So Obama has got it hard, or Obama is just riding this wave. But I could be wrong, Curvy. I’m feeling some kind of way about the whole of it.
      Peace, dear sister.

  9. EnSayn says:

    I really don’t think that it was an overwhelming sense that Obama would change the lives of Black people alone, and I think most Black people understood this. When he was running he played on all the sentiments that most people wanted to hear Blacks and non Black.
    He spoke about change. We all wanted change from the Bush regime and the bull crap wars. He spoke about hope. He spoke about leading the country into a new direction and making Washington more transparent.
    These things are what EVERYONE wanted. And behind it all I think, most Black people hoped he would stand up for Black people when we were wronged. He threw a punch in that direction when Henry Louls Gates was arrested in his own home and Obama was excoriated for it, and he capitulated.
    What I saw as false was the fact that he would end the wars. It is not easy to end wars due to fianacial obligations to those we never see and only slightly hear about. Mind you, there are still 50,000 U.S. service men in Iraq and there is no such thing as a non combat soldier. That is just one instance. There has been no change in such laws as the Patriot Act instituted by Bush and a Democrat run congress, which is more invasive than ever, but most don’t think about this.
    I don’t thnk any president will put the country back to work the way it once was. This is (IMO) the reason he pushed the healthcare bill so hard. For me, these are the things that were misleading during his campaign.
    When we truly study the ends and outs of politics I think we can find a better way to fit culturally within the scheme of things. I think we will be less disillusioned and less disappointed when things don’t work out the way many of us imagined.

    Peace & Guidance

    1. Anna Renee says:

      Thanks, Ensayn! I might have to just sit down and start studying with an objective mindset.

    2. I’m with you, EnSayn. I appreciated the “Obama Phenomenon” for what it was, but never really believed that he would bring about the “change” that he was talking about. People were desperate for something new and different and he had a marketing/PR team that could help create that illusion around him. They didn’t have to work too hard capturing the spirit of Black folks because we were ready to hand over our spirit….especially after White folks in Iowa voted and told us it was okay to.

      IMO, when it comes to our liberation as a people, I think we must redirect our energies away from any external system or politician and focus on ourselves. I heard a sister yesterday say, “Salvation is within” which in my ears sounds a little like what Jesus said: “The Kingdom of God is within you.” We are the ones who God is waiting for to finally throw the shackles off of our brains and collective spirit. As Brother Malcolm said we need a strong “Do-for-self” program in our community which will help us regain our dignity and self worth as a people and demonstrate the spirit of self-determination that is lying dormant within.

      My favorite scripture from the Quran says, “Allah (God) will never change the condition of a people until they change it themselves.” (13:11)


      Great post, Anna Renee!

  10. CareyCarey says:

    Sister Anna, I love you like a pig loves slop, but this whole article (and some comments)was a bunch of mess. Your comparison of Obama to King Saul was the beginning of a conversation of untruths. Your general overview of Obama had little merit (if any). your analogy was porous at best. Excuse me, but WHO did he throw under the bus, and exactly how did he do that? More importantly, having witnessed todays racial atmosphere in America, how whould you had handled that situation, keeping in mind that he’s dealing with a horde of mad dogs that have the best hand?

    This was a very disturbing post. I don’t mind construtive criticism, but when the premise of such is based on faulty logic, it goes without saying… but I’ll say it…. nothing good can come from that.

    1. Anna Renee says:

      I was waiting for you brother!!! I knew you’d feel this way about the article, but I’m glad you still love me, boo! I love you too!

      I’m mad at Obama, but at the same time I’m glad that he still have strong supporters. I did say I could be wrong!!

      Tell me what you REALLY think!!! That’s why I love you, because you don’t pull any punches–you give straight with no chaser!! I like that ALWAYS!!

      I’m worn out, brother Carey, by the whole darn political thing, and need some rest.

  11. Ensayn says:

    Long time since we connected brotha Heber! Truth. We want that boot off our necks. Do we focus on the boot or do we focus on our internal strength. Part of my center is Tai Chi, which teaches we build from our inside out. Focus on our internal power and the boot will be forced to move. Focus on the boot and all energy will be pushed to the boot, helping it to stay on our collective necks. Another way to say the Kingdom of God is within you, is to say, the Power of God is within us. Be that. Psalms 82:6.

    Anna Renee, I feel where you are coming from in the post. The fact of the matter is many people feel let down. That feeling is a perception of reality for many. In that case you are telling us a factual reality of quite a few among us. No matter what the facts show. Facts show us many many things from both sides. We know the fact is the president inherited these ills. But, we would be remiss to ignore the fact that the president was complicit in his own dimise concerning the economy. Those that believe president Obama has inherited this mess want to forget that he as senator Obama voted for many of the measures that helped to bring about this calamity.

    Peace Heber. Peace Anna Renee.

  12. Anna Renee says:

    To my brothers, and my sister: I can’t tell you how much I appreciate this powerful discourse! I appreciate and value each and every one of your opinions about our first black POTUS!
    I enjoy that we can freely put forth our opinions and cogently argue our points of view. We all knew that some kind of “change” was coming with Brother Obama! Even if the change is to get us to pay closer attention to the political system that has such an effect on us.
    But as Reverend Heber and Brother Ensayn have said, and it’s true for me, we black people have to focus on our OWN power, not the stand in power of politicians who are easily corrupted by the corrupt system, but our own power to affect change in our little corner of the world. When we come to that place, WE then are the true power that forces the politicians to run behind us!!! Tea Party, for example, anyone? If rag-tag (so called) folks can organize and put so much strength to bear on the political system, then black folks can do the same.

    I was recently reading Brother Jesse’s blog (he’s in my blogroll) and read a profound statement, one that I had never heard before.

    Brother Jesse’s blog:
    “In 1993, the Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan said to me as we sat in a car at Bush Intercontinental Airport in Houston, Texas: “Brother, DISORGANIZED LOVE can be overcome by ORGANIZED HATE.” I never forgot his words and wise counsel.”


  13. Harvey says:

    What a racist magazine cover!

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