Frankie Beverly and Maze Is Amazing!

maze album cover golden time of dayI remember when I graduated from high school, my father bought me some albums for my accomplishments!  Yes, and I was a very happy camper!  We didn’t have alot of money so the little things meant so much, and were greatly appreciated.  I don’t remember what other albums I got on that day, but I do remember getting Franky Beverly and Maze Golden Time of the Day.

Now if you all are familiar with this silky silky soul group, then you know that they cranked out hit after hit after hit and every one of them have stood the test of time!  Someone put it this way:  Maze and Franky wrote fantastic songs that spoke to our humanness.  Relationships, family, love, peace, honor, fun, most of all positivity!  I totally loved Maze, and I don’t remember if I turned my mother on to them or vice versa, but I do remember this:  Moms took my album and scratched it up!  Although she’s from Louisiana, whenever she got a bit of Bud in her, she got the feelings to listen to that song, “Look at California”!  LOL!

maze album cover featuring frankie beverly

Now I was one for taking care of my albums but what could I do?  I could NOT very well say “Mom, get UP off MY Maze album!”  Couldn’t do that.  So I ended up with a scratched up Maze album!  It’s all good though!   Look at California, Keep Looking, Keep Looking!!   Yeah Mom, I still remember what you did!!

frankie beverly of maze

Anyway, some years later, my first hubby and I drove all the way to Los Angeles to check out Universal Studios concert featuring Maze!   What can I say?  They give a hellified good concert, and if you were still in your seat, something was definitely wrong with you!   I found these Youtube videos, and I think this is the actual concert I and my first hubby attended!  It would have been 1986 as it says!  How cool is that, if it is!  If Luther Vandross and Angela Bofill was on the bill, then this is it!  Maze featuring Frankie Beverly

Did you all know that it was Marvin Gaye who got Frankie Beverly gigs when they came to California from Philly?  That’s where church boy Frankie originates.  He started a number of groups but didn’t fit in to the Philly soul sound and came to California to start again.  He met up with Marvin Gaye and Marvin was so impressed that he allowed them to open concerts for him and convinced them to change their name from “Raw Soul” to Maze!  Thanks Marvin! 

Another little fact:  Frankie Beverly and Maze has never won any awards, and have never been given the props they so richly deserve.  Probably because they have NEVER sold out their sound or have gone pop or what not.  That’s why they were able to SELL OUT concert halls even though they hadn’t recorded a record in 10 years!  Maze’s fan base is TIGHT and unshakable!  I know I love them and I hope you do too!   Because of all this love, Frankie son decided to do an album to commemorate his father’s accomplishments.  So the son enlisted some of our great young soul singers like Joe, Ledisi, Mary J Blige, and a host of others to sing songs from Maze’s large catalog of hits!  I listened to some of them and what can I say? Check them out!  I intend to do a post in the very near future but these singers all are big fans of Maze and really did them right!  Especially Mary!!  But Joe is good too, and so is Ledisi!  I haven’t heard the rest yet.  But I know that they’re good!  In the meantime enjoy Maze featuring our own Frankie Beverly!

10 Comments Add yours

  1. Reggie says:

    I saw Frankie Beverly and Maze with Regina Belle at the UNO Lakefront Arena in New Orleans about 25 years ago………damn I’m old!!!

    By the way, they were awesome!!!

  2. Anna Renee says:

    They are awesome! Better than awesome!

    Yes, you are old, and I’m still holding your spot in the 50s club!

  3. Amenta says:

    Have you ever noticed the similarity of Reggae great Beres Hammond and Frankie Beverly? They look like they could be related, are in a similar genre, and even have a similar sounding voice although you can hear the diff. LOL…We are all related somehow, some way!

    1. Anna Renee says:

      You’ve done it again, music man! I found a new love and agree that they are mirror images–vibewise, lookwise!

  4. Amenta says:

    Check the video.

  5. Anna Renee says:

    That was niiiice! So mellow and beautiful! Yes I do remember those days! Thanks for posting!

  6. johnjohn says:

    im frankie beverly and maze biggest fan to the extent that i have the maze …his music is my bible

    1. Anna Renee says:

      Frankie’s music is so inspiring–it’s like a bible!

  7. Herb Jordan says:

    As a Philadelphia Native, when my first wife and I were courting in 1968-69 we went to a club at 13th & Locust St. and saw Frankie Beverly and the Butlers as they performed the music of Sly and the Family Stone better than Sly. I feel like my wife and I were somewhat responsible for their overwhelming success. We told everybody about them and brought in crowds to see and hear what Everyday people should sound like.

    1. Anna Renee says:

      How Cool is THAT!! It is those first venues of a performer that allows them to test their talents and grow an appreciative audience! If it wasn’t for you and your wife…… 😉

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