I Saw Goapele On My Block! What Should I DO!??!

I’m confused a little bit, you see, because I’m a grown azzed woman!  I’ve never been one to be star struck.  Even during my youth, I never understood those girls who’d swoon over the Jackson Five.   But, anyway, I’m for sure and most certain that this past Tuesday, at about 4:49pm, February 8, 2011, I saw a girl that looked  JUST LIKE Goapele!  On MY raggy azzed block!  I already told y’all that I lived in the ghetto and stuff.  Sort of a mixed race neighborhood.  Plus those white kids I blogged about, who btw, I very seldom see.  Anyway…

I was on my way to my class, having overslept and waking up from an afternoon nap at 4:30.  I needed to be in class at 5:00.  So I quickly jumped up and got ready and rushed out to my car.  Parked two cars behind me, there’s an SUV type silver/blue vehicle that I don’t recognize with a lady inside on the phone.  Noted.  I got into my car and start pulling out.  She jumped out of her car, and I catch a glimpse of her in my rearview mirror.  Instantaneously I recognize her and say to myself, “Is that Goapele?  Can’t be!”   At this time I’ve pulled into the street.  But I have to know.  I slow down and look over my shoulder trying to catch a clear glimpse of this cornrowed, mohawked girl walking down my street.  But my car betrays me as she happens to be in my blindspot!  Damn!  I manage to catch a glimpse of a deeply dimpled smiling girl, quickly trotting along, trying to get to her destination. (I think she saw me trying to see her)


You see, on my block there is a daycare center.  It’s actually a group of three houses that have been modified and connected together to create what seems to be a very nice daycare center, from what I can gather about it from the vibe of the parents.  Every day around 8am and 3pm, an interesting group of not quite yuppie yet cool looking white folks drop off and pick up their toddlers.  The daycare center oozes friendliness and cohesion and mellow vibes through its doors!  The parents seem so open and friendly as they walk to their cars with their cute little tykes.

This little slice of heaven manages to be so cool, even in the midst of the people hanging out on their stoops directly across the street and those congregating at the liquor store right on the corner.   How the owner gets her clients must have alot to do with the high quality of the daycare, the cool mentality of her clients, and their lack of intimidation  of the ghetto.  So they all bring their children and don’t seem to fear for their safety in “da hood”.

Which brings me back to this famous singer, having her own child in this facility on this street.  She’s an Oakland native anyway, and seems so cool and open herself, so it doesn’t really surprise me that she would.  Oakland performers have a way of staying down to earth like that.   😀

So in order to determine for sure if it is Goapele,  should I set up stake out, to confirm that it’s actually her?  Since I work at night, I’m free in the mornings and afternoons.  I could totally do that.  Just set up a chair on the top level walkway of my apartment complex and wait for that blue/silver SUV to come rolling up.  Then I could spring out and present myself in front of her…for what? To get her autograph?    Hmmm.  As I think about it, I realize that I’m way too doggone cool myself to do this kind of stuff.  So instead, I think I’m just gonna leave Goapele in peace as she brings her child to daycare, and if our paths happen to cross, I’ll tell her that I love her music and her beautiful unique voice!  In a cool way of course and with no stars in my eyes!     😉

8 Comments Add yours

  1. Reggie says:

    It’s kinda hard not to notice that beautiful face.

    1. Anna Renee says:

      Yeah Reggie, I’m so sure it was her, the dimples, the cornrow mohawk and the vibe. Not too many Oakland sisters are sporting cornrow mohawks, I think. LOL!

  2. James McCoy says:

    From what you wrote her music and style means a lot to you,I think it’s ok to let folks know what they mean to you without invading their space.
    Simply say to her love what you do and keep it moving.

    1. Anna Renee says:

      Yeah that would be the coolest thing. I think that she may be incognito a little bit, and she didn’t have an entourage, it was just her. That obviously speaks to her just wanting to be a real person doing real people things.

  3. Lin says:

    Greetings Sista W:

    I see celebs in all the time in NYC. Rarely do I want to have an encounter with them & risk them being a disappointment, so I’ll usually I’ll ignore them & let them be. If it’s someone who REALLY made a diff in my life, I might smile at em & keep it moving. The person I could ever see myself acting a fool over is Stevie. He would deserve it.

    You can always keep it real & direct, like: “Hello, My Sista. I admire your work. You are gifted. Thanks for the music.” (smile) & keep stepping.

    That way you don’t annoy the person You let them know YOU know who they are, and that what they do matters (to you). But you ain’t all starstuck, humma-na-humma-na & feeding into the hype.

    Methinks that’s what most folks in that position would appreciate.

    Smell me?


    1. Anna Renee says:

      Yeah Brother Lin, I can smell you! HA HA!
      Yeah, Imma just let the girl be herself. I might blast her song in my car next week just to let her know I love her, and what not without all the hoopla and crazy stuff.

      I’ll tell her like you suggest if our paths cross, if I don’t freeze up unexpectedly. 😀

  4. Tha L says:

    Girl, you’re doing too much. Soon as I saw the title of this post, I had two thoughts:
    1. Is Goapele really a “star” these days? Well, probably in Oakland; and
    2. The girl is FROM Oakland, why would it be a suprise to see her on the block?

    LOL! Calm your nerves and stop being star struck!

    1. Anna Renee says:

      You jest a hater, hatin’!! LOL

      Goapele IS FAMOUS, dammit!!

      She was on MY BLOCK! Don’t no starz come on my block!! Not even the Oakland starz! I have to take notice of this occurance!

      Lastly, I ain’t star struck!!! No, I am NOT star struck!! I’m NOT! 😉

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