Richard Pryor Knew, But some of us weren’t ready!

While I was at the Land of Kam’s blog a while back, I came across this video that he had posted.  In it, Richard Pryor is dropping mad knowledge about the Tree of Life!  Ancient Kamitic knowledge that all black people ought to be aware of.   Thirty three years ago, when Richard had his own TV show, he was trying to teach and preach to you and I about our ancient black history, in the guise of a “comedy skit”. 

Richard Pryor is talking about the ancient Kemetic (Egyptian) Tree of Life.  Included in these teaching is the ancient Kemetic version of the creation story.  How life came to be.  Black people of those ancient times developed a highly intelligent and intellectual understanding of their world and how it came into being.  They synthesized their understanding of the physical world around them with their understanding of the spiritual world and developed their complex cosmology.  Many students and experts of cosmology know that this ancient knowledge comes from the minds of black people, yet, predictably, not too many of us black folks know this about ourselves!!  Yes, those people were black— Kemetic! 

The Book of Life is the written record of this great body of knowledge.  And by extension, these great black people of ancient times, had many answers of advanced civilization.   The fact is that surgeries, and a host of other technological and scientific advances were already happening the the Land of the Black Man, the Land of Kam.  Pay close attention to every detail in this “comedy” skit.  It’s waaaaaay more than comedy, folks.  Then go online and do more research for yourselves.  Read books written by Ra Un Nefer Amen, who writes extensively about this subject. We must educate ourselves about ourselves in order to uplift and elevate ourselves.  We better do this, because there are blogs and pseudo scientists right now who are fighting to keep the truth of the black man’s true greatness from ever seeing the light of day.  Just in doing this research, I found a Klan blog that claims its Christian and that’s trying to disprove that the ancient Egyptians were black people.   It’s in their interests to keep you ignorant of who you are, blackman, blackwoman.   Thanks, Richard, for having the courage to teach such a subject and in such a subtle way, three decades ago! 


And we thought brother Richard was only into cocaine and Mudbone!  I’m just sayin’.

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  1. N3 says:

    Thank you so much for this!

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