Who doesn’t love Luther back?  Nobody doesn’t! 

Back when I first heard him, when we all first heard him, didn’t we know that things were about to shift in music?  I remember the feeling I had when I heard Never too much for the first time.  Joy! Happiness!  Good Vibes!  Plus that was a special time for me because I was a newlywed and about 4 months pregnant or somewhere about. 

 I was excited to hear Luther’s music, because it reminded me of good old fashioned soul music. They said it was over once Luther did a remake of your song!  Because he always put the Luther magic on a remake and made you forget who the original singer was.  Pure soul!   But when the time came around, Luther could get funky with the rest of them!  His music production was ALWAYS on point and every note sung by him was perfect, as well as by his background singers!   Lisa Fischer of How can I ease the pain, (you need to remember her), and Tawatha Agee of Juice Fruit!!!  Those sister were ON POINT!  Most of the reason I love his songs is the way the background singers put that magic on those classics!  Think about Amazing Love backgroung vocals:

 “…so amazing…stay forever.. leave you never…amazing love—-so amazing…we’re together…leave you never…amazing love!”  And all the while Luther’s silky smooth vocals float above those background vocals!!  “…And it’s so amazing, amazing, I could stay forever, forever, here in love and no, leave you never, cause we got amazing love!!!”  

Just go to the video and listen!!   We all know that Luther would NEVER stand for anything less than absolute perfection!  Not even mediocrity.  He’d thrown a fit in a minute and go rogue diva on you if you wasn’t good!   That’s how it should be,  and we always got the best with Luther–every time–and that’s why we will love him,  Always and Forever—Ever, Ever, Ever!

never too much


she loves me back

i wanted your love

I really didn’t mean it

give me the reason


because it’s really love


if only for one night


OK I had to separate this one from the rest because Luther ANNIHILATED the damned thing!!!  He did a mass weapon on that song!  He sought and DESTROYED!!!  Enough said!

a house is not a home

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  1. C. H. Moon says:

    There will never be another Luther, however, I saw Jacob Lusk on line
    singing “A House is not a Home” and it was nice. Some of Luther there, yet, enough of his own style to make him somewhat unique.
    One of the officials on American Idol commented that “It’s divine intervention that brought you here”! I tend to agree.

  2. lin says:

    Sista. I have not yet reached a place in my personal discourse where I can easily discuss the importance of Luther in our time w/ any real gravity. I will say quite simply, he was OUR Pavarotti.


  3. Anna Renee says:

    @Carole, It’s nice that youngsters are coming along and trying their hand at singing Luther. I’m biased and prejudiced concerning Luther and feel that no one can touch him, not now, not evah!!

    @Lin, He was a force of change turning us back to the future!!! He redid all those classics and made you love them more than you did originally!!! The original artists had to love his version more than their own!
    For example, I did a post on Sam Cooke a while back and one of his relatives came over and gave me a link to his official Sam Cooke site. I found out that Bad Boy by Luther was originally Having a Party by Sam Cooke!!! I was floored by that, because I hadn’t heard that oldie by Sam before!!! And I love Sam too!

    We love you Luther! Bless you for loving us, your fans, and expressing that love through your music to us. Thanks for all the power and expertise and perfection that you used to craft all these odes to love to us. Thanks for showing us the power of love and reintroducing us to our own beautiful soulful love songs and soulful singers!!!

  4. C. H. Moon says:

    @Lin…I like the analogy. Yes he was our Pavarotti! I have a play list of all his songs. Most of them are my favorites. There are times when I have to listen to just Luther no other music or ballads will do. The other day it rained for hours and I had some paper(computer)work to complete and I didn’t want to do it so Luther came to rescue. I mellowed out and did what I had to do with the backdrop of a steady rain. Oh Lawd!!! 🙂

  5. C. H. Moon says:

    @Anna..I’m dating myself but Sam Cooke was one of my favorites as well.
    He introduced soulful ballads with a unique singing style and before mainstreaming he turned out a church singing gospel. He was with the Soul Stirrers. Yes I also have a play list of Sam Cooke’s ballads and some of his gospel songs. 🙂 We have been blessed to have them among us and what a legacy they left us. I promise Anna I’m not going to shout again all up and through here! LOLLOLLOL

    1. Anna Renee says:

      Ma’am, you better shout!!! Throw your head back and shout! LOL!!

      I’ve been coming back to Luthers song So Amazing, so often! It’s a truly beautiful song and maybe I’ll take a clue from you and start playing it while I’m doing my homework, which has been hard for me to really sit down and get done as I should. Luther may be able to help me!

  6. Anna Renee says:

    Another Luther song hits me: Think of a place and imagine a time, and let’s go be lovers….
    I know the way to persuade me over to your side, and I am sure you can…

  7. Carolyn Moon says:

    Anna, I’m testing to see if my changes have been successful. I must tell you that So Amazing is number 2 on my Luther play list. Super Star is number 1 and there’s some history with that one. 🙂

    1. Anna Renee says:

      Don’t U remember U told me u loved meee babay…u said u’d be coming back this way again baby…

  8. Reggie says:

    I almost named my son Luther, since he was the reason he was here anyway. I’m sure his music was playing when I made my son…….and my daughter for that matter. Luther is without question my favorite artist of all time. I’ve listened to his music more often than any other singers music by far. I listened to his Greatest Hits tracks today.

    I saw him at Radio City Music Hall less than two months before his stroke……..and he clowned. It was an awesome concert. My wife took me on my birthday during his Valentine’s Day concert series. He sounded just as good then as he did when I was in college. After all these years, I’m still in awe of his voice.

    Today’s music…………sucks.

    1. Anna Renee says:

      Luther conceived untold millions of American babies with his voice!!!

      He was amazing and I was lucky enough to see him long ago back in the mid 1980s right as he was peaking in popularity!!!
      WoW! Listening to Luther who helped conceived your children, on your birthday, during Valentines day! It’s too much Reggie!
      I probably would have conceived right there at the concert!!! HA HA! An immaculate Luther conception! 😀

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