Ted Williams? Who Cares, He’s Old News.

Ted Williams being whisked away

Media manipulation of Ted Williams


Just a bit of melodrama for the fun of it….

Once upon a time, eight looooong weeks ago, the media was ablaze with a story of redemption.  Not so much a religious redemption by a loving Redeemer, but an American media styled redemption, where redemption is fashioned in human hands and happens quickly, in media sound bites and video clips for the consumption of we, the greedy public.   No one really cares much at all about the humanity of the so called redeemed one, because delving deep into the life of the man  could be really ugly and messy, and wouldn’t fit the redemption script, nor would it bring in the ratings. 

ted-williams-on the air

In the quest for the coveted “scoop”, and because we holier folks get bored easily and need to be titilated and tantilized at every turn, The Ted Williams Show got underway, for our viewing pleasure.  It started when a savvy media person was riding along the mean streets looking for a mark.    Lo and behold, there was a not so random homeless man, reduced to cardboard media to proclaim his God-gifted voice.   The Savvy Media Man was savvy enough to know he was on to something with this golden voiced man!   The golden voice was proved and quickly put on display for immediate consumption.   Like bloody chum in the ocean that is Youtube, the “voice” was detected and quickly encircled.

Emotional Ted Williams

The Ted Williams story was such a captivating and enchanting one!  It HAD to be shared with us!  And of course we devoured it!  Here was a black man? obviously educated, yet homeless!  Gifted, yet broken and destitute.   Hope filled, yet doing petty crimes to survive.  Beautiful personality yet addicted.   Not to mention having a long arrest record, fathering at least 6 children whom he could not care for, looking old and weary, yet being only 53 years old.  Our appetites being whetted, we could not help but to gorge on him in all of his uniqueness!  And not only us, but numerous corporate media outlets and corporate marketers of all kinds, poised to pounce.  And pounce they did!  All eyez were on Ted Williams as he dealt with all the corporate love that was being bestowed upon him!!  We watched, some of us in joy and some of us in envy as the homeless man was rained upon with the fake manna from corporate heaven.   We didn’t know how he truly felt about it all, and didn’t much care.  He himself didnt know how he felt about it!   He was put on stage, and we watched, enraptured as this media redemption train rolled along.  13,000,000 Youtube hits later, and after we realized that we were dealing with a real human being with real issues, the drug wore off and we got our fill of that sexxxy voice.   At that exact point, all the corporate pimps, players and hustlers closed their briefcases and jetted, leaving Mr. Ted Williams lying on the side of the road where they found him.  Game over.



Ted William's homelessness

3 Comments Add yours

  1. Citizen Ojo says:

    mmmm…. America eating its own….

    1. Anna Renee says:

      Lip smacking good!!, Especially the young’uns

  2. markonit says:

    I don’t think that I am THAT cynical for this cat… he has made a lot of bad decisions but this is for sure the biggest break of his life… you see it with young athletes who ‘blow up’ and are nowhere near ready for the RESPONSIBLITY that comes with opportunity (JaMarcus Russell anyone..? Ryan Leaf (for balance)..?

    Maybe a little maturity will help Ted out… do you think that he dreamed of being a deadbeat dad (which is something I have skirted around) and broke? That he wanted to grow up and break his Mother’s heart and essentially be someone who ‘will talk for food’ on the side of the rode?

    This is one time that I don’t care if someone got a chance to ‘exploit’ a brother if he gets an opportunity… as far as his rise… I think of what would happen if you yanked something up from the bottom of the ocean, a fish or creature and did not allow for the pressure to adjust… it would either explode or if it is a human being, be wracked with cramps from the bends!

    That is it… Ted Williams got the bends… but I saw him on the telly this week and I could see in his eyes that he recognizes the chance he has recieved… he isn’t going to become filthy mega Puff Daddy rich, but he will do all right…

    On a larger scale, you may be right… society is always eating and devouring people, its appetite unsaitiated, looking for the next thing or person to devour. But maybe Ted will get it together and pull a little piece of something out of this chance to right his life and move on from his new place and continue to rise from the depths that are not as deep or pressured as the fathoms he emerged from …

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