White or Black Led Urban Ministries…Who Gets The Money?

Recently I received my e-newsletter from UrbanFaith.com    a well rounded online Christian website by parent company UMI (Urban Ministries Inc.), which reports on news, culture, world events and lifestyle to name a few.  Urban Faith does  this professionally, and with a uniquely Black Christian perspective  yet with an open mind towards racial diversity.  It’s a great website!  And Urban Ministries Inc is the place to go for Christian teaching tools of all types and levels–adult, child, young adult–instructor, student, as well as online devotionals,  DVDs, music, comics, and books!

 But I digress.

An interesting article was written by Christine Scheller, a white Christian, concerning the way that many urban ministries are actually funded by Christian donors.  We all see the work of Christian ministries in the black and latino communities.  Some help children stay off the streets while creating structured environments for them in which they can excel.  Other ministries help ex-offenders or people with illiteracy issues.  Some help immigrants to succeed in this country.  Others feed hungry families.  There are many good Christians who work hard to help the “least of these” as Jesus has called us.  These ministries rely on the goodness and generosity of those Christians who have the means to help, and by and large those Christians come through with donations.   But an interesting question arises:  Who gets shown the money?


These hard-working, good Christian ministers are white, black and other POC.  All races are helping in the urban communities.  But according to the author, it seems that there is a gaping chasm between the amount of donations that white run ministries receive in comparison to the black run urban ministries, with the white organizations receiving the Lion’s share!  Hmmmm….

Is it race based giving?   To be fair,  some are saying that it’s not so much a racism thing, as it is a relationship thing.  The white Christian donors give based on their trust in the organization and that trust is built upon relationships that have been nurtured.  But does it then come back around to race because the POC aren’t invited in order to build these relationships?

2 Comments Add yours

  1. James McCoy says:

    I’m a firm believer the type of Christianity practice in the black and brown community is a totally different one practice in most white communities and churchs.As much as we would like to believe,that race and class plays no role in the funding for christian activities,I ask then why is this a issue?Most white christians that I engage still have a I come to save your black backward behind.

  2. Ann says:

    Anna not a bit surprise!…The article stated “there’s a mistrust of black-led organizations by white funding sources” I have always thought that to be true.

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