Haiti’s Degradation…The Black Man’s Burden?

Belle Ayiti Haiti

Warning:  A Fourth of July Rant.

How the situation in Haiti ought to shame the World Wide Community of Black People!

Haiti is one of our shining examples of national self determination.  They fought and won the battle against the French 200 plus years ago.  They paid the price for it, but they still won their independence.  Yet it seems that no one cares much about this shining jewel.  Not too many know or even seem to care about their history.

Too many of us go about day to day, trying to have the things not worth having and do the things not worth doing.  Too many of us chase after vanity and save up for nothing.  We don’t go hard when it comes to helping our own people, or maybe we don’t have to desire to put in the sweat equity that’s always required in hard situations.  But we complain bitterly about “The Man” and how he does us.  We spend so so much time trying to figure out “The man”, trying to catch up with the man, trying to outwit the man, trying to keep up with the man, trying to be like the man!!!  Well the sweat equity that we put into it must be working because we have forgotten Haiti, just like the man.

If we allow ourselves to think about this, will it still sit well with us?  How do we deal with it?  We blame the man.  It’s his fault.  He did it, and we aint gonna lift a finger because of that.   He, after all is our daddy, and he should fix it all for us.  We is his’n chirren, no matter how he treats us, right?  We can’t do anything for ourselves, right?  We neeeeeeeeeeeeed our daddy to help our brothers and sisters in Haiti.

Question:  What if daddy refuses?

Does that mean that we refuse as well, and turn a blind eye to the sufferings of the Haitian people?  Will we feel better to just blame daddy because he won’t help Haiti? How can we then blame daddy, if we do things just like daddy?


Too many of our brothers are mad busy chasing after fake Kardashian ass in their minds.  Too many of our sisters are plumping up their already plump asses and lips, trying to look like The Kardashians, who are trying to look like us!!!   Madness, plain and simple.   All the while our Haitian brothers and sisters are living on top of rubble, waiting in vain for us to give a damn.

What is black Hollywood’s GNI? What about Black Nollywood?  What is Black America’s GNI?  What is the black world’s GNI?  What is it in total?  There’s not enough money in the kitty to at least remove the rubble from the streets of Haiti?  We can’t do a Jamaican susu?  Ain’t no money under the mattress?

We black folks are fighters. We know how to fight.  But do we know which fights are good fights, and which are worthless fights?  What battles are we fighting?  Why not fight to help Haiti?  Why not fight to change the minds of those with money.  Why not a US AID for Haiti by the Black Hollyweirdos?


Is it really allright with us that a large majority of Haitian people are living like dogs in the streets?  Is that really OK with us?  Is it really?

Where’s the NOI, the FOI?  The Black Scholars, the Black Culture Nationalists, the Black Left, the Black Right?  Where are the Black Greeks, the Jack and Jills, the Alpha Kappa Alpha’s the Omega’s?  Where is P Diddy and Russell Simmons, and Def Jam?  Jada and Will Smith?  OPRAH?  Where the F is they at?   Where are the people who are differentiating the good organizations from the bad?  Facilitating, Organizing, Praying, Helping?  Where the Hell is all the Black People at?  Not just in America, but in every nation where we black people are in this world?

Should we feel even an ounce of shame?

We are waiting for The Man and doing nothing ourselves!

4 Comments Add yours

  1. Truth is mighty and unyielding. Your link to the post on Randall Robinson in Afrospear.com by thefreeslave and the youtube videos on his comments re: Haiti bear witness to your points which are well taken !

  2. Amenta says:

    Great posts Anna Renee,
    There is a brotha by the name of Anton Edwards helping the situation in Haiti dispensing a product called the LifeStraw that cleans waterr http://lifestrawnow.org/. He works along side the Stop Playing Movement with Abundance Child and King Simon. You should be able to find them on the internet.

  3. James says:

    Well my sister,next time tell me how you really feel!
    I feel you on every point and have ask the question a thousand times,what we going to do about it!
    We are on the same page this morning,I wrote my own July4th rant today.
    Excellent post,again what we going to do about it?

  4. Ankhesen says:



    Lupe’s lyrics really resonate.

    They paid the price for it, but they still won their independence. Yet it seems that no one cares much about this shining jewel. Not too many know or even seem to care about their history.

    Because too many people are afraid to pay any prices. Haiti showed us that freedom really isn’t free and that scares the living daylights out of some people. Ms. Afropolitan was actually saying something similar on her blog, which I wholeheartedly cosigned.

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