Chubb Rock—The Chubbster!

(first published 10-29-10)

I’m on some reminiscence ish right about here!  Feeling the East Coast circa Nineteen Nine Ty!  And of course the Chubbster is high on my list.  But I had nearly forgotten about him until my sister Val posted one of his old videos!   That got my Chubb Rock juices flowing. Thanks Val!

It’s interesting for me to go back in time to those dope MCs and listen to them today with a critical ear and a bit of maturity and age on me.  I have fond memories of those rap pioneers just one generation into the art form.  And what do we see?  These were some  brilliant lyricists.  They had complete control of the english language, and made it bend and bow to their lyrical will!  But back then, you HAD to be good!  Who would even DARE step to the mike if they knew they weren’t good?

One thing is for sure.  The Chubbster was good!  Since he came out of the shaft of his pops wood!!  HA HA!  Check out the lyricist and how he annihilates the mike!

(BTW, I wish I knew what that patwa is that the guy is sayin!  My Jamaican breddas, please translate!   😀   )

Chubb rock comin back hard for nineteen nine-ty!
Word up, word up
Kick this out to my man rob swinga, hot dog dinky
Manager (? ) ev lover y’knahmsayin? dr. no, here we go..

[verse one]
It’s the hitman, yes the hitman, yo ya know it
The thirst quencher, the man on the sequencer
He was scared to kick a sixteen bar, he’s not a rap star
Not saying that I am, but I’m the jam
I’m going to kick a little not a dr. suess riddle
No cats in hats, fox in some socks
But to the dj jocks check your clocks
Half past what? time to bust nut
Not a pistachio; he uses a casio keyboard
And a tascam board
To kick in the p-50, get nifty
Born with the gift, time to get riffed
Not with the manufacturing of a spliff
He never rolled one; never sold none
The beats give me the high that brought fame to us
And, how we gonna kick it, how?
(just the two of us!)

10 Comments Add yours

  1. Mark says:

    Aw yeah!! I was rockin’ Chubbs hard when I was @ A&T in Greensboro… and I agree that you had to have special gifts with the mike back then. Once Luke Skywalker put crap lyrics to a beat and the West Coast started to speak a whole different thing (IMO, racism is tough out there… we be sleep and we don’t hear about it when it go down!), then the standards dropped.

    What can you say… but for sure when hip-hop ruled, and cats listened to KRS for his lyrics and Rakim for his smoothness with the verse (ooh, Slick Rick and his stories!), Chubb was rightthere with the best!!

    1. Anna Renee says:

      Knock ’em out the box, Rick!

      Slick Rick, la di da di! Oh my GOD!!
      All the scratching and beat boxing, and pop locking and break dancing and
      The Chubbster, Woooord UP!

      ADIDAS sneaks and door knocker earrings
      and warm up suits and
      and dancing, dancing, dancing and fun!!!

      Those were the days…

  2. lin says:

    Ahhh yes, The Chubbster! “Treat Em treat” was the jam!
    Chubb was quite the lyricist & I always dug the tone of his vocal delivery.

    Rewatching the vid brings on a VMFM (Very Memorable Flashback Moment):

    I recall walking down 7th Avenue (in NYC) watching a small tribe of crazy-cool Black & Latino school kids doing this ill-fly dance called “The Jerry Lewis”. Did they do that dance in your ville, too? I think it came from some Bellhop flick Lewis made back in the day. I remember these kids would do this mad weird quick shuffle thing & then at odd times & off-beat, they’d JUMP HIGH… w/ feet twisted in mid-air kinda comically to this joint. Meanwhile, their inspiration, Chubb’s music was blasting loudly from a beatbox on the corner… making everyone around them nod their head, even if they couldn’t do that dance.

    Yes, “Treat Em Right!” For a while, you couldn’t escape it. That song was everywhere, in the subways, the alleyways, the barber shops, booming from the beatboxes, the record stores, knocking for blocks, bringing more rhythm & much mo flava to the city.

    It came out at a time when club life, dancing & rap music was really all about having BIG fun. And no one was mad anyone.

    Nice memories. Thanks for posting this, Anna!


  3. Val says:

    “They had complete control of the english language, and made it bend and bow to their lyrical will!”

    That is so true. And the contrast between present day rap and that of Chubb’s era is stark. It was truly music to my ears to hear lyricists of the past rap. They told a story with true eloquence. I miss that so much.

    Thanks for the shout! 🙂

  4. Reggie says:

    Where did this type of music go?!? When I listen to the tired stuff out there now………………

    1. Anna Renee says:

      It went to Youtube Reggie!!! Take your Youtube fill! ;-D

  5. Qwami Ade says:

    “GO…GO…GO…GO! 1990 Chubb Rock jumps up on the scene…” It get’s no betta! That song puts a smile on my face and energy in my tank everytime. I can’t listen to ‘Treat em Right’ and not just wontsta jump up on a chair and pump my fist/arm and chant go,go,go insanely.

    Your so right about that Youtube fill. Rather than lament on how music aint what it used to be(just like our fuddy duddy parents and other old folk back in the day) I find it imperative to take that same energy and champion this great legacy(Black Folks Music/Art). This energy never dies or gets old. The likes of Muddy Waters and Mary Lou Williams are just as potent and real to me this second as is The Roots.

    You can’t help but to appreciate the vernacular and superlative flow of The Chubbster. The unflinching smooth ass confidence he exudes is so damn infectious. Excellent Post.

    Here’s a 2008 cameo of Chubb Rock

    1. Anna Renee says:

      This boy is hott! I gotsta check him out some more, yo!

      I’m thanking God for that weird nerd boy who created Youtube! Thanking the music gods for the mother and father of that child who grew up to be a nerd and create Youtube!!

      Bless the loins of his father and mother!! ;D

      1. Erica says:

        WELL GUESS WHAT, Chubbs going to be here in Charlotte, NC at The Breakfast Club on S. Caldwell St across from Time Warner Arena on November 24th at 9pm. He is performing live and VH1 will be recording for Chubbs REALITY show….yup yup…so lets treat HIM right and come out and show the world that Chubb still has a good following ! ! !
        If you have any questions, feel free to call me at 704-706-1030 ! ! ! My name is Erica from BlackTopEnt. DJ and Sound

        1. Anna Renee says:

          Chubb has a reality show? I’m watching?

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