Black Love For Real, A Black Man’s Opinion

Once in an elevator I spotted a young lady. I was on my way to work and she was on her way to who knows where. At that moment, to quote The Godfather (one of my favorite movies), I was hit by the “thunderbolt”. Visually stunned, I took in her beauty. Her skin was a deep chocolate, her hair a kinky mass of velvet black, her teeth white like new Easter Sunday shoes. I think everyone in the elevator noticed my dazed glare. She looked at me in a questioning manner. Almost as if by some compulsion I blurted, “You’re so beautiful.” She smiled and appeared shocked. I think everyone including me was shocked. She was not the kind of girl who would understandably have men in such a state of adolescent panic. She was not some modelesque type with the generally accepted wow factor….cont reading from the Black Man Can

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  1. Anna this is a wonderful heartfelt and received love letter to black women from a black man. A divine and excellent follow-up to your recent post “How Not To Fall Out Of Love With Black Folks”. Peace…..

    1. Anna Renee says:

      We need all the love letters we can get from the brothers, don’t we?

  2. Mark says:

    I love this.! I go around and say things like that to the sisters whenever possible… BUT, there has been some slight drama involved… sure, they have defensive attitudes and what not, but I wonder if the way we (the homies) treat and abet the exploitation of their sexuality may have more to do with their attitudes than not…

    1. Anna Renee says:

      I think it does. It’s a vicious circle. Men disrespect womens sexuality and women then get disrespectful attitudes against the men, who then disrespect the women…

  3. Nicole says:

    Nicely written I must say and the music video was so in your face. Very intimate, and very romantic I would say. I have a younger cousin who is about 16 years old who says he won’t date a black girl because they are not his type, they carry too much drama, and they are all ghetto. Being that I am 39 years old with two daughters, 17 & 19 I was quite offended. The only thing I said to him is not to put all black girls in the same category. My 17 year old just plain old read him his rights “ghetto” style which included eye and neck rolling. This of course at a family gathering but real private and quiet like. I would like to think that one day he will be blown away by Black Love like the one written. Thanks for sharing!

    1. Anna Renee says:

      I’m sad to hear that about your little cousin. It is very offensive, the whole miseducation and everything. I’m going to do a post on this subject – even though I may have done one before. It so important that our children get the proper education about who they are.

      Your little cousin doesn’t understand what he’s saying. He’s confused by all the negative stuff that everyone else is confused by–plus he’s so very young.

      We just need to teach our youth, never let up on pounding the truth into their heads. Never give up and never let up. That’s why it so important to know the truth

    2. Anna Renee says:

      That video was POWERFUL!! A complete and total mind blowing experience and expression of black love! We don’t get to see it like that do we?

  4. leslie watkins says:

    i love to see black love instead fighting aganist each other

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