The Poor You Will Always Have, So Watch How You Treat Them


Are you a gatekeeper? How are you treating the poor? Do you have the power to OK that loan?  Do you have the power to OK benefits to the poor?  Do you have the power to stop a foreclosure?  Or help in any way?

Are you a gatekeeper to the doors of power?  How are you helping the poor?

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  1. RBB85 says:

    I went to a congress about superdiversity in dynamic cities. The word gatekeeper triggered me.

    The whole idea of superdiversity is about not being able to describe the dynamics of a city purely based on ethnic classifications anymore.

    One of the guys who gave a lecture stressed the fact that we don’t need gatekeepers, but in fact we need bridgebuilders. I forget who said that but Michael Keith from Oxford University said in his speech that change is endemic to identity. Cities are build on migration and National identity is undermined by migration. Gatekeepers belong to the old idea of diversity and to truly make a city a coherent organism we need to focus on bridgebuilders between differents parts of society.

    Your not just black I’m not just white, you’re not just a woman and I’m not just a guy. I don’t just like language and you don’t just like….. We’re living in a myriad of identities. I just orderded a book by Francio Guadeloupe about deconstruction of race thought in Carribean studies. Looking at the Carribean with the focus on race can give you certain insight but you also miss out on things because you’re overlooking them. Anyway interesting stuff wich came to mind when the word gatekeeper triggered me.

    1. Anna Renee says:

      I applaud your diligence to seeking truth, RBB85! Keep it up!

  2. Lin says:

    Truthfully, Sista Eastsiiiiiide:

    I’m not too far from being one of the poor.” Only being real here. That’s not to be mistaken with being Spirit-poor… just cash-whacked.

    I think the greatest things I can give freely to anyone is my time, is my attention, is prayer… along w/ the lessons I’ve learned, & the experiences that have shifted me in the direction of Grace. Sometimes giving money to someone does nothing to enlighten them or make them any richer in spirit.

    Smell me?


    1. Anna Renee says:

      I do, and I agree!

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