Black Christians who bash Black Christians


Have you ever been at a blog and have read about a particular Christian who has apparently backslidden or have fallen off or whatever?  Now this is normal stuff because we are fallen.  We are sinners, each and every one of us.  There’s no getting around it.  So we always will hear about Christians who are doing the wrong thing.  That’s not to say that I celebrate them in the wrong thing they are doing.

But when you read the blog comments, there’s always an all holy one who knows the mind of the person.  They know that God is not with them.  They know that the person was always a wicked one.  They know, they know, they know!  Yet if you asked them, they would have to admit that they’ve only seen the personality on TV.  They claim to understand what God is doing in the life of this personality, and as far as they are concerned, God has totally forsaken the person.

Then the person doesn’t stop there, but continues on to say that black people are lazy for listening to the personality.  Or black people are stupid for listening to the personality.  Or black people are weak for listening to the personality.  Or black people are ungodly for listening to the personality.

These folks already know everything, more even than God Himself!  So here they come with their sledge hammer of judgement.  Of course they, themselves are completely righteous.  God doesn’t have to worry about them.  They know that they are right and they stand solidly on the one or two scriptures that they know.

Right now, I’m in a place of anti condemnation.  I don’t feel like condemning black Christians.  I don’t feel like looking down on the way black Christians act in church, I don’t feel like passing judgement on the way black Christians look up to their fallen pastors.  I don’t feel like making a spectacle concerning the way black people worship when the Word of God is preached.

There are so many holier than thous out there, ready to put down black Christians for everything we do and how we do it.  Is it possible that we  black Christians are respectful of our pastors, even when they are fallen?  Is it possible that we black Christians are respectful of the preached Word, even when the preacher has done questionable things?  Does God’s Word turn into mush in the mouth of a sinner?  If it does, then  can anyone preach, or teach? 

It’s high time for someone to come out in the defense of the church culture of black Christians, and uplift and uphold our traditions in the church.  I think that  those black people who claim a particular type of understanding but in truth don’t have a clue should be very careful how they treat God’s people, which includes black Christians!  Be careful, lest you show yourself to be the forsaken fool!

The arrogance of these people is epic!  They, in one fell swoop, condemn ALL black Christians, and without any hesitation!   They easily brand us “LAZY” , without knowing what each of our struggles and triumphs are.  Without knowing what our issues are, or our insecurities.  Withouth knowing what’s in our hearts, without knowing what God is doing with us, or what level of our path we are on!  Without having all of the varied details of the lives of each individual black church member, the world over.  They simply say, black people are lazy when it comes to studying the Bible.  But these same people somehow see themselves outside of the masses that they so easily condemn.  How convenient!  How in the world can I know what God is doing in the tribulations of some other person that I don’t know?

The one thing I DO know is that God can work all things together for good, and I know that because He has done it  for me!  And I pray that He continues to do it!

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  1. James McCoy says:

    I look at the black pastor as the sexton of the church,his job is to keep the house(church) clean,his job is not to be a celebrity but a person who is willing to be exiled to patmos island for his belief.
    I don’t want someone leading my church who is prim and prissy,but some one who is willing to do the dirty work,of cleaning up my community.

  2. Anna Renee says:

    I hear you brother!
    Unfortunately, some of those pastors fall prey to the flesh–desires to be exalted, rich, famous, holier than thou, etc., like the rest of us.

    I feel that we should be very careful about condemning someone who seems to have fallen. The pastor is just a man, not a god, even if he may think so. The pastor doesn’t have the power to keep us clean and undefiled, but the Holy Spirit if we submit and follow after Him.
    He also would need help from all of us to clean up the community, because he’s just a man.

    Oh it’s you, Big Mac! I had to hover over your name to see your blog! That’s what’s so cool here at WordPress! Thanks for visiting me and do come back! Subscribe to me!

  3. Lin says:

    Hello my Sista,

    Its nice tro read you again.

    I think man (meaning men, women, Preachers, Priests, Rabbis, etc) can delve into troubled waters when they pretend to or even THINK they KNOW The Mind Of God.

    You were very right in stating that ‘we ARE all sinners.’ None of us is perfect or living perfect lives. We tend to be holier than thou, judgmental, and easily find fault in others without truly looking deeper into our selves.

    Yes, there are people who will know more, have experienced more, and who might be able to lead us to a more righteous path. But even those folks are human, flawed, and fallable.

    I think this quote says it best:

    ” Every saint has a past, and every sinner has a future…”

    One Love.


    1. Anna Renee says:

      Thanks for visiting me in my new house! I’m just going through my mind and cleaning out some stuff. I’m going after judgementalism–is that a word?
      Anyway, I am so tired of people, black people, who bash other black people! I’m fed up with it!

      I’m promoting “give a black man/woman the benefit of the doubt” and “don’t think too highly of yourself”.
      I’m starting with me. I’m listening to what our dear departed Michael told me.

  4. asabagna says:

    Nice post! Congrats on the new blog!

    Much love as always!

    1. Anna Renee says:

      Thanks! WordPress is just better for what I need at this time!

  5. Melzie says:

    I’ve observed and come to believe that those who pass judgment like this 1) misunderstand the true loving, graceful and merciful nature of God and 2) are more religious than connected to God through a personal relationship. Two very dangerous things, in my opinion, that often lead to learning the hard way.

  6. brothawolf says:

    For some odd reason, the name Pastor Manning who has Youtube videos seem to come to mind when I read this blog. This black preacher has a whole lot to say about black people and none of it is uplifting.

    1. Anna Renee says:

      Not odd at all, Brothawolf. I looked him up and saw that even Russian Network News has interviewed him. He’s caustic, especially towards Obama and black folks.
      Manning (he’s no pastor) went on about Obama not having a birth certificate, but I wonder what he said when Obama posted it on TV for all to see? This brother has chosen his side, and it’s not with Christ.

      What intrigues me more is the women who stand behind and besides these type of men. What might her mindset be. Ive been sitting on a post that speaks to these “Pastors’ wives” type women. I have got to dig in to some research about what makes them tick.

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