Patrick and Gina Neely Like Doing It in the Kitchen

Patrick and Gina Neely of The Food Network jpg
Patrick and Gina Neely

I love this couple!  😀

Pat and Gina Neely of the Food Network’s Down Home With the Neelys are over the top and dripping with black love!  Their love clings like homemade barbecue sauce on slow cooked ribs.  They go hard and sexy with their black love.  So unabashedly brazen and unapologetic with it!

I like boldness and swagger in the kitchen and the Food Network’s black chefs  deliver on both.  Don’t get me wrong because I love the white chefs too, but… you know.  Anyway, I remember when I first saw the Neelys.  I thought they had so much down home country charm and obviously knew their way around the kitchen.  They were so adorable the way they tossed all that sexy back and forth, and how they sprinkled their tag team cooking with juicy smooches.  They called each other cute and corny sugar dumpling snicker doodle chocolate star names.  So sweet!   They loved throwing double entrendres all over their kitchen: Baby you gonna stuff my pork?  Daddy, sprinkle some sugar on that!  Baby help me stir these potatoes!   I love watching their sexy kitchen banter and so does America.  The Neelys show has been highly rated since they first appeared in 2008.,,68262-VIDEO,00.xml&channel=68262

But of course, there are folks who don’t like their sexy swag one bit.  Judging by the comments sections of the many articles written about them, some think The Neelys need to sit down somewhere and be quiet.  Others think that Gina is too strident and ghetto, and that Pat must be henpecked because of his mellow personality.  Many felt that the show would’t make it because of Gina’s sister girl swag.  Oh, there are so many Neely haters, even as the show is the most popular one on the Food Network.  Some people can’t stand to see love in action, especially black love.

What I see when I watch Patrick interacting with his wife is a black man who loves a black woman.   I see a brother who is confident in himself and knows how to love his woman.  He is not intimidated by her because she has a bit of spice to her personality.  He’s not irritated by her, but obviously is excited by her.  He doesn’t have a need to silence her or tone her down.  He’s not broken by her voice, but enlarged by it.  Some call this being henpecked.   As for Gina, she doesn’t feel she has to diminish herself for her man’s sake.  He’s big enough to accept her fully for who she is.  She has space to be herself, and obviously she is reassured in that space.  Within her space she can be open and intimate with her man.  Her emotions are being cared for which allows her passion and love to shine for him.  Which attracts him all the more.  It’s a beautiful endless love loop.


Then there are some commenters who feel that the Neelys’ TV love jones is just an act.  They don’t believe black people can have it so good in love.  But the Neelys have fans that say their TV attitude is no act.  These fans have seen the couple in different settings, doing charity events and meeting and greeting people.  Their personalities shine through as they do what they love.  All that black love dripping is real, and its interesting that people feel black couples who show genuine affection towards each other are suspect.  I guess they don’t believe that we black folks can have soppy affection, y’all.   Whatever.

Anyway, whether you love Pat and Gina Neely or hate them, they are keeping it rolling with their popular restaurants, a highly successful TV show, NYT best seller cookbooks and so much more.  They’re too busy being successful and sucking each other’s face to care what their haters think.

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14 Comments Add yours

  1. Carolyn Moon says:

    I applaud the way the Neelys love each other and I’m always dismayed at how the overt display of love between black men and women can make others so uncomfortable. For one thing it doesn’t support the stereotypical point of view that black women are unlovable and that most black men prefer women of other ethnic groups. We are to be tolerated and not celebrated. This is usually promoted by white women who are told by black men how special and how wonderful they are in comparison to the women who look like their own mothers and female family members. I want to see more couples like the
    Neelys as part of a much needed reality campaign. For what mainstream and some of our communities are telling our young ladies is that they must conform as much as possible in appearance and mannerisms to women who look nothing like them in order to be appreciated and loved by their men.
    This is by no means directed towards ALL parties concerned but lets be real; it’s an attitude displayed throughout media (white and black) and on social networking sites.

    There are some black publications who seem to only highlight inter-ethnic couples with celebration and gratitude for many harbor those deep seated feelings that they haven’t arrived unless someone of a different ethnic group is interested in them.

    BTW: There are black men who appreciate and love confident and assertive black women. They realize that love isn’t minimized by the latter and in fact it’s enhanced in many cases.

    I totally agree especially with the last paragraph of your post. Viva La Neelys!!!

    1. Anna Renee says:

      Preach, Preacher! Im sick to death of the tired black men/women stuff. And I’m going to start a campaign right here showing black love on it’s deeper levels, with all age groups. I got another post in the works right now. Stay tuned….

  2. It’s just so rare to see a loving Black couple on TV or anywhere in the media. So congrats to them for representing!

  3. kekemichel says:

    Awwww, that is such a sweet ode to the Neelys! I was just thinking about them because I have doing a lot of surfing on the web about Thanksgiving celebration for my blogs and twitter column. How they present is something that they can not and really do not have to change. It is what it is. You just have to be happy for any sista and brotha who are making it work!

    1. Anna Renee says:

      @Valentina It is rare but Im trying to make it un-rare here at this blog!

      @Kekemichel Yeah, they shouldn’t have to change for anyone. Let them be their syrupy selves! I happen to like it.

  4. Sounds like a great show. I don’t have cable, can’t afford it, so I can’t watch the show but sometime during this weekend I will click on the links and check out this wonderful couple. I too love cooking shows. I always tell myself I’m going to try out the recipes but I never do. Too much time and trouble. However if they open a restaurant in New York I’ll make sure to go and eat some good soul food. I love soul food. I don’t know why people would criticize a loving couple. At least it sounds like they enjoy what they do on camera and off. The love the have for food comes from the love they have for each other. Makes for better meals. BTW, Everyone Have a Happy, Safe & Fellowship Filled Thanksgiving! Try not to eat too much turkey. God Bless you All!! Love, Peace & Blessings to All!.

    1. Anna Renee says:

      The Neelys are just the bomb! They teach us how to be ourselves in spite of what others would say about it. I love them! 😀

      They do have a place on the Upper East Side Manhattan!!! Enjoy!

  5. Nicole says:

    I have never heard of the Neely’s cooking show before probably because I do not watch the food network, however your description of them here makes me want to check it out. I agree with Carolyn in saying that the stereotype of the black woman has been jaded and Mrs. Neely knocks the top off of that stereotype and I am glad about it. By the way, I could never understand the haters. People are so negative and skeptical that it is really sad. I would rather think the best and have someone prove me wrong than think the worse. Thanks for sharing!

    1. Anna Renee says:

      Haters are not worth trying to understand. They are stuck and need to come up out of the muck and mire.

  6. Reggie says:

    You’ve just hit on many of the reasons why I like their show as well. I always walk away from their show feeling good about the experience, they seem to always have a great time just doing the show.


    I made it a point to go to their restaurant when I visited Memphis a couple of years ago and the food was just okay. It wasn’t the truly good food that I was anticipating, it was just okay; and to top it off, the service was pretty bad too.

    I was very very disappointed.

    I went with my wife and I met a couple of old Yahoo 360 blogger buddies there and none of us were impressed with the food. I was really surprised.

    1. Anna Renee says:

      Yeah you said that on my other post, and I read that in the comments of the articles I have read about them. It’s hard when you up on top. Got to get the best workers who are plugged into your dream, otherwise they just dont care and they mess up your groove.

      But they are sexy, Reggie.

  7. jjbrock says:

    Anna thanks for bringing this to my attention. I didn’t know a show like this even exist.

    1. Anna Renee says:

      You should check them out, they are fun to watch!

  8. Amenta says:

    Yes the Neely’s are the bomb. Having lived in Memphis for a time I can tell you that Neely’s BBQ is as bomb as they are as a couple. Nice post Anna Renee

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