The Bittersweet Story of Tammy Terrell

Tammi Terrell
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She was a beautiful spirit, with a pure and beautiful voice, and when they paired her with Marvin Gaye, with the dynamic duo of Ashford and Simpson penning the songs – magic happened!

I was a little girl of 8 or 9 and my mom wasn’t a big fan of the Motown Sound.  She was more a Memphis Soul Sister with Al Green, Teddy Pendergrass and Tyrone Davis as her favorites.  But I remember hearing Tammy’s voice on friends’ and family’s radios and record players.  I fell in love with that voice.  There’s something about a pure clean slightly nasal feminine voice that gets me and Tammy’s was perfectly pitched.  Do you remember Precious Love?  Of course you do!  It was my favorite.

Oh-oh-oh, Hea-ven must have sent you from above— Oh-oh-oh, Heaven must have sent your precious love!  Those finger snaps set it off so sexily and perfectly!  Yes!

For all of you, my blog family, who don’t have access to TV-One’s Unsung series, here’s a full clip I found on Youtube.  The bittersweet story of Tammy Terrell is told, giving us a peek inside the spirit of this talented, beautiful and sultry girl-woman.  She suffered a lot from the time she was a young child, yet was always reaching for joy!

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  1. Reggie says:

    She was beautiful and talented.

  2. Lin says:

    After much noise & black voices raised high in protest, we now get TV-One in my area, so I saw this program recently. Damn! It broke my heart, Anna. Tammy Terrell was so talented, so, so YOUNG & so very beautiful. I learned some disturbing things about her life, and now I’m MAD at James Brown AND David Ruffin for abusing this lovely talented, & emotionally wounded sista. Thank GOD the music still survives!


    1. Anna Renee says:

      More power to the peo-ple, black power to the black community! Glad you got TV-One, because they work it out with their Unsung series. They all are cautionary lessons in being business savvy and super-focused. It always boils down to not knowing about the books, and being dazzled by that first paycheck (poverty will do that to you) or being sidetracked by drugs and booze and fake hangers-on.

      That’s why I love Stevie cause he was in focus and control early on.

      Yes, I hate that James Brown and David Ruffin were that way. At least Gene Chandler called her momma to come and get her. Unfortunately there are those who dont believe in their own fame and talent and start hating others for theirs.

  3. Lin says:

    I had heard that rumor about Ruffin beating her down, but the James Brown thing really blew my mind. I always admired JB, but he, his memory d & his legend efinitely lost some cool points w/ me after learning of his abusive ways toward women!

    Yeah, I’m glad TV-One has finally cometh to my ville also, SW. I’m truly diggin this UNSUNG series & when they ran the marathon recently, I was ALL UP on it! Fascinating stuff. They educated me about a lot of artists, like how some REALLY died; plus they’ve, cleared up some rumors, and explained the situations of some other entertainers, many of whom fell off the fame map & I never knew why. All & all, as a series, it’s very well done.


  4. Evan II says:

    There needs to be a MOVEMENT to get the Queen OF Soul Duets into the R&R Hall of Fame!!! Tammi Terrell was SO much more than a duet singer too.Totally unique.

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