I’m Celebrating Chaka Khan!

Chaka Khan & George Duke - 05.07.2009 Jazz Fes...

Oh, youth and good music!

Chaka Khan, Chaka Khan!  Chaka Khan let me rock you, let me rock you Chaka Khan!

It’s well known that Chaka hated the way her name was repeated again and again in the hit, I Feel For You.  The repeating of her name by rapper Melle Mel was supposedly a mistake but there was something about the flow of her name that made them keep the mistake.  The song became a smash hit in the U.S. and the U.K., and “relaunched” her career.

But to those of us who already knew,  Chaka had never GONE anywhere.   She was now getting a new audience and new pop exposure, but her hard core fans from back in the day always knew.   Her new fans were feasting on some Chaka lite, but we had the real deal – the meat and potatoes funk of Rufus featuring Chaka Khan in all of her glory.

Chaka Khan was my hairbrush sistergirl.  She’s the only one I sang into the hairbrush for.  I’d put on Ask Rufus and sing every last song with all the power a 15 year old girl could muster.  When I think back on it now, I can only feel sorry that my mother had to endure the sad sounds of my renditions of Chaka.  I couldn’t hit her high notes, and couldn’t hit the low one either.  But that never stopped me.  Who didnt love Rufus?

I love the voice of a woman who can sing in the low range and pull it off with femininity.   She’s got to sound feminine as she hit her low notes.  And it’s icing on the cake when she also can pull her voice up and hit the highs too.  Lisa Stansfield and Toni Braxton are pretty darned good at it,  but Chaka Khan is the TRUTH!

Once You Get Started

Chaka tearing up the drums!

Stop On By

Please Pardon Me

Somebody’s Watching You

You’re now aware of your situation
You wasted time with contemplation
Instead of trying to be so cool my friend
Understand this way you’ll never win

You say it’s darkest just before the dawn
You get discouraged if it takes too  long
Common sense will tell you  right from wrong
My advice is that  you carry on

Don’t get me wrong,  there’s more to life than gold
There are fortunes here that can’t be bought or sold
Cause your diamonds lie within your  soul
You can’t count your cash 6  feet under, stiff and cold

You Got the Love

Circles Rufus feat Chaka Khan

Magic In His Eyes

Sweet Thang

Fools Paradise

Egyptian Song

Everlastin Love


A Night In Tunisia

A long time ago in the 40’s Dizzy and Bird gave us this song They called it “A Night In Tunisia” And the melody still lingers on
It was new and very strange Blew the squares right off the stage Few could play along But the melody still lingers on
Max and Miles to name just two Together they grew The music was young and strong And the melody still lingers on
They paved the way for generations From Coltrane to Stevie No one could stop the winds of change Without them where’d we be?
The Duke and the Prez were there before The past you can’t ignore The torch is lit, we’ll keep the flame And the melody remains the same

One Comment Add yours

  1. reggiesblogspot says:

    I’m a big time fan of Chaka Khan’s. Her song, Sweet thing is what I think of when I think of her.

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