It’s My Body! I Can Do What I Want With It!

Pro-Choice?  Anti-Choice?

Sister Livinmybestlife has something to say about it. (click picture)

Some basic facts:

1. Planned Parenthood make millions from women’s bodies, earning about $164 million by performing about 300,000 abortions yearly.

2. Many who are anti-abortion are not pro children and family, and vote against legislation that helps families thrive, especially poorer families.

3. Pro-Choice advocate tend to downplay the brutal reality of abortion

4. Anti-Choice advocates tend to sensationalize the brutal reality of abortion.

5. Pro-Choice advocates are sometimes very cold hearted and manipulative of women.

6. Anti-Choice advocates are sometimes very cold hearted and manipulative of women.

7. Susan G. Komen makes millions from women’s bodies by organizing breast cancer walks.

8. Women are caught in the middle and used by both sides.

9. Unborn children slated for abortion are caught in the middle of the raging political wars between the two factions, and are invisible, living pawns in the power games.

10. Sometimes pregnant women are just not interested (for numerous reasons)  in giving birth to babies that they conceive, and choose (experiencing a range of emotions) to abort (kill) them.

What is a partial-birth abortion?

How many abortions performed actually are to save the mother’s life? (shocking facts, read at your own discretion)

17 Comments Add yours

  1. Mitchell says:

    But aborting a baby does not fix the situation. If a mother is poor and she kills her baby, she is still poor.

    No matther what the situation (womans health excluded) is, killing the baby does not remedy it. There are other options, options that allow life to happen and not death.

    I also don’t like the fact that many of the Planned Parenthood locations are in really poor, and heavily minority populated communities. Margaret Sanger was a eugenist, something many overlook.

  2. James says:

    Since I can’t have an abortion per se,I’ll tread lightly,in this day and age of all kinds of birth control avaliable,including not having sex,why is abortion so high in this “advance society”,maybe we are not as advanced as we would like to think we are.Maybe The Susan B.Korman group need to spend that money they raise on sex education,just my two cents.

  3. Lin says:

    A real hornet’s nest, Anna May. This could easily become an elongated debate, both pro and con.

    Short answer: I think far too many of our legislators clearly suffer from vagina-envy. Education, sexual & otherwise is imperative, yet, even in the worse case scenario, no one should be able to tell an adult woman what to do with her body, nor judge her adult decisions. As a country that likes to consider itself as progressive, many of our decision- makers remain a bunch of stiff, inflexible right-wingers, with God-complexes, who are all up and through in a woman’s uterus.


    1. Anna Renee says:

      @Mitchell, yes aborting the baby doesnt solve anything, really. Abortion shouldnt be something that “solves” anything.

      @James the whole thing is so convoluted. The unborn baby is the pawn in the middle.

      @Brother Eastside – Yes. That picture of those five men sitting at that hearing representing women’s contraceptive rights is burned in my mind’s eye. It represents oppression to me. And being all up and through. It’s ugly.

      Yet I feel that as women, we cant use our absolute power in an oppressive manner or we’re just hypocrites. Abortion is oppressing the unborn, IMHO. (I beleive that because the unborn baby is powerless and relies completely on his/her mother) I think the two issues are just that, two separate issues. Old white oppressor men should not have no say so about my vagina, but as a woman I ought not claim that I have a right to abort a life, as an expression of my right to be empowered.

      A hornet’s nest is an understatement, Brother.

  4. blackmystory says:

    @Mitchell…The architect of the current Planned Parenthood genocidal machine was actually not Margret Sanger; however, she was used as the face of abortion because of her being a female and a eugenicist. Thus she was accepted by females and used as a symbol of feminine empowerment and by the White Supremacist whose agenda was never ever hidden from the discerning eyes. The thing was that amongst the first co-opted in Planned Parenthood’s fiendish plans to sterilize African women where knee-grow preachers. This is all documented. And we know how influential that segment of our community is.
    What is disturbing is the knee-grow women who insist/believe that there is something benign about ripping a fetus out of your womb, because they can. The sexual revolution has given us all a reason to rut without conscience and claim the right to do what we please. Don’t think for once that knee-grow males don’t encourage or insist that their girlfriends or latest jump off get an abortion. But in the end if she chooses to get down with that dirty dog, don’t expect that you can erase your “errors”. Because that’s how we see children today as accidents/mistakes; I accidentally got pregnant! To all the women who parrot the line about empowerment, overstand that just like I cannot control your body or TELL you what to do with it. Be wise in knowing that others are slyly influencing your decisions and thus are also TELLING you what to do with your bodies.
    This from a previous post of mine in 2007:
    [1939, Margaret Sanger organized her “Negro project,” a program designed to eliminate members of what she believed to be an “inferior race.” Margaret Sanger justified her proposal because she believed that: “The masses of Negroes …particularly in the South, still breed carelessly and disastrously, with the result that the increase among Negroes, even more than among whites, is from that portion of the population least intelligent and fit…” Margaret Sanger then went on to reveal that she intended to hire three or four Colored Ministers “to travel to various black enclaves to propagandize for birth control.” She wrote: “The most successful educational approach to the Negro is through a religious appeal. We do not want word to go out that we want to exterminate the Negro population, and the Minister is the man who can straighten out that idea if it ever occurs to any of their more rebellious members.”]
    Finally there is this quote:
    “When the history of our civilization is written, it will be a biological history, and Margaret Sanger will be its heroine. Though this prophecy of nearly 70 years ago credited one woman with the power that actually came from a wide and deep movement of women, no one person deserves it more. Now that reproductive freedom is becoming accepted and conservative groups are fighting to maintain control over women’s bodies as the means of reproduction, Sanger’s revolution may be even more controversial than during her 50-year career of national and international battles. Her experience can teach us many lessons…”
    from TIME 100 Leaders and revolutionaries

    Know thy self, know thy enemy. A thousand battles, a thousand victories.
    —-Sun Tzu

    1. Anna Renee says:

      Brother BlackMyStory: This is a very devious, wicked, sly and demonic stuff, this abortion thing. But it’s not impossible to sort it out. One must humble him or herself, take out the me, me, me, my, mine vocabulary for just a little minute.
      Breathe. Exhale. Then look at the facts. Look at them from all sides. And from each side, follow it through to its logical conclusion. Do some research on the subject. Then the truth will reveal itself, effortlessly. Black women have 37% of the abortions, Latina women have 22%. White women have 33%. Yet black women are 10% of the population in this country. What does that tell us?

      Whats so devilish about it is that women are so focused on their “rights” that they dont see that they are mimicking the oppressive natures of the patriarchy they vehemently oppose! White patriarchy oppresses women who are less powerful. So we women then oppress unborn babies who are completely powerless? Thats a 1000 times worse than white patriarchy! And because of inconvenience? Well, its inconvenient for white patriarchy to allow women to have power!! Major hypocrisy is at work here.

      I havent done an indepth on Gloria Steinham, but either she is not as evolved as she thinks she is, or even worse, she understands completely the horrible dilemma of this “woman’s rights” issue as it pertains to abortion. That abortion piece is genocide, is all it is. We women, especially women of color need to check our clocks, and find out the time. For real tho.

  5. Reggie says:

    As a man, one of the facts that amazes me is that many of those men that stand there and state that they don’t want to have insurance pay for birth control can get Viagra as a part of their insurance coverage.

    Think about it…….who put that clause in there?!?

  6. blackmystory says:

    LoL! @Reggie’s statement ( in a smh kind of way). The truth is right before our eyes and we don’t see it. The thing is that many of these woment don’t even realize they are following a male inspired agenda that doesn’t uplift women, but entrench them in secondary status, regardless of the political spin. Good point brother.

  7. Amenta says:

    For so many election cycles that I have been able to remember and comprehend, the abortion laws and interpretation thereof become an issue to talk about, wholly inspired by so called white males. And, every election cycle, presidential that is, so called Black people find a way to discuss, debate and/agree, we talk about it. Whether from an Afrocentric perspective, black conservative, black Christian/Muslim/black Jew, Black Hebrew, Khemetan or whatever perspective we discuss what they offer up to us. They being the spin doctors of all the candidates, we partake in the conversation they create every single presidential election. Isn’t something funny about that?

    “is that your thought you’re thinking…”
    Rachelle Ferrell


    1. Anna Renee says:

      “the abortion laws and interpretation thereof become an issue to talk about, wholly inspired by so called white males”

      Brother Ensayn, the white man aint got THAT damn much power. I speak about it because a sister I know spoke to me about it. Because white men speak about it, does that mean that I shouldn’t speak about it, until they finish speaking about it?
      I speak about it because babies are dying, and I want my sisters to reconsider their decision. Or at least understand fully what they are doing. We are human beings. And they have the control over the media. We hear what they say. But that doesnt mean that we dont have power to decide on things based on our own understanding, no matter if “the white man spun it first”.

      We sisters are talking about things in a continuous cycle that’s completely outside the realm of the white man. (I gives 2 Fks about “the whiteman”) We just arent being broadcast like the 1%er white men are, and that’s probably a good thing.

      Yes, indeed, is that your own thought you thinking my sisters? Is the right to choose abortion where your true power as women lie? Think very carefully, considering all aspects from a calm, informed perspective, then decide for yourself.

      Rachelle Ferrell Individuality
      *clears throat*
      Is that your own thought you thinkin?
      Is that your own life you livin?

      All my life I tried to please
      disregarding my own needs
      Now its time for me to be FREE!

      And if you don’t like it
      you can do what you want to do
      And if you don’t invite it
      It aint got to have nothing to do with you

      Cause I’m an individual, Im into individuality!

      *kicking the hornet’s nest*

  8. Amenta says:

    Anna Renee I meant no offense to you directly as it appears it was construed that way. I did say white males specifically pertaining to the white male run media. It is difficult to live in the United States and not be affected by the media “news” and entertainment, advertisments in print via “newspapers” magazines and the like. Even, if we react against what is being presented it is a reaction to a white male dominated media machine’s release into the public. How much and what we react to is where we can begin to distinguish a line of demarcation. Saying the “white man ain’t got that much power…” is an understandable sentiment yet doesn’t erase the fact that they, white males, control what is distrubuted as entertainment, news, sports and music, and what is not. There is no denying the fact that the vast majority of the government and corporation are headed and run by white males and it is their culture they are imposing on us through whatever medium.
    My mentioning of this issue was not a swipe at you, more over I was attempting to point out how the abortion conversation is pushed every single presidential election cycle and yet in the end all remains the same, and the conversation is only used as a tool to sway one group of voters one way or the other. It seems then that other pressing immediate issues concerning the people of the United States, and specifically black people are never truly addressed. My position dosen’t nullify any truths posted in previous comments or you main post. Nor would I dare attempt to tell you how to run your site. I only wanted to try and bring to light how we are many times led into a conversation about issues that have been put in front of us by a machine.
    When I think about black people today, I wonder how many of us, (not this forum or black bloggers in general) repeat the “they said” mantra without ever examining whether or not what they said is real or true. Just think of how many people jumped on the NBC news release of a George Zimmerman 911 call in which it sounded like he used the word “coon.” Later NBC released a retraction stating they hads actually doctored the tape to make it sound like he said “coon.” Again, there was no intended swipe at you, your post or your commenters, only was I attempting to bring to light how everytime there is a presidential election abortion becomes a “hot topic” each and every time.
    Yes EnSayn because our world is shaped every day because its creation is En what we are Sayn.


    1. Anna Renee says:

      Brother, I know you didn’t mean any offense. And you’re right. There is a lot of reaction going on, its a human thing. I hate reactionaryness, but I’m reactionary from time to time myself. 😉 I just want us people who are darker than blue to realize that we contain worlds. The universe is large. God is large. The “whiteman” is not as large as God. In fact any oppressorman is smaller even than those he/she oppresses.

      We have to take our eyes off the whiteman and his greedy, anxious, fearful, maniacal struggle to control everything, and realize that God is still in control and always will be. As long as we focus on the manifestations of whiteman fears, we are bound by them. The whiteman may think he can control us, but we will always slip past him, and live, if we believe God. The life is in the Spirit, truly.

      You are 1000% correct, the Spirit should always be En what we are sayn. Thats why I struggle not to listen to the wickedness, and instead to the Spirit, so that I’ll be talking about something worth listening to. That’s my ministry right there – the intersection of the Spirit and the Word. It’s one anyway. I want people to rethink what they’re thinking, and determine if its in line with Spirit.

      You know brother Ensayn, I find that when I think that my black people are weak and following behind madness, my thoughts are confirmed. God shows me all kinds of examples of weak people. But also when I think my black people are strong and chasing after life, my thoughts are also confirmed. What Im learning is that black people are people like other people, we are just not a monolith. Some of us are willingly following behind madness and others of us are following life. I have to accept this, and it’s becoming easier and easier to do.

      Peace my brother!

      1. Amenta says:

        Peace 100!

  9. Amenta says:
    1. Anna Renee says:

      I didn’t listen to the entire video, but it’s interesting how they use music to hypnotic effect when they speak their truths, half truths, and lies all with the same timbre of voice. It makes it nearly impossible to differentiate truth from lies, if one doesnt at least question.
      As for the dastardly deeds of the Freemasons, well to each his own. I dont care about them. This video is for them, to teach them about the wickedness of their legacy from what I can see.
      I like how the host ends it with Jesus’ teachings, without mentioning Jesus’ name.
      Yesterday I was at the Berkeley Flea Market, which once was a high culture mecca. All kinds of black enlightenment conversations used to go on there. As I walked around, I noticed that the Spirit was departed from the place. It seemed dead of that high black culture vibe of the 1990s. I wrote a post about my experiences there back in the day.
      But even though BFM seemed dead yesterday, black culturally speaking, there was a remnant. I bought an old beat up copy of Before The Mayflower by Lerone Bennett from one conscious brother who looked alot like Curtis Mayfield. We then got into a long conversation about “the whiteman”. Basically at the end of the conversation I asked him if white brutality is inate or learned. We both got kinda stuck right there, and could only ponder.

      As for black culture, a stump, a remnant, a branch is all that’s needed to grow a tree of life.

  10. blackmystory says:

    In canada (ontario) there is a raging debate going on over this very same issue. This proves that the infection permiates all facets of society and continues to pit one side against the other, with the only loser being the fetus and MAYBE a young female who falls victim to the “it’s a woman’s choice” diatribe.

  11. Anna Renee says:

    I found an interesting brother Brother C. Freeman

    who is the late great Moorish Scholar. He speaks of books like Stolen Legacy, Africa’s Gift to America, Destruction of Black Civilization, and those books of that high black culture. Also about meditation, music in healing and more. There’s so much to our black culture that would take a lifetime to study and reconnect to, a fine pursuit. Im grateful that I still have copies of some of these books. I’m going to get copies of the ones I dont have.

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