OD’d On Social Media

I was doing too much.

I wanted to show to myself mainly, that being a middle aged sister does not translate into being media illiterate.  Often, the young people think we midlifers are babes when it comes to social media, and are unable to progress past that baby stage.

Well I’m smart, dammit!  And I can GET social media.  It’s not rocket science, after all.  Tell that to some of these youngsters.  Anyway, I went on and got my FB wall, and a couple of FB pages attached to them.  Then I got my Twitter account.  Twitter is so cool, because it allows one to hob nob with celebrities.  I spoke with Mark Anthony Neal, managed to get Toure to retweet me (it was a shout out to him), and talked with Honoree Fanonne Jeffers aka Black Library Girl, and even got Beverly Johnson to follow me (she did it of her own accord).  I even got into a little tiff with Kola Boof!  How about that?

So if a little bit of this social media stuff is good then a lot has got to be better, right?  I was beginning to have a little trouble keeping up with all the comments.  Can’t miss the opportunity to throw a wonderful quip at Mark Anthony Neal on Twitter, in case he happened to speak to me, now can I?  But at the same time what if somebody was answering one of my own wise quips on Facebook, and I missed it?  I’m flipping back and forth between the comments, the answers, the Face Book DMs, the Twitter DMs!  (DM=Direct Message)
It’s beginning to overwhelm…just a tad.

Then a blogger friend told me about TweetDeck, a social media “dashboard” that brings all social media together in one place.   But I also found out about HootSuite, which is bigger and badder than TweetDeck.

So, of course I signed up for Hootsuite.  With this contraption, I can view all of my social media at once.  I can read every one of my timelines from one place.  I will never have to flip back and forth between my blogs, FB and Twitter.  I will never miss anything anybody says, ever again!  So much POWAH!  Plus, one can tell if you are a part of the HootSuite click because each little tweet has a little Owl Avi as a signature at the bottom.  I can know if you sent your tweet by Android, Tweetdeck, your blog, or the mighty HootSuite.  (The little Owl Avi is so cute too).

I am now an omnipotent social media goddess!  I know ALL!   Snap!  I’ve got the POWAH!   Only one problem.

I didn’t need to know all.  Too many people were actually talking about crap.   A lot where talking about junk, many were stuck on politics 24-7 (literally).   Some where actually talking about stuff I’m interested in.  Most of the time, they were folks whose blogs I followed in the first place, or whose blogs I could start following.  If I could compare the HootSuite experience to real life, it felt like being in a huge stadium filled with all kinds of people shouting over and at each other.  I could see my friends from time to time, and holler a greeting at them over all the noise.

The noise.  That right there.  That constant noise quickly started affecting my spirit.  Yet I could Not NOT keep my ear open in case a friend should say something important.  And so I continued with this HootSuite madness.  And as I continued, my strength was sapped.  I stopped reading a lot of my blog friends.  I didn’t have a desire left to read anything.  Yet automatically I’d flip on to HootSuite.  It was crazy.

Inevitably and thankfully, I started to slip in my HootSuite.  I decided to delete alot of folks who I wasnt interested in.  But I hoped they wouldn’t delete me, because my numbers were quickly rising.  I almost got up to 200 followers!  Which isnt 6,000,000 like Kim K, but anyways.

Day after day, week after week, month after month.  This HootSuite was wearing me out, and began to be less and less important.  I’d flip it on first thing but often I’d stray from it to do other stuff.  I wasn’t so interested in what I might miss.  Mark Anthony Neal’s quips became less important to me.  He blogs and Tumblrs anyways.  When you turn on HootSuite and leave it for more than an hour, it goes into sleep mode.  When you come back to it, you’ll see a cute little sleeping Owl, chiding you for having left him alone for so long.  He tells you: Well, you left me for so long, that I decided to take a nap.  There’s something alluring about him that makes you want to click him to wake him back up.

I don’t need all this drama from an Owl.

The whole thing is a trip, and I’m a little tired of it.  I’m coming back to blogging and reading my friend’s blogs.  I don’t need to prove nothing to youngsters.  I’m hip, I’m cool, I’m smart, and I don’t need HootSuite to prove that.

Imma let the little Owl sleep for a while.

17 Comments Add yours

  1. jjbrock says:

    Girl you are a hoot! Are is it the Owl? Love it.

    1. Anna Renee says:

      LOL! That Owl was like a jealous boyfriend, a little bit.

  2. Lol, wow, that’s a lot of social media. I still haven’t gotten a twitter account. I’m not sure if I even want one. My blog is already enough work.

    1. Anna Renee says:

      Sister girl, you aint missing nothing. I mean that.

  3. James/Big Mac says:

    I have both a FB account and twitter account,but rarely use either one,I think it DE-personalizes my conversations.

    1. Anna Renee says:

      There’s something about social media that draws out the ugly in people. Some folks will say anything – rant and rave without bothering to keep themselves in check. So I tend to believe it depersonalizes conversations, because we say stuff on there that we wouldn’t say in real life. We go overboard, then have to clean up the mess our ugly words made.
      Then there are those who make messes and leave them.

  4. Lin says:

    Great minds think alike, Anna May. I did my rant on social media a couple days ago.
    I’ve a Facebook page which I rarely ever visit. I have NOT joined Twitter. & refuse to. I sorta did the twitter-esque celeb thing a few years back when I was a myspace devotee. Spoke w/ &/or communicated w/ all sorts of peeps, like Morgan Freeman, Tom Hanks, Jodi Watley, George Michael, Roseanne, Melba Moore, Jimmy Scott, Susaye Greene ( formerly of The Supremes), the late Jon Lucien, Maya Angelou (or else it was these people’s publicists… one can never really be SURE!), & several people who I admired BUT approached like human beings instead of icons. Most seemed to want that, & be able to converse w/ real, SANE individuals instead of crazed, starstruck, hardcore fans.

    But you know what? I got tired of it. It was overwhelming, time-consuming, & it took me away from my main objective, writing. So, for people w/ nothing else better or more productive to do, I guess it’s all a cyber distraction.

    For the rest of us, it’s, well, ENOUGH ALREADY!

    Ya smell me?


    1. Anna Renee says:

      Ooooh, you spoke with Morgan, and Maya? I spoke with Jodi myself. When Beverly Johnson followed me, I was skeptical, and went to her page to check out her links. The links led back to her website. Plus she answered a skeptical Tweet and said that it was her. Apparently, she started following a bunch of Twitter folks – maybe to build buzz for her new show on OWN. Anyway her saying it actually was her, made me about 80% convinced.

      But entiways, it was fun for a hot minute, then it became a drag.

      1. Anna Renee says:

        Now I know why Beverly Johnson followed me. I thought it might be love, but I had to realize it was love of money. She’s been harassing me non-stop. I must have left my email or she hijacked it from Twitter. Check this out:

        Anna, FINAL NOTICE
        Beverly Johnson support@beverlyjohnson.com via aweber.com

        2:32 PM (20 hours ago)

        to me

        Hi Anna,

        The special 15% OFF sale for my entire line of hair and beauty
        products ends at midnight tonight.

        Until 11:59 PM EDT tonight you can get 15% OFF your entire order –
        including the Ponytails – by entering the following discount code
        when you check out: BJNEWSLETTER.

        Get started now by visiting:

        This exclusive offer is not published anywhere else and is
        my way of saying THANK YOU for being interested in my
        unique (and expanding) product line of hair and beauty products!

        Be sure to enter BJNEWSLETTER when you check out to
        receive your 15% discount.

        In addition to your 15% OFF DISCOUNT, you will also be
        eligible to win a FREE gift of Beverly’s Hair Growth Trio via a
        random drawing – 3 hair care products in 1 and is everything you
        need to help your hair grow and look beautiful!

        WOW! That’s a lot of goodies in the Trio… and the winner will get
        them all FREE! To be eligible with this offer, you must order
        before May 6th and use the discount coupon: BJNEWSLETTER.

        So, go to my website and claim your 15% OFF now by visiting
        http://www.beverlyjohnson.com/bjnewsletter and entering
        BJNEWSLETTER when you check out.

        Lots of love!
        ~ Beverly

        P.S. This special 15% off sale ends at midnight on May 6.
        If you’d like to try the exact same beauty products I use and
        so many others are raving about …and save 15%, then go here
        now: http://www.beverlyjohnson.com/bjnewsletter and enter
        BJNEWSLETTER when you check out.

        I was a fool to think she might have cared….

  5. liftingasweclimb says:

    Love what our buddy Paul Lance says. The most critical decision about social media is first to decide whether to engage.

    1. Anna Renee says:

      Yes, it is. But we are nosy and want to know what’s going on. That’s what they count on. Once we look, we’re hooked.

  6. I too use many of the most popular social media sites but my purpose is for promotion and marketing. It is very difficult to keep up with Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Pinterest, Digg, Stumble-on, etc… Mostly I just post my stories, essays & poetry and respond when I receive comments. To be perfectly honest it does take me longer to master technology that moves faster than Superman. Good example: My 25 year old niece and 15 year old nephew completely mastered my new Dell Laptop in less than five minutes. My niece had to explain to me how to access the Internet as well as much of the basic functions. So as not to totally embarrass myself in the presence of the Millennials I’ve quietly retreated to my bedroom while I attempt to master this laptop with only the cats watching me. Sigh……

    1. Amenta says:

      Electric Spanking of War Babies…George Clinton


      1. Anna Renee says:

        You sent me to Youtube with this one. I was doing my best to hang on to Parliament and didnt have strength left for Funkadelic! Lord have mercy! Well, once you learn to dance, you wont forget it.

  7. Reggie says:

    Well go ahead then with your bad self Anna Renee!!!

  8. Qwami Ade says:

    Yeah I’m feeling you on this one. Just a couple of years ago I used to laugh at many of my friends(real life/not FB) about their allegiance to Facebook and their make believe friends….Well it took me a minute but eventually I became strung out on the same mess. Thankfully I never got hooked on Hootsuite or Twitter(hmmm…I think I still have an active account that I aint checked in on in at least 3 months). I’ve come to find that the further I pull back from social media the more creative my overall vibe is……..I’m sure I’ll find that happy medium somewhere.

    1. Anna Renee says:

      Allegiance is the right word. I’m not down with pledging anymore.

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