Brothas You Aint Oppressors; Y Your Emotions Like Theirs?


Expressed emotions are a trick bag for alot of our brothas. Unfortunately, some take on the mentality of the oppressor as it pertains to human emotions. For the oppressor, there’s a rhyme and reason to repressing their own emotions of empathy and sympathy and love; they are going about oppressing people groups, and empathy and sympathy would get in the way of oppression.
As for brothas stuck in the matrix of the western world, having those oppressor paradigm of repressing emotions is a useless thing, since black men are not going about oppressing different peoples across the world. There’s no reason to be unemotional. In fact it disempowers our black men, since it disconnects him from his woman, children, family and friends. When it gets too deep, it disconnect the brotha even from himself.

2 Comments Add yours

  1. Bigmac says:

    You hit the nail with this hammer of a post

    1. Anna Renee says:

      Thanks Big Mac!

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