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  1. I’ve cut some of my menopausal symptoms with good diet and exercise but I still have the hot flashes and chronic insomnia. When my former GYN suggested HRT I said NO!! I’d rather just deal with the sweating and lack of sleep. Even if I thought of the sweating as Power Surges they would still be uncomfortable, my work uniform will still be soaked and I’ll still be awake at night.

    Menopause like puberty is a stage in life. As for me I’m glad I got rid of the periods. A normal phase of female human development. You can no more “heal” menopause than you can heal puberty or being pregnant. I don’t believe we can avoid the physical changes however I suppose we can approach it differently. Truly as my Mom used to say it is the “Change of Life” because our lives do Change in many ways.

  2. As for my declining interest in sex well that’s probably a good thing. Keeps me away from the wrong men and out of trouble!! No worries about diseases! Having very little sex drive has allowed me to concentrate on myself and detach myself from males. I think after 50 is the best and most creative segment/stage of Women’s Lives because you’re through trying to please men or compete for a man. If you got one fine. If you’re Single like me well I value being me for than a roll in the hay.

    1. Anna Renee says:

      I love this time of my life so much. I feel that I understand more, but still I love my solitude

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