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  1. Great Vlog post. I agree. I used to try to help family, friends, relatives, etc… but then I realized that I had spread myself way too thin. Not that I’ve stopped helping people but I don’t do it at my expense. Now the only person I help on a consistent basis is my brother Stephen who has Autism. He is my primary responsibility and comes before everyone and everything else.

    Gradually over a long period of time I came to realize with my boyfriend’s help that I complain too much. At first I was offended but then I saw he was right and other people had pointed out this shortcoming they saw in me. Finally after struggling with my mouth I’ve pretty much stopped complaining. It was not doing me any good. Did not change my situation. As one of my co-workers Loves to say, “You gotta Get in where you Fit in.” I’ve learned to accept and adapt to Life’s challenges and problems. Now I see my Life as it is not as I’d Like it to be.

    Realism is a good thing and Silence is Golden.

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